CONFLICT IN SPACE : Latest battle in the etheric plane in the vicinity of Earth

Update: 14 September2014
This account of a major Cosmic battle that took place in February 2014 is truly terrible, astounding and sobering, all at once. If the information is authentic ~ and at this point I have no reason to doubt it ~ then it is just another demonstration of proof for all the delays we have been facing in bringing about the decisive massive changes for which we have been striving for so long.What really hit home is that this information corroborates on different fronts the information we have been receiving from other sources. The ones that come to mind are Cobra, Andrew Bartzis, Sheldan Nidle and Almine. Of course, there could be more, but they are the ones I can think of now. I would add that this is from the Sirian perspective; there are several Star races and groups carrying out their specific missions with the common goal of assisting in Earth’s and Humanity’s ascension.

One more point I wish to make is that this information pertains to events which played out in February, so much has transpired since then.

  • Anais, the Sirian Mothership, was vicously attacked by a huge battalion of ships belonging to the Dark. This massive fleet has been detected since 1996; they appear as dark or black swarms, unlike the Lightships which appear light
  • Due to manipulations of timelines, this huge conflict has already ended, with the Dark successfully repelled by the Sirian Purifiers, but we are still experiencing “now” (February 2014)
  • Emphasises that although we are  being watched over ad protected, all is not quiet out there. This is especially when we are getting so close to our Great Shift ~ the Dark is doing all they can to prevent this transition
  • They have been controlling Humanity from the etheric level. Action can only be taken against them at the right time, or else the consequences would have been devastatin. The Great Shift would not take place
  • They can now no longer manipulate timelines. This is thankfully been repeatedly stressed by others such as Cobra and Sheldan Nidle
  • Our technology has purposely been without emotion so that the controllers can enhance their manipulation over Humanity
  • However, Earth’s etheric frequency has changed to allow implementation of emotions in technology which will accelerate our spiritual progress of an atom having same frequencies but opposite charge -ve and +ve
  • Earth now in “convalescence”, transitioning to higher D and cannot maintain linkage of these 2 separate frequencies; Sirians have taken in this task. This etheric linkage was what the reptilians wanted to control to hijack BOTH realities, hence the vicious attack
  • The battle is described in detail at around the 32-minute mark. I feel that it’s informative for us to know about the details because it would provide us with a deeper comprehension about the extent and scale of…well…everything :/
  • (Personal note: I wonder if this is the same account but different perspective of what Almine described as the “Dragon Rebellion”)
  • They penetrated Anais’ etheric field and physically attacked her lower portion
  • Due to timeline manipulations, this Cosmic battle created repercussions in the past. Resulting from this temporal anomaly, the Sirians created energy portals to allow a fraction of energy from The Event to permeate through to be received by those who are prepared, even before The Event itself
  • Anais assumed her masculine aspect (its own Central Sun) during this battle to lend the appropriate energies in carrying out the defense
  • Main aim of battle was to delay Sirians’ assistance to Humanity. Although the reptilians know they can’t win, they also know that this can delay the process of Ascension
  • Sirians knew about this “surprise attack” in advance but decided to allow it to play out as it created the opening for them to insert key elemets in the past that would catalyse a greater transformation at this present time. Also to see if they could still support the current energy tranmissions and the future of The Event at the same time
  • Post-2013, it was known that Humanity has already won, but the question of “when” is up to us as a Collective Consciousness
  • Reptilians’ flawed and selfish perceptions and lower-vibrational aspect of Life motivate their perverted thinking by trying to trick the Higher Beings into incarnating in 3D and then seek to control them (exactly what Andrew Bartzis said)
  • They want us to believe that we get no help from Higher Realms because the Beings there leave us to our own “free will” (This is a very crucial point to note, because a lot of LWs are saying that we don’t need help, help is non-existent etc etc. This is, to me, a form of Matrix-programming designed to deny our Galactic connections)
  • As a result of this Cosmic battle, large numbers of reptilians now trapped in lower etheric plane, where they started attacking etheric beings there, which led to sudden or unexplained deaths in the physical reality. All this to create fear and tension on the physical 3D plane
  • Another battle in the etheric planes ensued as the Purifiers stepped in to clear them
  • MH370 attack was another attack to heighten fear energies in Humanity
  • We are constantly being assisted by our Galactic Families, but we ourselves have our own role to play in this transitional process.

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Here are presented some startling current realities, with which humanity is confronted in the process of ascension to a superior frequency of vibration of consciousness.

“Conflict in space” is a very accurate, clear summary of information received directly by Syriat and Alkesh from representatives of the Sirian civilisation, referring to a terrible battle in space, which took place close to Earth: the space-time implications, proofs, technology, cosmic alliance and the battle in the etheric plane in the vicinity of Earth which started after this terrible conflict.

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