Mind/ Mintea

The mind is a bit like a big dog that comes into the room to find its place amongst the pack. If the owner is unsure of himself his pet becomes very defensive. It gets nervous, gruff, sometimes even violent. He feels he must be the alpha-male of the pack, dominating everyone to make sure they are under control. But once the master learns to lead this big Alsatian he instantly calms down. His shoulders relax, the tension comes out of his back and he is ready to simply love and be loved. He no longer feels the weight of responsibility upon him because he can rely on his leader to keep him safe. He no longer has to strain to lead a human, something he is ill-equipped for by nature, because the human is in control of himself. A dog is naturally happy under sure leadership.

So it is with the mind. When the mind does not trust our agency it attempts to take over in order to anticipate potential threats based on previous experience and protect us from them, even if they are merely imagined. It will do this even if this means the complete mental paralysis of the individual, who experiences powerlessness and an inability to take any initiative action at all owing to an overactive fight or flight response, which has been more accurately categorized as the fight or flight or freeze response.

The mind has no free will. Its path is entirely conditioned by past experience. But our mind is not afraid of not being in control, that is a misunderstanding, it is actually afraid of being out of control. It performs brilliantly under sure leadership. That is why people who are more in Self and use the mind are so magnetic, powerful, dynamic, creative, intelligent, original, and they are great thinkers. They create and accomplish more than people who are too much in their heads.

The conditioned mind is used to a state of tension, both in the body and the emotions. It associates the habit of continually anticipating and reacting to avoid potential threats with being safe, because it is this habit which has allowed it to survive so far – even while the quality of life may have been diminished.

The process of deconditioning the mind is also the process of coming more into the body, because a contradiction-free mind is so much engaged with the processes of being and doing that it has little time to overthink. The trick is to take control of the mind whenever you can. Use it to comfort yourself and tell it positive messages. The mind cannot discern the difference between the truth and phantasy because it is a bio-computer, it is simply data-in; data-out.

When you feed it positive messages, like “I am safe”, or “I am really going to enjoy this”, it has something new to work with. It may doubt you at first because it cannot hold on to two contradictory messages at once, but it has to eventually reconcile previous beliefs with present understanding. Because it cannot receive two contradictory messages at the same time, it has to adapt its beliefs to the evidence you present it with.

All messages are considered evidence and either falsified with contrary thoughts or put into some kind of context: It can hold onto ideas, and that is what it does by default, but it is also capable of understanding that the past is no longer present, and thus what may have been true can both have been true, and no longer be true simultaneously.

That is how the mind reconciles “old” ideas with “present” understanding. Once you know how it works it gets easier, but knowledge is only potential power. It takes the conscious effort of allowing Self to guide the mind, and only allowing the mind to inform the Self rather than take control and scare it.

The mind is a beautiful ally, but, like the dog, it is ill-equipped to lead because it cannot think outside of the box, if you’ll appreciate the irony.


And of course the remedy for these doubts and anxieties is, as always, to go within and allow your thoughts to flow by unattended to as you rest in that quiet inner sanctum.  Do not engage with or follow a line of thought because that defeats the purpose of going within.  Be patient, and to assist yourself in remaining quiet and undisturbed it can be helpful to repeat a short mantra, listen to some relaxing music at a low volume, or unfocus your eyes while looking at a flower, a candle, or nothing in particular.  In fact you could do all of the above.  What counts is finding something that works for you, and you can ask for help with this from those in the spiritual realms with whom you feel an affinity – a favorite saint or angel, or any spiritual being you feel comfortable calling upon for help.  You all have someone who you believe responds to you – and of course they do! – and even if you have not called on them for a very long time they are still there for you, waiting expectantly with willing and loving help.  Call on them, they truly want to assist you.


Mintea este antrenata sa relationeze cu sau sa se conecteze cu evenimentele trecutului. Cand cineva spune :” Sa mergem sa vedem un film”, mintea voastra nu-si imagineaza viitorul potential de a vedea un film nou, ci mai degraba merge instant inapoi in amintirile sale despre experientele anterioare de a merge la un film. Intr-o secunda, mintea isi aduce aminte care este drumul spre teatru, cum stam pe scaun, mancam popcorn, mergem la toaleta chiar in mijlocul filmului si toate celelalte detalii ale aventurilor legate de fostele vizionari de filme.Acestea sant puncte relationale folosite de minte pentru a judeca daca a merge la film e un lucru bun sau rau. Aceasta va livreaza aceasta judecata intr-un pachet mental/emotional , ceva ce simtiti de obicei in stomac sau in piept. Dar acesta nu este cu adevarat un sentiment senzorial. Noi folosim gandirea relationala in aproape tot ceea ce facem. Fie ca ne echilibram balanta de plati, ca gatim cina, conducem spre supermarket sau initiem o intalnire de afaceri, mintea este legata de gandirea relationala. Aceasta ne conecteaza cu amintirile din trecut care determina cum sa raspundem in acest moment. Beneficiile gandirii relationale constau in modul in care folosim datele precedente si experientele pentru a ne ghida de-a lungul zilei, decat pentru a trebui sa invatam iarasi ceva nou. Dezavantajul este ca devenim dependenti de trecut si permitem mintii sa judece ceea ce este pozitiv sau negativ.
Doare sa gandim acum, deoarece ne expandam dincolo de gandirea relationala. Voi permiteti divinitatii sa se trezeasca si impreuna cu aceasta soseste si inteligenta senzoriala. Acest lucru nu este nou. Inteligenta senzoriala este inerenta in constiinta Eu Sant , dar este rar aplicata in realitatea 3 D , in special in era noastra mentala curenta. Inteligenta senzoriala include intuitia, cunoasterea, constiinta si senzitivitatea. Aceasta este infinit mai naturala pentru noi decat starea noastra mentala de a fi, totusi noi am fost programati (sau ne-am programat) sa credem  doar ceea ce vine din mintea noastra si din cele 5 simturi. Inteligenta senzoriala este intotdeauna acolo si intotdeauna ne serveste, dar ii intoarcem spatele in favoarea experientei mentale limitate. Noi argumentam si ne luptam pentru gandirea noastra relationala, mentala , chiar si atunci cand cunoasterea noastra ne sopteste ca exista mult mai mult in viata. Inteligenta senzoriala este cunoastere fara gandire. Ca fiinte senzoriale, noi santem  mai experti in simtirea energiilor si a constiintei decat gandim. Gandirea este inceata, obositoare, limitata si bazata pe trecut.Inteligenta senzoriala este imediata, stimulatoare, expansiva si bazata pe un miliard de potentiale. Mintea poate fi cu usurinta condusa gresit si inselata , in timp ce inteligenta senzoriala cauta adevarul, puritatea si experienta.
Gandirea mentala relationala va fi cu noi in timpurile care vor veni. Pot scrie acest articol deoarece gandirea mea relationala imi aminteste cum sa formez cuvintele, cum sa scriu la calculatorul meu si sa vad in cat timp imi pot atinge limita.Dar mintea ma doare scriind acest articol pentru ca ea nu intelege sau nu vrea sa inteleaga inteligenta senzoriala. Voi nu apartineti intunericului, chiar daca ati fost acolo si nu apartineti nici constiintei mentale limitate. Provocarea este ca nu puteti gandi calea voastra in afara intunericului sau a limitarilor. Exista o tendinta sa ganditi sau sa luptati sau sa doriti calea voastra spre iluminare, dar din tot ceea ce am invatat si in acord cu intelepciunea Maestrilor Ascensionati este vorba doar despre permitere. Eu ma lupt cu permiterea, care este o formulare amuzanta in sine, deoarece nu ar trebui sa fie nici o straduinta in legatura cu permiterea. Nu vreau sa ma straduiesc, dar este ca si cum te-ai da intr-un carusel incercand sa ramai calm si deschis pe durata intregii calatorii. Mecanismele noastre raspund automat cu frica, conditionare si supravietuire. Permiterea este increderea si acceptarea ca tot ceea ce vi  se intampla acum face parte din iluminarea voastra, chiar daca aceasta nu pare sa aiba sens. In shoudul din iulie, Adamus a spus ca “ modul de a trai” este “sa-ti asumi ca totul este despre iluminarea ta”. Este un alt fel de a spune ca totul este despre permitere. Noi ne schimbam, pentru ca am cerut schimbarea. Gandirea noastra se transforma, deoarece am ales sa ne expandam constiinta. Doare sa gandim, cel putin pentru  timpul prezent, dar va durea si mai mult sa stam in inchisoarea limitarilor mentale.


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