New message from Korton ~ Monique Mathieu

Messages from the Hierarchies

“Children of the Earth, I greet you!

I, Korton, greet you! I greet you from the place where I am right now, on my spaceship!

I am a projection here with you, not in my physical form, but with another part of myself; it is not by a projection of consciousness or in a hologram, but with another possibility that is offered to us.

In an instant, I could manifest myself to you and take on a reality that you could perceive. In an instant, I could therefore materialize myself to you, all the while conserving my true reality in the spaceships.

I would also like to tell you that we will be closer and closer to the Children of the Earth, the Light Workers, and the Sowers of Stars. You are a part of what we are; you are a part of beings who, like us, but with different capacities, work for the evolution of worlds and of life.

In a certain way, we are complementary; you know it because this has already been said to you. We need you, Light Workers and Seeds of the Stars, just as you need us for the work that we accomplish jointly.

I will manifest myself in a way that is more real, even to our channel who we know so well and who often visits us by projection in one of her Light bodies. We will manifest ourselves to her in a way that will leave her no doubt as to our reality. In a way, she does not doubt, but her human part, that always questions everything, makes it such that doubts can persist.

When this happens, it will really be another period. Many things will have occurred on your planet. Like the whole of humanity, you will be certain of our existence! It will no longer be veiled or hidden; all will come to light as it has been told you!

We, your galactic brothers, are happy to be able to work together with you and you have had the courage to incarnate into this world. For some of you, it was not necessary in terms of the law of karma, in terms of your own evolution, but Love is stronger than anything. Love, that each of you seeks desperately, but are finding and manifesting more and more!

We, of the spaceships, know another sort of Love, even if the Love that connects us, one to the other, is stronger than that which connects you, Children of the Earth, Seeds of the Stars.

However, we, like you, have only one objective: to grow more and more in that Love Energy that brings us closer to the Father, the Source. The knowledge that we have of the worlds allows an acceleration in our evolution and an acceleration in our awareness of Love.

This planet, just like the planet Venus where I come from, needs to transit. My planet has already transited several times. Now, it lives in the seventh dimension. (Once again, the notion of dimension is simply a way of expressing ourselves because we try to express ourselves in a way that our human brothers can understand the important changes that humanity is experiencing).

Nothing can prevent life from evolving! Even the Source that, obviously we do not apprehend, continues despite everything to evolve in perfection, to evolve through His creation. A world where a being could not evolve any more could no longer live!

Evolution is a part of life in a total and integral way! Evolution also passes through thought. From the moment that a mental creation is spiritual, it participates in a very important way in changes in planes of consciousness and in your personal evolution.

We, your galactic brothers, are so happy to be able to participate in the transformation of this world that is in the process of being reborn! We who see everything that you cannot see with your terrestrial eyes, we are happy about what will happen in the near future.

However, you all still have some work to accomplish! You all still need to grow and to climb up a few steps, so do not lose time in dualistic relationships, do not lose time in sterile exchanges, and do not lose time in non-Love!

I, Korton, as well as my brothers, protect all the Light Workers, all the Seeds of the Stars! We are protecting you because right now certain forces want to keep you from advancing, because reunited all together, you make a force of Love that is really unimaginable for humans.

You cannot apprehend; you cannot see what emanates from you! You cannot see the Light that constantly evolves and transforms itself! You cannot see the Love Light that you constantly liberate from what you are as human beings, as Light Workers, and as Beings of Light!

I, Korton, as well as my brothers, we love you infinitely! Never fear, because the darkness can never reach you! It is as if it gave little strikes from a penknife onto a carapace of Light! The penknife cannot pierce or destroy the carapace of Light that surrounds you all!

You must be aware of all this! You must be aware of your force and of your indestructibility! From the moment that you are aware of it, nothing more can really attain you! If you are not totally aware of it, you can allow yourself repeatedly to be destabilized! Of course, with your evolution that is growing and progressing, a destabilization would only last an instant, a short moment!

This is how you will comprehend to what point you have evolved, to what point you are now close to us and that soon you will be able to see us with what you are as Light Workers, with what you are as Beings of Light, as Seeds of the Stars.

We love to use this term because you are all Seeds of the Stars!

Now be without fear! Let go of what is no longer important to you! Now go straight along your path! Hold your head up! Be aware of your force that nothing and no one can shake! Walk proudly on the path of Light that leads you to us!

You are our brothers, we are your brothers, and we love each other! I say ‘we love each other’ because a part of you that has not been unveiled loves us profoundly.

Do not forget what I have told you: walk proudly on your path that will be illuminated more and more each day! Don’t exhaust yourself! You are invulnerable to certain forces and this must be well understood and integrated by each of you! You must also understand that what you are becoming will change many things around you!

I, Korton, am happy to have been able to deliver this message to you!

Now, Children of the Light, Children of the Stars, Seeds of the Stars, I say ‘See you soon!’

I love you and we of the spaceships love you infinitely! We say ‘See you soon” once we will have the immense joy of really seeing each other again.”

Monique Mathieu


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