Flight MH370 – The de facto situation


ESOTERIC GOLDEN SPIRIT about the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane:

Within a period of two weeks from the date of the strange disappearance of the Boeing 777 aircraft of Malaysia Airlines, something ”remarkable” has been achieved: almost all possibilities have been presented and, generally speaking, almost all the possible hypotheses about this most unusual event have been stated for the common understanding of the people.

The aircraft had 239 people on board and, shortly after take-off from Kuala Lumpur to China, it suddenly disappeared from the radar screens. The mystery has not yet been uncovered by the authorities (regardless what the official statements are presently saying), and is the only case of its kind in history.

Various information has appeared rapidly on the Internet and through the international mass-media, which this time could not hide the incident. It resulted in an amalgam of assumptions, surprise information, deductions, suspicions and conclusions more or less viable, which only caused more confusion and anxiety among the people.

No one seems to have a clear “solution” or “response” about the amazing incident, although its resolution has appeared in several “safe” variants until now, mainly as a result of some telepathic transmission by channelling, which covered a broad spectrum of possibilities: from the fact that the aeroplane and passengers have been “kidnapped” or “saved” by the Sirians or other ET civilisations and sent to another planet or Shambala, to a crash, hijacking or conspiracy and landing on certain islands in the Indian Ocean region.

In the general excitement and confusion on this subject, two fundamental questions remain:

Where and how did a plane with 239 passengers on board disappear, without leaving practically any trace up until now?
What is real cause of this unusual disappearance?
The problem is that, in the midst of such diverse information and assumptions, it is difficult to attract attention to the truth, even if it has been seen as such. It would appear just like another hypothesis among the others. It was for this reason that we hesitated about presenting what we have found out directly on the Sirian ship Anais about this disappearance. Furthermore, lately we have been given access to an extraordinary ethereal technology and thus we have an opportunity – within certain limits, which depend on our training and understanding – to view directly the images we ask for in connection with events which we are interested in. In a certain way we could say that the device that is provided on the Sirian mother ship is like a Chronovisor in the physical plane, noting that it also involves emotional, mental and even the causal experience of the observed in a very precise summary. The phenomenon that occurs is however much more complex than the one which involves watching images in a Chronovisor in the physical plane, because the being-device-Sirian ship interaction is very important, and if the intention and focus are not as they should be, then the screen on which the images are rendered remains empty or they are strongly blurred or inconclusive. “The Screen” is, in fact, a large hologram, which displays images interactively connected to the subject requested or it presents an intelligent and intuitive summary when it covers a long period of time.

Obviously, the device is a highly advanced technology for receiving information directly from AKASHA or the Universal Memory. As I said, this presentation is done in a smart way and linked, with much adjacent data (they are often accompanied by many Sirian symbols, but in some cases we have been presented with figures and letters from the Latin alphabet, for our direct understanding). The possibilities of knowledge are extraordinary, but access and handling of the tool is complex. In the first place they depend on Sirian goodwill and that of the mothership Anais, and secondly on our ability to adapt to the way the device operates.

We have found out such amazing things about humanity, about its origins and about a whole series of civilizations which have occurred on the Earth! Soon we will start to make this information known in a new series of documentaries which will shatter all the aberrations maintained so far by various “respected” authors or modern science, regarding human origins and the human history of civilization.

It is amazing that all of this information comes now from direct visualisation, to which are added some explanations offered by Amun or the mothership Anais. Therefore, everything we’ve presented so far in our documentaries has nothing to do with telepathic transmissions or channelling. The information that we receive is as a result of DIRECT meetings with representatives of the Sirian civilisation from the Sirius A system, or, more recently, by means of access to a very evolved form of technology which is located on the mothership Anais and which was made available so that we can directly access and view events of interest.

Although we have clearly explained how OUR DIRECT CONTACT with the Sirians takes place – which is something other than telepathic transmission or by channelling, used by most internet lightworkers – we have noticed with surprise that many of our readers do not seem to understand or do not notice this essential aspect. They simply don’t seem to understand what it’s all about, and “forget” this “detail”, which is fundamental and which refers to the DIRECT CONTACT we have with representatives of the Sirian civilisation. We realised that many of those who discover our information do not make this difference, considering the DIRECT CONTACT WITH extra-terrestrial beings, which we have, as being the same with the phenomenon of channelling, which is “in fashion” and with which they are much more familiar, this being the usual way by which most lightworkers communicate with the representatives extra-terrestrial civilisations.

The case of such human beings who don’t believe or cannot imagine that the information can be obtained from direct contact with extra-terrestrial beings is somehow like the case of indigenous natives of the Pacific islands who, although they were staring at the ships of the famous captain Cook, which were anchored close to shore, they were saying that they do not see anything other than water stretched over the ocean. In our opinion, the main reason for this “blindness” is that modern society is focused almost exclusively on the awareness of flesh and blood body. Contemporary man is practically chained in the idea that he is the physical body, so that it becomes really difficult to conceive that he could have direct experiences, other than those connected to his body. His knowledge about the subtle bodies of human beings is practically non-existent and this explains the immense ignorance, as well as the inability to understand what such DIRECT CONTACT with beneficial, and much evolved extra-terrestrial beings from the spiritual viewpoint means. The notion of parallel dimensions or subtle planes of existence for most people are something unimaginable. Under these circumstances, how can we expect them to understand the importance of such direct links with extra-terrestrial beings?

We state here once again, with full responsibility: our information is always obtained DIRECTLY from beneficial extra-terrestrial Sirian beings and this is the very reason why they are, in a practical sense, among the most elaborate and correlated information, which have been presented in the alternative media, even if this has been ignored, more or less consciously, by many lightworkers, bloggers, authors or editors that work in the business. In the end the truth will come out by the gradual and correlated confirmation of the data provided by us, which for the intelligent ones and those who resonates with the truth makes complete sense.

In connection with the disappearance of aircraft flight MH370 of the Malaysian Airline company, the mothership Anais specified from the beginning that “what is going on is on the Earth and it is related to Earthly affairs“. In other words, it is possible to immediately make a very clear delimitation in the multitude of assumptions, hypotheses and suppositions which have occurred and still appear on the internet and in the media: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE AIRCRAFT IS AN ACT OF EARTHLY INTERVENTION AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EXTRATERRESTRIAL CIVILISATIONS. From this point of view, the observations of some lightworkers, among which are Cobra – are correct. As we have been told, all the action which has led to the strange disappearance of that plane was orchestrated by the evil elite, using a technology that is largely based on reptilian knowledge and technology.

The mothership Anais then also informed us that “such events will take place from now on”, which means that we can expect other “phenomena of mysterious disappearances” similar to the disappearance of the aircraft, which will be orchestrated by such evil forces from the Earth, as we have specified very clearly.

The element that we want to mention now however relates to another aspect and it has been highlighted in particular by a collective mental-emotional transmission, coming from the entire Sirian population on the huge mothership. This complex and powerful mental transmission from the Sirian community, which was mediated by the mothership Anais, highlights the fact that the Sirians are concerned by the fact that someone on our planet could associate their civilisation with the actions of taking hostages or kidnapping, as has been claimed by some aberrant lightworkers. Such bizarre ideas, received by “channelling”, were even appearing in the first days after the disappearance of the aircraft, and they have been distributed with a kind of exuberant irresponsibility. We could name names, but we believe that this is not important now. What we have been asked to mention is that this “information” is simply a trap and represents only the product of a rich imagination. In other words, it represents an untruth and denotes a noticeable incompetence.

Even if our observations seem tough, they are justified, because we believe that there is already too much disinformation regarding the subject matter of ET civilisations and the support they offer to mankind. It is time that those who are really interested, are clearly intelligent and show common sense and intuition, have access to correct information and to know how to choose between wheat and chaff. We believe that the times in which they live are extremely important, even crucial for humanity and because of this we can’t afford to “play” with the nature of the information, because when it is incorrect (which often happens), it just causes confusion and ignorance in the minds and knowledge of the people.­­­

We allow ourselves to make these comments because we are certain about the information we receive DIRECTLY, as we have stated. Even if our documentaries, news, interviews cause certain egoistic or foolish reaction in some people, this is not very important for us. What we are interested in is to bring to the knowledge of the world CLEAN, DIRECT and EFFICIENT INFORMATION in the directions we propose. We therefore address only those capable to relate to it and to understand it, and also realise that this information is the TRUTH. Let’s not forget that during this period some fundamental transformations of the frequency of the energetic vibration on our planet took place, which directly affected every human being. Therefore there is no reason to tolerate amateurishness and foolishness in regards to this information about ETs on the internet, but instead to highlight them so they can be removed. We hope to be understood in what we aim to achieve.

Returning to the disappearance of the Boeing 777, it was stated to us again that this is part of a series of more disappearances that will take place on the sea, on dry land, or in the air from now, being a desperate and also foolish attempt by the evil elite to “block” the mental and emotional energies of the people between parallel planes of existence, which have already started to separate even more.

For those who are up to date with the information we have provided until now in the film “COMET ISON. THE EVENT. THE TRUTH ABOUT IT”, and also in the two interviews on BBS Radio Radio (FINDING VOICES Radio) (Recording of the interview with ALKESH on BBS Radio – Thursday, 30 January 2014 and The recording of the second interview with ALKESH, on Finding Voices Radio, Sunday, 2nd February 2014 ), it is easy to correlate the turmoil of events that appeared suddenly as we entered March and with the start of the second energetic implementation in the structure of the magnetic field of the Earth by the “comet” Ison. These events refer to the Crimea problem and its annexation by Russia, the extraordinary political tensions which appeared between the USA and Russia, the very strange weather, the airplane that disappeared mysteriously etc. Since this second implementation of a new series of beneficial energy on Earth has taken place, the evil elite and beings aligned against the spiritual elevation of Earth will want to forcefully block the transformations that appear and become even more obvious.

We were told that the vanished airplane (Flight MH370) is part of a series of experiments by the evil elite to “populate” certain areas of the planes parallel to the physical one in which we exist. The evil elite intends in the near future to govern and control certain areas of such parallel planes of existence. Thus, it will try to make such areas become like “magnets” of evil resonance, seeking to impede the fundamental transformations which are taking place on Earth.

In order to “extract” the plane out of the physical reality, the evil elite used an extremely sophisticated technology. Even so, the plane could not be taken completely from our time-space reality and could not be transposed in the parallel reality in which they intended to take it. The experiment failed, and the airplane thus remained “suspended” in time, in a very strange state of existence. As a location, it is now somewhere in the area above the Indian Ocean, and for the passengers inside only a few seconds have passed from the moment when the plane entered completely in the inter-dimensional zone in which it is now. Until it was “caught” in this strange state of existence, the plane flew on a trajectory similar to a spiral (starting from the area in which it changed course), in a desire to find the shore. All that could be seen from on board the plane was an endless expanse of water and the occasional fragments of some unclear images, obscured like in fog, which cannot be easily made out. The plane has continued to circle at a low height, seeking a solution allowing it to land.

As it has been shown to us, the unfolding of events was as follows: shortly after take-off, the pilots became aware that they had lost contact with the control tower and, even more seriously, they could no longer see land. They decided to return to the shore from which they had left and which they knew very well; they did this by circling so that others, eventually, would locate them or for them to locate something, BECAUSE IN THAT MOMENT THEY NO LONGER HAD AND REFERENCE POINT: all communication and signals with the control tower had disappeared completely and no shoreline could be seen, only water. When they arrived where they believed the shoreline of Malaysia to be, there was nothing other than water.

So they decided to throw a signal beacon in the ocean, which they did out of the back of the aircraft. The mothership Anais stated that the only thing which will be found, will be that object in the waters of the Indian Ocean and they will believe the plane crashed. In reality, it is still caught between two parallel planes of existence, being somehow “frozen” in time.

After throwing the signal beacon out from the plane, the pilots continued to circle, saying that they now had a location in the ocean, which could be recognised. However powerful turbulences started to appear, similar to huge vortexes that seemed to “rotate the sky”, as if trying to “distort” the air. One of these powerful distortions captured the whole plane, but it could not translate it into the targeted parallel plane, as the evil elite had intended with their wicked plan, thus the plane remained stuck between two parallel planes of existence.

We were also shown for a few moments, images from inside the airplane. The aircraft was caught in a kind of powerful, spiralling turbulence, and in front of it could also be seen a kind of vortex. Inside the plane, it was like everything was “frozen”. We noticed that there was a dominant feeling of fear and terror, especially because of the incapacity of the passengers to understand what was happening. The mothership Anais said the Sirians will not intervene for now, because those who are on board the plane are in a condition that allowed this situation to happen. Anais said that, if a single person will “wake-up” and become aware of what is happening in the airplane, realising that the situation is in a great part fed by their own fear, then the Sirians will send certain beneficial energies, which will cancel out the destructive technology of the evil elite.

We were also told that this is a kind of a battle at a spiritual level; a large-scale conflict which will shortly take place in the souls of all the beings on Earth, involving also their free-will.

Therefore, for as long as those 239 passengers and the crew of the aircraft remain in this state of tension and terror, they will remain “frozen” in time. The entire situation is nourished by their fear. The planes of existence are no longer “aligned” as they were until now, in the sense that some differences have appeared in their frequencies of vibration, due to the transformation of the state which the entire planet presently passes through and, implicitly, all human beings living there. This caused the action of the translocation of the aircraft, initiated by the evil elite, to be unable to be done in a precise way, because now the exact frequencies of the parallel planes are no longer exactly known by the elite and their acolytes.

This is the information we have in connection with the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 and any other “fairy tale” about this, presented by lightworkers, by officials or mass-media is invalid.

Soon we will present a short documentary on our YouTube video channel and also on our site (http://www.galactis.net/en/), which will include a summary about the disappearance of the airplane, and also other new elements and information, about the fact that things in the immediate neighbouring space of our planet are not at all quiet…


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