Ashtar: “2014 – “The Year for Shake-Up and Love Lights!”


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – December 31, 2013

“Greetings Beloved Family!  And welcome to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem!  We are here gathered to greet you and to honor you for coming as representatives of all of humanity of Planet Earth, and beyond.  For it is our Joy to be here in partnership with you as we move together into this grand new era, this Yuga, if you will.


“And what is it all about anyway?  You are hearing so many descriptions – what is your description?  How do you see it, and more importantly, how do you feel it in your Hearts?  For it is what emanates from your Heart that defines what your reality is!!!  We do not mean to say that everything is going to be handed to you, as it were, upon the platter of silver.  Those of you who are here have been holding the Light – not just for this lifetime, but throughout all of the lifetimes, here and in other places.


“And so we know that you know what it is to wait, to have anticipation, to say, ‘Ah, today is the day,’ and then whatever it was that you were expecting does not quite materialize in the reality in which your consciousness is living.  But that does not mean that you have not created it, for there are so many creations which are just waiting for you to bring them into the grounded state of where you are!


“And that is why we ask that you focus not so much on whatever it is that is about to change – just send that Love – but it is rather to focus upon Who You Really Are,  God/Goddess Divine, You Are!!!  You are Masters of the Universe, each and every one of you, for whatever it is that you choose to create, most particularly from your Hearts is done, so to speak!  It is simply that it is not always grounded where you are.


“There is a learned one who brings forth much of the teachings from Thoth, who is ancient, ancient, ancient, and Thoth has told him to teach that every dimension has 144 levels.  There may be 144 levels even beyond, such that every one of the 144 has it’s own 144 levels.  Can you imagine that?


“But yes, if you say, ‘Ah ha, my brother is not quite on the same wavelength, or upon the same page as I,’ what you are saying is that yes, your brother may be on a slightly different level.  Yes, your brother is on a physical level but there are many, many, many levels within the Dimensions, so just because you and your brother can shake hands or hug does not necessarily mean that you are energetically occupying the exact same place!


“Now, we know, this starts to get a little scientific, and we don’t do science, but we shall ask you to contemplate how it is that you can communicate, and indeed, enjoy Communion with others if they are not exactly on that same wavelength as you.  Most particularly, how do you commune and communicate with those who are still out there – you know, wearing the dark hats?  We say it in this manner because we want you to understand that you have nothing to fear.


“Yes, they have done some fearsome deeds, and if it were up to them they’d be doing a lot more, but they are being disempowered – and that means they must disengage – but they are still a presence.  And it is extremely important that you see them as your bothers and sisters and that you communicate and get into the Communion state with them, because there are more and more of them who are opening up to listen to what you have to say!!!


“There are going to be some very intense moments in 2-0-1-4 – and we are speaking most particularly as we move into it, as it is seen right now – and of course you know our big rule here is No Dates, so we shall not be specific.  But we shall tell you that, as we move in to 2-0-1-4 there are going to be what are called, earth shaking revelations, coming out.  They are going to shake people’s belief systems, and some people are going to spiral downward.  It is up to those who are the Holders of the Light, not to just rise up and leave them, but rather to shine the Light to them.  They need it now more than ever!


“While it is true that more and more are listening to Masters like Tara and Rama** – and we are talking about Masters of what’s really going on – there are still many, many, many who are not consciously in realization, because they don’t want to be!  Yes, their higher selves know, it’s in their unconscious, but they are not really on that page of, shall we say, open knowing, allowing, acceptance, whatever.  They are going to have some challenges with shock and disbelief.  There are going to be some who are going to retreat farther into the darkness of the belief systems, or the programs, that they have been running.


“Remember, it’s all choice.  Everybody has a choice and we just encourage you to, again, offer them the choice of the Light, because that is Love.  That is what we are here to express to the greatest extent that everyone in the human bodies can do.  And we say that because, yes, you will have some moments of, ‘Oh, I knew something dark was going on.  I didn’t know it was that bad, in my own backyard,’ or whatever.  It is to go beyond that and say, ‘I must remember this is all part of the human experience, I must remember we are all a part of Mother/Father God,’ or however you choose to bring that realization once more into your own Hearts, and then from there to express it!!!


“This will be a great year of shaking up, and we are not just talking about Mother Gaia.  Yes, she is doing some adjustings, as she must do in order to come fully into the glory of her own balance.  And we are talking about Higher Dimensional balance. The consciousness of Mother Gaia has already moved up into one of those many levels of the Fourth Dimension, and with her the consciousness of all – and the consciousness has always been there – of the whales and the dolphins and certain of her other Kingdoms, including the crystals.


“So in some respects humanity is being invited by Mother Gaia to come up to where she is, so do not forget compassionate connection and Communion with her and all of her kingdoms as well!  It is not just that humanity has, shall we say, suffered, or experienced challenges from these programs – it is true of all of the kingdoms.  The plant kingdom in particular is being assaulted, and you all know about that – we have discussed this.  You all know what’s going on there with Monsanto and Bayer, and some of the other large corporations, which are about to be dismantled, disbanded and done. But that does not stop the fact that in this moment they have a presence.


“Here again, if the people find out exactly what the effects have been of their programs, there is going to be shock, and beyond that there will be fear-based emotions – fear itself, you know, of the consequences of what’s going on currently with the pollutions and so on, as well as anger, and all of these things.  You remember years ago – this was after IG Farben changed its name to Bayer – You will recall IG Farben was the largest chemical company in Germany and it supplied a lot of chemicals for Hitler’s armies to use.  Then they changed their name to Bayer, and at one point in time, their advertising slogan – because they made a brand of aspirin, Bayer aspirin, for children – was ‘You can trust your child to Bayer.’


“Well that is an example – does that ring anybody’s bells or bring back any memories?  Perhaps mothers and grandmothers here who gave Bayer aspirin to children in their care?  Indeed.  Now take that feeling and absolutely smother it with Love, immerse it, surround it, beam it and let it dissolve in the high frequency of the Light of Love!!!  That’s just an example – we could give many. But we are not here to keep bringing in memories and dramas, we are here to simply say that is a tiny, tiny microcosmic spec of the emotional downshiftings that people will be experiencing as they hear all of these revelations that are out there now in many places on the internet, and are going to be the headlines in your newspapers and on your news programs on your televisions.


“It simply cannot be contained any longer, it is like a volcano which is so full of fire that it must explode, and when it does it is going to cover the entirety of Planet Earth!  Whatever feelings, emotions, messages that the consciousness of Planet Earth puts out, is going to have impact upon the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe beyond!!!


“Now, we are here, we are in partnership with you and we are shining our Lights – what you call, 24/7 – because we love you, Beloved Ones, and because this is the moment to shine!  We invite you to continue and to know that we are here with you, to call upon us for any assistance that you may feel inspired to do.  It is our Honor and Joy to be here in Service with you!!! After all of these eons of time, there have never been as many here – from the Ashtar Command and from the Galaxies even far away -as there are in this moment!  This will continue!!!


“We already see the celebrations of Joy when our presence is finally, officially announced.  But meanwhile, we dance in your skies!  Come on out, call us forth, and we shall indeed shower you with our Lights and we’ll beam you with our Love, for you are all starseeds.  Many of you have served, quite recently in fact, and many more of you come aboard the ships as commanders and members of our Ashtar Command Family!


“So I just express to you, with the greatest of Joy, the best news of all, which is that 2-0-1-4 is waiting to shower you and all of Planet Earth with the Love and Peace and Joy which you not only deserve, Beloved Ones, but which your Divine Selves have called forth!!!  For the time is now!  And so it is! Salut!”


*   Ashtar was introduced by his chosen theme song, Come The New Jerusalem.

**  Tara and Rama, A&A News Report

*** Ashtar was followed by Kuan Yin, whose message was that 2014 is the year of ”Compassionate Forgiveness,” and by Sananda, who gave a Blessing as we enter into this New Year.–sananda-on-2014.html

Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, December 31, 2013.


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