The Ukrainian Crisis ~ Georgi Stankov, September 4, 2014

Georgi Stankov, September 4, 2014

I have decided to publish this article below because it gives you an excellent overview from a conventional point of view of the major crimes, which the USA have committed since WW2 in order to achieve their hegemonial goals of unipolar world order based on exclusive global dominance of this Western superpower. It elucidates the basic doctrines of US foreign policy as presented by two past secretaries of foreign affairs, Brzezinski and Kissinger, who have also written many influential books how to achieve this heinous goal. These two are the most prominent Reptilian representatives of the dark US elite and hidden government that control this country and ultimately endeavour to control the world in the End Times by installing the NWO. This should be known to anybody with a modest understanding of world politics.

Besides many of the topics that the author presents in her historical survey have been addressed and discussed by myself in numerous previous articles on this website. Hence the content of this publication should not be entirely knew to you.

As with all such “academic papers”, the point of view is very narrow, as it excludes the transcendental dimension of ascension in the End Times that determines in a global and all-pervading manner all events on the ground, including all political events, as wells as the “alien card”, to quote Kissinger himself, which presupposes an intimate knowledge of the existence of the Orion-Reptilian empire of the Unholy Six that have infested and enslaved human civilization since the Fall of Atlantis, and even earlier, leading to the destruction of this past great civilization and the “Fall from Grace” of this mankind.

Contrary to the stupid and blind masses, the archons (Reptilians and Greys) from the astral plane have always known about the divine plan for this planet and human species in the current End Time and have forged plans how to prevent our ascension since eons of time. The current total manipulation of humanity through the mass media, based on lies and deceptions, through politicians as stooges, clones and shape-shifters, who follow the same line, and through the instigation of perennial conflicts and wars all over the world hold the human race in a most primitive mode of survival and destroy the inherent creative abilities of this sentient species. Precisely, by suppressing the inner knowing that every incarnated human being is a Creator God and more powerful than all the archons and their human stooges on power put together, as soon as he realizes this eternal truth.

All humans with a soul are sparks of God and represent its omnipresence and omniscience. This is the chief and only lesson that humans will have to learn in these last most auspicious and dramatic days. We, the PAT, the warriors of the first and the last hour, the new Logos Gods and the Guardians of the New Galaxy, have been chosen and have already decided at the soul level to demonstrate this God’s omnipotence as Ascended Masters on this and many other 4D worlds in order to convince the rest of humanity how powerful they also are, if they only accept the existence of the soul and her creative potential.

Hence, by publishing such articles, I am following a clear-cut pedagogical goal – to expand your knowledge and awareness of what is currently happening on this mother planet, which will be the last one to experience the MPR and ascend, while currently millions of parallel 4D timelines are already being destroyed by MPR and interdimensionally separated from this timeline. I will publish today or tomorrow the latest message from Babaji, channelled by Jahn, that confirms this very important fact and that our ascension and the triggering of the MPR on this mother planet can happen any moment from now on.

Many of you are experiencing MPR these days as severe “LBP symptoms” and report about them to me. This is not a figment of your imagination, as other external observers, blind and insensitive to these events, may try to make you believe. Quite on the contrary – you are the blessed ones, who have qualified for God’s Grace to know and perceive these most dramatic energetic events that have ever taken place in this universe and not only on Gaia. And this, not as passive observers, but as Creator Gods – as the chief protagonists – of these same events on the ground and behind the veil in multiple dimensions.

Omniscience is the foundation of any true Creation. You can only then be true and responsible creators of your reality, if you have an intimate and profound knowledge as to how this humanity has evolved throughout history to this endpoint. By publishing such articles, I am trying to achieve precisely this – to inform you in these last, most dramatic days about all the lies and deceptions of the dark ruling cabal that have led to the current escalation of confrontation between light and darkness.

I am fully aware of the fact that some of you may experience the current devastating political conflicts and inhuman wars the world over as rather oppressive energies that prohibit you to delve into their history and causes, while others, as myself, have already fully detached from this illusory reality and observe these events like a visitor in an aquarium, who observes in a relaxed and interested manner dangerous sharks through a thick glass.

While making my observations on present-day politics, I profit from my in-depth studies of world politics in the last 50 years of my conscious life as dissident in Eastern Europe, political emigre in the West, program editor of Radio Free Europe in Munich in the early 80s, at the height of the Cold War, co-founder of the Bulgarian Democratic Union after the collapse of the Communist system that replaced from power the Bulgarian post-communist regime in 1997. And last but not least, as a universal thinker and scientist who has discovered the Universal Law of Nature and has revolutionized science, philosophy and human spirit by firmly establishing the primary term of God as the only source of any awareness in All-That-Is.

Therefore, bear with me when I publish such sophisticated and comprehensive “academic” articles on modern history and politics. But at present this is the only way to counterbalance the avalanche of lies and deceptions that the Orion-Reptilian MSM of the West are now spewing onto the mired masses in order to unleash a Third World War. It is not sufficient to oppose this outcome and to make appropriate invocations. First and foremost you must know how this reality has been deliberately distorted and derailed to become such a hell.

As I said, knowledge precedes any true creation. And as long as we dwell in human body and have to put up with a limited, linearly operating human mind, we need such readings as to know how humanity has fallen from Grace throughout its history up to the present End Time of Ascension. Only then can we reverse the course of the events from an enlightened point of view.

This is my heritage to humanity and this should be also your heritage to these lost souls. Everything in All-That-Is begins with the right idea and only then comes the reality, which this idea creates. This is the bottom line of all Creation and Existence, because any form of existence is conscious, simultaneous creation and vice versa.


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