No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes ~ Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin


A Message from Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 28, 2014

Greetings! This is Ashtar. You do not understand what you do not understand. This leads to impatience, anger, frustration and depressed feelings. You must avail yourself to knowledge and work to help others to qualify to receive wisdom conferred by your Guides. Contemplate this command. 10,000 years ago was the time of the Ramayana on Earth. This is a story of the Tretra Yuga a period on Earth’s history where our lifetimes were much longer than the average hundred years now. It is important to understand that when reading the Hindu Epic the Ramayana. Just like any Galactic History, like Rumi’s Masnavi, the Torah or the Book of Enoch there are three levels of understanding. One is the story itself, the other is an esoteric meaning and further there is a mystical meaning. The mystical meaning is a coded language written within all these stories and it is not comprehensible by ordinary man. It keeps the mystical information protected. The esoteric meanings are tackled by priests and taught to followers.

The Ramayana is an example where the common story has been used in Hindu society in a way that has kept the sexes segregated and caused an unhealthy imbalance between the role of men and women in that society. As we delve into the esoteric and mystical meanings of the Ramayana that segregation falls completely away. As we evolve our consciousness we drop the ordinary meanings of our Galactic History and integrate into our spirit lives the esoteric and mystical wisdom which has always been there waiting.

What is happening now on Earth is a reflection of what was happening during the Tetra Yuga period of the Ramayana. The story goes that God incarnated on Earth in human form to come into the matrix and kill the dark cabal force which had taken over Earth. It was during that time when the greatest genetic engineer of all time lived and his name was Ravana. Ravana liked to combine the DNA of different beings to create something new. When you read the Ramayana in English you will see that this was a ‘Jetson’s’ society on Earth. The translations read as ‘flying cars’ (Shuttle Craft) and ‘flying Cities’ (MotherShips). Ravana was then collaborating with Scientists from Off Planet to make his genetic creations. He would travel off Planet to do so.

5000 years ago was the time of the Mahabharata on Earth. This was the Atlantean period when the use of nuclear weapons destroyed the Great Crystal in the Atlantic, sinking major areas of land into the Sea. This is the period of time when many of those living today had past lives on Earth. There was a great deal of karma created in that event and we have all come together to cleanse Earth of that karma to prepare for the end of time, the end of duality, the end of karma.

These two most memorable events in Earth History – in our recent History – are exactly the issues we are dealing with on Earth today. How does the story of Ravana compare to Earth now? When we first came to the lower Dimensions from the Light Matter Universe, we were all great spheres of opalescent white light. Mother Sekhmet/Alcyone along with each one of us, all their children existed together floating along in space. the sparks were souls that were complete and whole with each other. Twin Flames in one ball of light. They flowed along side each other with Mother and Father God for eons and eons of time as they grew in magnitude and wisdom, and as this was happening the Universes were being formed. The Stars, the Suns, the Planets, all of what we call the Seven Super Universes. As this flowed along there were some Souls, or Balls of Light, who grew in more magnitude than others.
They experienced more wisdom and somehow this was transferred from one Ball of Light to each other from Mother and Father God through thought-transmission which is like messages of light that travel at the speed of light. Many of these Souls grew so much in magnitude that they became the leaders, you might say, and out of that there were these three or four that we could call Mother and Father God’s Daughters and Sons.

Each of these Universes were anti-matter Light Universes and everything in them was made of light. Everything was formed at once and began spiraling out as fractal upon fractal. So as we floated along we began to grow and we grew because we had the collective thought to do that. Here we were plasma balls of light, existing as Twin Rays of light perfect together. The Creator’s Sons and Daughters were the Co-creators with Father and Mother God.

Each One of You is a Creator God. Each One of you has the potential for immortality this life time. You are Divine and are traveling back to being fully Divine. When you accomplish this in your physical body you inevitably become immortal. No one can kill you. Each One of you may instantly manifest those things which bring more light into this world. We never needed to grow and expand in our terms of awareness of the Godhead. We were equal with Father and Mother God when we were created. We were created in their exact image.The densification of matter came from us falling from Grace.

The 144,000 Kumaras were on Niburu with Sananda at the time of the fall from Grace. One of the leaders of the Children of Ra, the firstborn Son of God started to question his perfection. One of the greatest issues we hold as a Collective Consciousness is ‘not being equal to God’ or ‘not being good enough,’ ‘not feeling cared for,’ ‘no one loves me,’ ‘feeling all alone,’ these are the filters in ego mind we must all dissolve to return to our Divinity. This Son then commandeered Niburu and ripped the controls away from Sananda Kumara. This launched an emergency escape of pods, of Shuttle Craft falling into the dark matter realm at speeds of magnitude proportion. As we fell through the realms these Balls of Light immediately donned physical bodies.

All of the Children of Mother and Father God had to fall then to the lower Dimensions. There was a split into two groups then, those challenging Father God and his Creation and those remaining in The Light. This birthed duality and the Great Experiment on Earth. The two Groups were known as the Elohim, those who fell and the Elohi, those who never fell. Sananda became Lord of this Universe and I, Ashtar with him worked together to keep Earth pure, to keep it safe and make sure it did not go Super Nova.

There have been billions of years and many eons of time which have passed since then. The Hindus describe the eons of time in terms of the Yugas. The Hindu Calendar is what the Mayan Calendar is based off of. It has much greater detail and goes back much, much farther.

Fast forward to Earth today. We have scientists today who created their labs inside mountains, with tunnel connections going levels below Earth. Their genetic engineering, combining animal and human DNA is reminiscent of the Atlantean period. Today their science is unknown to us. It is labeled as Classified and Top Secret. They are creating abominations. These same scientists go off Planet with their science. We have no idea what they are doing in Area 51 or on the multiple International Space Stations. We have video of Extraterrestrial scientists docking on the International Space Station collaborating with these genetic engineers. []

During the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure we heard testimony from eye witnesses that nuclear weapons have been detonated in Space. The Unites States and the Soviet Union have done this. President Reagan was fond of calling it Star Wars. When a nuclear weapon is detonated close to the Earth’s surface the density of the air is sufficient to downplay the effects of these radiations making them less important than the effects of blast and thermal radiation. When a nuclear weapon is detonated in Space, inside a vacuum, the lack of atmosphere results in the range of significant dosages of radiation to be many times greater than is the case on Earth. In 1958 nuclear missiles were launched from an Island in the Pacific which exploded in Space. The explosion was witnessed from 2000 miles away from the launch because the explosion was in outer Space.

When we speak of the Event we know there is a sequence of events taking place in a very particular order. Very recently, this month, the Extraterrestrials who came back from in the future to repair this Timeline placed Earth within the new Timeline. That means it is possible now to dissolve the old timeline which will uncreate those negative ET’s who were the few wanting to control the many. Nothing else more need be done. Disclosure, Announcements and the Enactment of NESARA Law. That’s it. It’s a lot. Seven to ten days after Disclosure there will be Landings of Extraterrestrial Ships on Earth. It is the establishment of Divine Government on Earth. It fully brings in the Golden Age.

Now we can look at the effects of DNA manipulation. The dark cabal made many experiments including removing strands of DNA. They are missing the 11th strand of DNA which governs emotions and the 12th strand of DNA which governs the ability to Love. One thing that humans must heal now is the effects of these genetic experiments which introduced animal DNA into your bodies. Your DNA is a memory stick for your bodies. When it is activated it produces cells identical to those there, it multiplies your physical cells in their exact likeness. Looking at the Triune Brain we see the Neocortex where Higher Thoughts originate. We see the Limbic System which controls the emotions and we see the Reptilian Brain responsible for our survival. All of humanity have animal DNA within their cells. This is part of the final cleansing and healing. This is the reason you are experiencing some illnesses and also Ascension symptoms. It stems from the DNA repairing itself. There are practitioners now doing these cleansings. All the healing we need will be made available to us in Divine Timing.

There is a Master Plan in place behind the scenes. As soon as the New Timeline went into effect the Minister Louis Farrakhan publicly asked President Obama to remove the Classified Status from the Top Secret Area 51. He asked Area 51 be opened and revealed to Americans and the World. This is part of the delicate chess game being played. Each part of the sequence of events is unfolding right before your eyes. You only need eyes which see and ears which hear. Continue your Inner Work and this will raise your consciousness to comprehend the esoteric and mystical meanings of current events happening in your everyday life. Connect the Dots Back to the Future by taking the time to know your Galactic History. This is the Path to Peace Within. This is the Path to Peace Without. This is the Path to a Planet of Peace. Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 28th, 2014. © All Rights Reserved.,,,,,,

The Following Are Questions Answered by Ashtar, see His Answers in Bold Type.

Susan Davis: As Mother Earth rises in vibration does this mean She is dividing as a cell does (2 Earths)?

There are more than One Earth and have been since She began her Creation. As a physical Body experiences Earth by projecting their physicality there, they place this projection on the Earth they want to experience at that time.

Tommy Orion Starseed Scott: How much longer?
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All is unfolding as we speak.

Christopher Good Ashtar you teleported my car when I asked you and barack for protection during a snow storm, i am at my wits end, you’ve sent at least 20 celebrities to mingle with me including Putin and Snowden, I am told Miley Cyrus is my soul mate and twin flame I cannot survive this much longer, how can I be with her, what can I do to find a best friend ? i can’t sit here and chant mantra 24/7 its slowly destroying my , soul, to be disconnected from touch affection and having a best friend, touch is my medication, I need a soulmate, she is coming to town soon what do I do ? tell me everything about my mission none of these people have met putin or snowden please spend a long time helping me with this.
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[I cannot ask personal questions from Ashtar in this setting]

Brandon Loveladdy Elizabeth and Ashtar. Have you heard of “Mother God” being ground crew, and her working to notify the different “waves” of ground crew?
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Each individual on Earth is Ground Crew whether they remember it or not. Each Ascension is individual and each karma must be cleared accordingly as we end karma on Earth. The Event is to benefit each Human on Earth EQUALLY AND AT THE SAME TIME. Only the dark cabal would make up such a lie. The few wanting to try to control the many keep the lie going that some ‘are not good enough,’ ‘not loved enough,’ ‘not cared for enough.’ That lie is coming to an end as you dissolve your filters held within ego mind. This is not happening in waves of any kind.

Rick G. Dial Dear Ashtar, Which chanted MANTRAS create the most powerful energies of the violet or blue flames???
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The Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to Divine Mother. She is the most powerful force in the Universe. She brings with her all forms of abundance including Love and the Violet or Blue Flames of Love and Truth.
[The Mantra
Bhuh Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat
~ The Rig Veda (10:16:3)
The Meaning “O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light. May He stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.”Or simply, “O Divine Mother, our hearts are filled with darkness. Please make this darkness distant from us and promote illumination within us.”]
Susie Ganière Inasmuch as the Elementals & Gaia are stretched to their limit & the Human Collective desiring alignment with benevolent life for ALL out number those humans that continue to stall our experience in domination & control; will you personally commit yourself and your Command to STAND with Benevolent Humanity, Gaia, the Elementals, Animal, Plant & Faery Kingdoms to Honor the FREE WILL choice of the human majority in alignment with Universal Law absent limitations, excuses, delays, rationalizations or procrastination? What are you prepared to DO immediately to usher in the Promise that Our Divine Mother gave us before we agreed to incarnate in this experience? The Promise I refer to is Freedom, Peace, Harmony, Abundant resources and restoration of full consciousness in Joy-filled Unconditional LOVE.
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Not to worry. Lord Sananda and I, Lord Ashtar have been committed to Humanity’s Purpose on Earth since first we entered this Realm. We have been here through all the eons of time playing our roles in charge of this Universe. Any thoughts that we may not be committed or not doing anything are the illusion of separation. Those who look upon us with eyes that see understand there is much going on all the time. Just because it is not announced on television doesn’t mean its not happening. Cleaning the environment, dissolving illegal governments, closing the banks, ending the fiat money system, returning the land to Mother and many other activities are ongoing. We cooperate not only with Mother Earth and Humanity but all Kingdoms living within her and without. This restoration you ask about is in process now.

Vanessa Ann Rosswick The planetary gridworkers that are here to assist Gaia with her ascension, I hear they have neurological symptoms due to carrying such a high vibration in a 3D body… any suggestions on how they can lessen these neurological symptoms?
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Each One of you are Beacons of Light. You are the Beamers. You are Transducers receiving energies from the heavens to anchor deep into Earth. It has been a long many years for those who are awake and doing the work on a high level. These Ones are great vessels of Light. Neurological and Physical symptoms are a bi product of the work and unavoidable as the limits of the physical are tested. You are never given more than you can handle. Working with these discomforts is a Divine World Service. It can be expected that these symptoms will likely be more intense now. This is because doing such work is inviting in reverse aging. By beaming the Light one side effect is the physical and electrical bodies enter reverse – aging as they return to perfection within the Light they beam. When you feel overloaded allow yourself to rest. Lie down for 20 minutes and recharge your battery.

Constance Harvey Elizabeth Will we actually see the physical arrest of Bush and the evil ones. Not necessarily for the purpose of public humiliation (though that couldn’t be avoided) but for the purpose of completion?
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As the Announcements are made on the Stage the stories of 911 and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars will be told. The Arrests will occur then as a part of Accountability which is necessary to Enact Divine Government on Earth.

Maureen MacGuire Bulat When disclosure happen would we able to have a trip in the ships to know our solar system?
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When there are Landings on Earth you will meet your Mentors and you will be invited to travel through Space again. You are already seeing private Space Travel companies being placed for this purpose. Airports will become Spaceports.

Bluesword Angel When will we REMEMBER being on the ships in our sleep state, I really want to know what I am being TRAINED for?
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Remembering your night work is a result of calling forth the memory. You MUST ASK! Call on your Guides to help you with this. Archangel Michael or others. Remembering is like levitation. It happens within Bliss and it happens with Practice.

Bluesword Angel After disclosure,we will meet our mentor,then taken into the inner earth to our Light Healing Chamber
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When you meet your Mentors you will discuss your next best steps. You will be invited to many new experiences including travel to Inner Earth.

Carole Lortie Ohhh Please Ashtar..from Carole Lortie born Aug. 4th..196..(for the akaschic records) (for you know who I am) I speak to you.. and I beg of you to come soon..please save us from Islamic intimidations…shine your light and come forth to stop the massacres and tortures done to us…my heart is aching..from the muslims and reborn christians that will curse you..promise that all this will come to past..and be no longer….please stop my tears and comfort us in our wake and sleep…I am strong..I will not bend…I will never be tired to fight the light daily..a message from you about this would be kindly and greatly appreciated…from and ascendent earth sister of light..I send you blessings love and light..Thank you!!!!
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Your point of view comes from fear. Things are not as they appear. As the Event unfolds we will see a return to Earth of The Mahdi, the Maitreya, Muhammad, Moses, Jesus, Krishna and all the others. As we see the Event unfold the walking dead will leave this Realm. Those not yet awake may leave then. They may stay. There will be no upheavals as you are imagining it. No One will be in fear. No One!

Sang Nguyen AA Micheal said that there’ll 2 Earths. One ascended in 5D and the old duality Earth where 3D exist (hologram) until people are ready to ascend up. Plus, people can go back & forth. Can we be trapped in the old duality Earth when our consciousness moves back? If trapped, how can we get out?

What about the Evacuation, the Pole Shift? How are those going to affect us?
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There will be no evacuation and no Pole Shift. The Wingmaker Ships, the generators under the pyramids and the rounds made by Galactic Federation Ships working with the generators have for a very long time kept Earth from having that Shift. A Shift in Poles have happened before and that is why so many hold that memory and still fear it today. This is NOT in the Master Plan! There are those who like to continue this false flag of fear because they are working for the dark.

As you have the ability to travel from 3D to 5D and back again it is not possible to get stuck or unable to return. I think that was an episode on Star Trek?

Caroline Oceana Ryan Everyone — this is some of the most amazing information I have ever read in my life, and I’ve studied esoteric methods and meditation for more than 25 years. Please do look into it — just incredible!…

Caroline Oceana Ryan Beth, my question to Ashtar is: When are the two times this year when the Event/Disclosure/GCR etc can occur? I know mid-April is one of them. What is the other? And, is St Germaine’s violet flame the most positive and helpful image we can hold in our minds as we go through our day — in terms of paving the way for humanity’s ascension? If not, what is the best symbol to visualize? Thank you, and Namaste, Admiral.
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Sananda is the Admiral and I, Ashtar am the Captain. Namaste! The Violet Flame of Love is the most powerful weapon on Earth. Use it widely. The two open windows of opportunity which occur each year are around Christmas and Easter.

Caroline Oceana Ryan Another question for Ashtar: Has the Vatican Bank effectively closed??!!
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Indeed! Also, the Market is Crashed.

Enlightened Buay · 2 mutual friends
violence is still going on in places like South Sudan and Tibet. Will this come to a stop before the announcements or soon after?
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Immediately after Announcements we will Activate Zero Point Energy with MT Keshe and linked with the technology of the Ships. At Zero Point Energy no weapons will work. This is the Vibration of Love. HH The Dalai Lama has a Plan to reunite all Buddhists. The suffering will end for everybody instantly.

Sixtina Friedrich I would like To ask bout a special vortex in Costa Rica, that we passed on a boat now about 7days ago, and Ashtar came to me at that moment, close to the moment where you came to my heart, Beth, thanks Sixtina
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Ah yes. This area held one of the many wormholes located within the Seas which take One directly down through the water into Inner Earth. When entered then there is no problem with breathing underwater. It is a shortcut to the sentient pristine Lagoons and Bays at Inner Earth.

Linda Gentry Cassity Is the list of the names of the ETs guiding us updated or are there more out there that we don’t know about yet? I always wondered if the list is infinite. Thanks to everyone for all that they do.
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The list of names is only restricted to your memory of the names. In some cases it is the same Soul who incarnated under many different names. Often people want to know their past life names – who they were – but those names are not important because you do not now have the ability to remember and connect with the name. You can be told a name but without the memory intact it is meaningless.

Fleur De Lys Dear Lord Asthar, how to connect my galactic origin family ?
( ^-^)

Sit quietly in your chair. Call Archangel Michael to Guide you. Close your eyes. See before you your galactic family. The image will come with practice. Welcome them. Ask them questions. When it is time for them to depart, share hugs and ask you meet very soon again. Continue this practice and it will add a lot of happiness to your life.

Vicki Dean Mayhew Won’t some of us be contacted telepathically first, before full disclosure? To help lead the way?

Yes. Millions. Anyone who wants this may ask and must do the work to learn to be telepathic.

Rhonda Landon Elizabeth, Thank you for this opportunity. I am interested in knowing more about the dust particles visually seen in the air. I can see these shimmering, very colorful, tiny, almost with a mind of their own, particles of varying sizes floating around in the air. The sun must be streaming very brightly through to see it but the particles are very thick in the air all around us. I am wondering if these dust particles are related to the elements that is mentioned in this paragraph from your Galactic Healing Techniques? I read this information, very much appreciate you sharing it and totally resound with the healing gifts mentioned…”Remember, the crystalline core of earth is changed. <specifically, ‘The cosmic rays beaming in from the Central Sun now carry elements never seen before. These are to be absorbed by the new crystalline bodies.’> Crystalline bodies respond to light technology for healing. This will bring about eradication of disease.” My questions: You say that the elements are coming from the Central Sun, does comet Ison, or perhaps a combination of comets that have been in our area over the last few years, have anything to do with these, never seen before, elements? What are these elements? Can they be seen? Do these elements contain light codes? How does one ‘absorb’ these beneficial elements? Are these elements related to silica? Does an accumulation of these elements, or particles, have a taste, like a metallic taste? Please share anything more that relates to these cosmic rays beaming in from the Central Sun and how we can utilize these elemental gifts. Thank you so much.
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What you see in Earth’s atmosphere is the Gold Dust. It is actual gold ions floating in the atmosphere. These are taken into the Body and used in the pineal gland for interdimensional travel. The gold particles are stored by dark skin people in their melanin and in light skinned people in the pituitary gland. The gold ions float through the blood stream and are introduced through an uptake process in the lymphatic system. There must be a certain level of gold dust ejaculated by the pineal gland in order to raise the brain chemicals needed to leave the body and travel through the ethers in the Etheric Body. Astral travel is a misnomer. It is Etheric Travel which occurs at and above the 5th Dimension.

The Cosmic Rays are also ions. Over the past many years these ions have changed from the heavier carbon based ions to lighter silica based ions. These ions float through Space from the Central Sun or Source Energy down through the Stars and onto Earth and eventually are absorbed through the crown chakra into the chakra energy system, the nadis and the meridians. These are the Ones imparting healings. Everybody experiences this all the time though they are unaware.

Susan Sacco Elizabeth I thought you might enjoy this “real” illustration of Ashtar during a galactic meeting on the ships. It was done at Ashtar’s request by my friend (crew member) Marc Brinkerhoff. On his website you can also find UFO photos that he has taken.…/mystic_art-Ashtar… – Actual UFO Photography and Extraterrestrial Contact by Marc Yale…
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[Thank you Susan for this. Beautiful!]

Isabel Maria Thank you Elizabeth… I was told last year by another Channeller while at a meet up group meeting that ASHTAR had implanted a chip in my right hand … Since I can’t see it or even feel it it true that its actually there and if so what will its purpose be?… Thankxx Namaste
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It is not true. Nothing had been inserted.

Dinesh TheCentral Sun Thank You Elizabeth. Hello Ashtar. Why isn’t Obama or the people in the government from other nations making any announcements about full disclosure? When will the odds be in favour for the full-disclosure announcements to take place. I’m not asking for specific dates, but for example, could you tell us if its gonna take place within 2 years or so? The Unawakened ones refuse to believe in free energy and ufos. They only believe what their government says to them. So its very important for our governments to make these disclosure announcements as soon as possible. Ashtar, you see people like Elizabeth, Steven Greer to name a few are only the ones who are making us know about our star family and we are grateful to them and thankyou for your support and guidance.
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There is no need to worry more about how this is happening because it is in process as we speak. You will see the Event come to fruition this year and sooner than you think.

Evlyn Locke May I ask a question please… When we meet our twin flames and maybe choose to be with them will it be a spiritual relationship or will it be a couple relationship as in what we now consider like a husband and wife … Also how will relationships be in 5 th dimension…will it still be one to one or will we be able to love each other openly and have loving relationships with who ever we choose with out causing other to be hurt…
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Understand. Your Twin Flame is the other half of you. You two are never separate. You were created together at the same moment and when you come into the dense realms incarnate one as male and one as female. You have always been his wife. He has always been your husband. The whole point of living on physical Earth is to enjoy all the infinity of bliss that can be experienced in the physical. Those who agree to experience physical love making will. Others will be more interested in higher forms of love making. There will be no limitations. You each will only have open physical relationships. If someone is married or living with another their Twin Flame will know and will not make them selves known until the person is single and has prepared themselves for such a relationship. From their perspective they will not rock the boat, they will not enter the scene. They will not break up families. Everything will be out in the open. Twin Flames do not play around. They are always with you and they know your requirements. They will wait.

Will-Alpha Vandervelde-Zen …Dear Commander, my Heart is not clear about buying Iraqi Dinars to elevate the financial poverty of myself and some relatives. Can you give me some more clarity about the situation with the RV announced by St. Germain through a Channeled message on the 24th Feb 2014, and the Truth about the situation with the Prosperity Funds. Can I be of Service in the Distibution of the Prosperity Funds and the New Technologies?… …Much Love and Gratitude… … …
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You are reading a false channel. Maybe that is why you are unsure? You sense the information is false.

Danka Kubickova Elizabeth – Mr Ashtar, my personal problem is that I do not have a permanent connection, why? How will it further with EU parliamentarians only get richer and more and more people are poorer, the unemployed, hate. thank you
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A permanent connection is not made on the first, second or third attempt. It is nothing to worry about or to self criticize. As you practice the bond becomes deeper and in time the bond becomes ‘turned on’ and stays on.

All of the issues within all the governments of the world, the banks, the royalty is becoming solved more each day.

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It is a location in time and space. The First Dimension is a point in time. A point. A dot. The Second Dimension is a plane of existence. A horizon line. The Third Dimension is a point in space. The x axis and the y axis as in geometry. The Fourth Dimension is Time. Time on Earth now has collapsed into the 3rd Dimension. Time and only Time. The Fifth Dimension is a point in Space and Time within No Time. The x axis and the y axis and the z axis as in geometry. This is where Z = Zero Point.

Marit Grendstad Greetings Ashtar and Beth!
All the new technologies – what will the effect be on our physical bodies? Many of us are supersensitive to radiation – smart technologies etc.
Blessings and Love
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The technologies which will be brought form the Ships are based on science thousands of years ahead of what you know on Earth. There will be clothes made of fabrics that never need washing. There will be computers replicating food which is completely organic, completely vegetarian and tastes exactly like anything you want, even a T-bone steak. The technologies are bio plasmic and sentient and will be free from negative effects.

Janina Giedraitiene Dear Elisabeth and Beloved Ashtar, my twin flame Oleg died in 2006 middle of the summer. Meline Lafont said we are from Pleiadians both. Is it so really? Is my twin flame now in the summerlands or in the command of the Ashtar. He was a good clairvoyant.
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Please know your Twin Flame is never separate from you. As the Ships land those who have passed before will join us again, in the physical to live with us here now. This is a personal choice for each individual. Some will come to Earth and others have decided to go on.

Linda Adalina Aronsen Greetings Dear Elizabeth and Master Ashtar ★ With all my love and gratitude, thank you for your guidens, protection, love and support (and in all dimensions) ★ In my own soul vision, I realy look forward when all the new Crystall Light grids and our n…See More
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[the rest of this question was lost – please submit it again]

Isaiah Anderson Dearest Ashtar, it has been said that the U.S dollar is set to collapse and be replaced on March 4th of our Gregorian Calender. Is there any truth to this? Thank you!
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No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes. Beth is fond of saying, if they say dates they are lying to you.

Vikaas Rajput Thanks Ashtar & Elizabeth, I Would like to ask about Pole Shift, I have been reading many articles about pole shifts that it is going to happen, most of them creates Fear among all that it would happen in a year or so, but i am not able to find what is real & earth peoples would not be able to survive, please guide us on this & what precautions & measures we have to keep to stay protected & onto the upgradation of our self & our knowledge to keep up with the high energies that are coming. Thanks & Gratitude.
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No Pole Shift. Read truth. Stop reading false flags of fear. Read your Galactic History.

From Email:

I had DREAM ones in PLACE where I WERE THIS LOVE , I felt so , so deep inside of ME.
I sow HIM sleeping , I want so much to tach HIM , smell HIM …but I have to live …But
I got the MESSAGE I WILL se HEM very SOON !!!
I LOVE MY NEW LIFE but…I have MISSION !!! Now is the Time !!!
I know I come on this world with this MISION .Even my husband knows a lot about my Dream
both the 3-D version & My 5 D , with hi is not familiar with , I mean he is very understanding (?).
Day of LOVE is coming ,and I’m on The Sheep JERUSALEM to GREAT MY TWIN FLAME !!!
…and I fill will be my TRUEEEEEE LIFE in 5D, yes ?????

When you have prepared for this then it will be yours, yes.

Hello Beloved Lord Ashtar,

I feel blessed by your grace and the answers you provide. My question is: there is so much talk of a currency revaluation. There are many, many lightworkers that did not have the funds to purchase dinars. But many who had money, did. Will this revaluation not continue an imbalance in wealth? Or how will it actually work… what will it do for us and the world.

St. Germain has arranged it so that every woman, child and man will receive $10 million dollars each. Some who have a Mission in place will receive more of the Humanitarian Funds to carry out their work. In order to receive the funds One must hand sign for their package and it is required to sign a non disclosure agreement saying you will talk with no other person how much you received. If you do discuss the amount you receive with others you will lose everything. Those who bought the Dinar funded Black Ops and St Germain had to take over the revaluation of the Dinar because of this. Selling Dinars was a plot by the dark cabal. No revaluation will take place until after the Event. There is no need to worry about who has what. Everyone will have all they need. The Ones who bought Dinar bought into the greed of the dark. There is still much karma around being attached to money. That is the lesson. This is not about money. It is about Divine Government. Those focused on the money may be left behind in some ways based on their inability to detach from money.

Dearest Lord Ashtar,

You are soooooo Darling. You have remained steadfast in your commitment to Earth despite all drawback and difficulties stemming from them helping/guiding this beautiful little blue planet and her people as well as all the other kingdoms established on her to ascend. Too sweet you are! Hugs and kisses (hoping your twin flame lovely Athena does not mind).


hi my name is john. I was born with generalized anxiety which means alway being in a state of fear.
If i am going to the light ships at night in my sleep. Why haven t i seen a doctor while i m there to
cure me so i can excel into ascension
love john

Each One is going through their Ascension at their own pace. Some are walking, some go by car and others fly. Each is as it should be and the speed is chosen by the individual in what they can handle. To heal a disease which started at birth may take some prep work first. Many people have the same issue as you. Before healing the core issue, other issues must first be resolved as the layers of the onion are peeled away at a rate you can handle. Continue to have faith and know this is in process and will be taken care of.

Ashtar when speaking to our higher selves do we merely think to ourselves, “Higher self I require thoughts intending to raise my vibration.” Or, “Higher self I require thoughts inserted into my conscious mind that will form beliefs that will demonstrate a higher vibration and reprogram my subconscious mind to keep drawing that into my life?” Thank you for your time.

Appreciate it Beth

Kenneth J. Goodrich

When speaking to your Higher Self it knows exactly what you need at the moment. You may say
to your Higher Self, “Show me what I need now, inspiration, information, or other and don’t let it be subtle. Show me in no uncertain terms just what I need this moment for my growth. Show me in a way that I will have no doubt it has come from you, My Highest Self.”

Questions for Ashtar:

How can we come aboard to your ship? Is it through astral projection? Meeting somewhere else?


All that need be done to meet on the Ships is to ask right before going to sleep at night. You may ask Archangel Michael show you the way. You will be traveling by entering your Etheric Body. It is not astral projection. As you lie down your Body for sleep you enter into your 5th Dimensional Body and connected with your silver, gold and platinum cord you will visit. You may also be beamed up physically from your bed, sleeping or waking. It takes some preparation to beam up, but some are doing it.

I understand Ashtar and Sanada are in the etheric and can, when needed, materialize bodies. But what about the ships. Are these etheric
As well—and if so, can they then materialize when needed? And—this sound so silly, but it’s got me stumped—are there such things as technological updates- and if so,
Are they automatically incorporated into the ships which I assume have been around forever?

(Oh brother, I hope you don’t print this, it sound like Woody allen trying to contemplate the subtle.)

The Ships are Etheric in the Etheric realm and Physical in the Physical Realm. They are constantly evolving as they are sentient. They update automatically.

Here another question:

Could Ashtar talk about the Shakti and how it aids in our evolution and sources for it other than realized beings and avatars? How is the Shakti different from the coded energy coming from the sun at this time?

With love,

The Shakti is born within the Body when the individual is ready. There is a lot of misunderstanding thinking that some form of exercise must be done to activate it. It becomes activated from Source energy in bursts. It does not rise or fall according to One’s exercises. Receiving the light codes coming from the Great Central Sun is another aspect of Shakti Energy. They are not separate. As the individual Consciousness develops then more Shakti is imparted to the individual. The rate and flow is controlled by the individual and is determined by the rate they are raising their Consciousness. Increased Shakti allows for more wisdom and advanced gifts to be mastered.

Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin © All  Rights Reserved.



  1. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I
    find It truly useful & it helped me out much.
    I’m hoping to provide something back and help others
    such as you aided me.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation!

  2. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.

    I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger
    if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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