State of the Disunion Report

State of the Disunion Report;

We usually put these out on the new year but due to the Japan, Australia, Hawaii, then Detroit trips there was not much time for computers. The awakening and healing process is well underway as enormous peaks and energy waves move through the multiverse in which we live. The solar flares which is the sun responding to galactic core, Alcyon and other sources behind the highly energized place in space we are moving through is creating a bit of chaos. It seems one gamma ray and cosmic ray burst after the other is hitting the planet. This will cause emotional highs and lows, erratic weather, and an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. For those who have been paying attention; need I say more.

What we are also going through is the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse in its real definition is the great uncovering. It is where all the dirty laundry and what was swept under the rug is there for all to see. The elections are a perfect example of this. The cover-ups and conspiracy theories are going to come up for a second look. The Kennedy Assassination, 911 where two buildings fell at free fall speed next to the twin towers having never been hit with anything. Little hint there; thermite, charges, and a beam weapon were used to muddy the waters so each theory is correct so stop arguing who is right and stick to who profited. Waco, Vince Fosters Death, The Oregon Stand-off attempted massacre which is all about selling the natural resources, “uranium”, to a foreign investor then having to kick the farmers off their land, again follow the money.

This leads us to the elections. Are you going to let criminals continue to run your country or are you going to try something else? Talk about the great uncovering not to mention black opps smear campaigns and paid protestors. There are some scary women and men in politics, as if there hasn’t been in the past only this time their karma or let us say dirt is surfacing and it isn’t pretty. I can’t imagine a country run by the latest batch, one shows promise but like we all learned from Obummer we will see. There will always be those who vote for whoever wins their party, those who no matter how much dirt surfaces they will play the cognitive dissonance role and ignore the obvious. They deserve the government they choose in ignorance. Then there are the electronic poles guaranteed to install the choice of the illuminati and banksters. As in this election the same rule applies. “Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a form of insanity. “ It is so sad it is humorous. This country needs a complete overhaul.

We cannot bitch and complain without giving solutions. Whenever you put your power outside of self there will always be those who will snatch it up and use it against you. When you give your power away to predators, parasites and thieves, install them in positions of power guess what happens? As Cazekiel warned in 1982 almost every guberment agency has strayed away from its mandate and is acting completely contrary to its stated goals. The Defense Department became the offense department, the brut squad for the corporations. The Health Organizations and the FDA rather than bringing cures for disease are stopping them and in some cases spreading them. The EPA is the corporate and black opps protection agency. “Ask them about chemtrails.” The child protection agencies are totally out of control; protecting nether child nor parent. I don’t even want to mention the Just Us system or the police; which have become militarized. The question we have to ask is who is the enemy they are preparing for? What I am saying is at what point do we ask ourselves does this system serve humanity or the earth in any way whatsoever?
Look at the conditions of your society, your economy and your environment, the answer is obvious. Unless you spend your time in a job, condo, your suv with your eyes and ears glued to lame stream media beer in hand waiting for them to tell you how to think. If this is the case God help you because you will never see it coming.

What is coming is the end of tyranny. Tyranny has a frequency and it is no longer frequency specific to the earth and her evolution. There is no way to stop this process and there is nowhere to hide. The underground bunkers, the colonies on other planets, Mars or the Moon will not protect anyone from their karma. This is a galactic event. You are not going to see Michael sword in hand lopping off the heads of reptilians. If anything it will be done with lasers and teleporters. Maybe a few sonic weapons the point is most will never see or be aware of what is happening in the higher dimensions. Most is being done on the upper levels in the vibrational continuum. Consciousness, Light, Energy will be the tools used in the awakening and healing of humanity and the earth. The planetary liberation is well under way. In its simplest terms Consciousness, Light and energy in, garbage out. If you want to continue to experience life here on earth you have to match the frequency of earth in her healing process. Universal Law will take the place of the archonic or draconian law you have been under. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for al is Universal Law. Now I ask you how many of your institutions, guberment, religious and there agencies operate under Universal Law? Do the churches divide and separate, if so what does that have to do with Universal Peace and Unity Consciousness? They are not frequency specific to the earths ascension, fall under archonic and draconian law and the consciousness and energy grid they depend on has been torn apart. Thus the chaos but is this a bad thing?

The good news is the remedies for most of this are in place and soon announcements will be made about the shift in power back to the people. The republic will rise again; which though not perfect reflects Universal Law as in the original Constitution for the People. There is a big difference in the original constitution and the replacement. If we stuck to the original constitution most politicians would have to quit if they are a lawyer they are bared from holding public office. If they are a member of the BAR association they swear allegiance to the Queen. The politicians holding duel citizenship and pledging allegiance to Jewish organizations will also have to quit. You cannot serve two masters yet the master one should serve is the master within, making ones own personal God/Creator/ Spirit connection and operate from the heart.

This would be a beginning. We need to choose our leadership according to their spiritual adeptness and track record of service to humanity and the earth as other advanced cultures do. There needs to be a forgiveness and reconciliation council, emphasis on reconciliation, to give a chance to those who want to change yet there will be consequences if their actions do not match their words. Every institution and agency will have to go through major overhaul. It is up to us as to what we do with and how we guide the new energies. We are moving into the age of personal empowerment and responsibility. There are many a soul who have maintained their integrity and remember the oath they swore coming forward in every institution. It is time to honor that oath to protect the people and the constitution. The future depends on you.

On another note I found it most odd to look out my window to see a bull elk and two does coming towards me. What was even odder is the elk what looked like some ones king size bed sheet stuck on his antlers and which looked like a flag streaming behind him. Luckily I had multiple witnesses or I would not be sharing this with you. The white flag on a stag. The flag represents peace, universal peace and the elk represents stamina. Must be a message in there. The true lightworkers will understand this message. Be well:

James Gilliland


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