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Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus meditation Final Update

Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus meditation Final Update Time is approaching our Ascension Timeline /end of Coronavirus meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass. Next 12 hours will […]

Bubbles of Heaven Return of Light meditation was a huge success. Between 1 and 2 million people were informed about the meditation, and between 300,000 and 400,000 were actually participating, so the critical mass was achieved many times over: The energy wave from the Cosmic Central Sun has reached the surface of the planet and that energy […]


The Time Has Come, We Must Stand As One! 20/21 Jan.: Return of Light Activation Can you feel it? See it? Have you heard? On the 20th/21st of January such thing will happen that never happened before in this Universe. At the time of an amazingly complex and extremely powerful astrological alignment, we will have […]

MAKE THIS VIRAL! RETURN OF LIGHT ACTIVATION 01-20-2019/01-21-2019 It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the total Lunar […]

James Gilliland | Winning the War Against the Deep State

James Gilliland Situation Update September 2018 James Gilliland Situation Update. September 2018. Source Dauntless Dialogue. Everything on this dimension owes itself to other dimensions above it and so the wars already been won on the other dimensions now are coming here to earth. There’s a big cleanup here on this level, there’s many many levels. […]

Key to Freedom Meditation Update Key to Freedom meditation videos have been created in more than 10 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass! English: German: French: Spanish: Portuguese: Russian: Czech:   Slovenian: Hungarian: Japanese: Guided audio […]

Cele 12 principii de la baza Noii Lumi și cum va începe Totul

      Cum va începe totul Va începe brusc, fără avertisment. Multe scandaluri se vor dezvălui despre cum funcționează Sistemul, care vor agita masele umane. Dezvăluiri despre modul în care megacompaniile energetice internaționale câștigă miliarde din petrol, care împiedică în același timp dispozitivele energiei libere să intre în uzul public. Dezvăluiri despre trusturile farmaceutice care […]

Mesaj de la Pleiadieni – James Gilliland

Mesaj de la Pleiadieni (James Gilliland) (20 nov. 2017) S-a decis: Pleiadienilor li se dă toată autoritatea și controlul asupra acțiunii de trezire, vindecare și eliberare a Pământului Consiliile Superioare din acest univers s-au întâlnit și au fost de acord ca începând cu 19 nov. 2017, Pleiadienii -datorită afinităților și rolului pe care l-au avut […]


Going on about 4 weeks ago we talked about a massive wave of energy hitting the planet. It is now here, it is measurable and it seems everyone is trying to figure out what it is. It is part of the awakening and healing cycle of humanity and the earth and something much awaited. It […]

Did Putin Just Out The World’s Ruling Class As Reptilians?

Did Putin Just Out The World’s Ruling Class As Reptilians? Putin said that he was not one of “them”, but they are afraid of him and have attempted to lure him into their “ancient Babylonian cult.” Shockwaves are reverberating around the Kremlin today as word spreads regarding an extraordinary meeting called by Vladimir Putin yesterday […]

DESTABILIZAREA – mesaj de la Hathori

Un mesaj planetar de la Hathori (19 mart. 2016; channeler Tom Kenyon) Traducerea Const. Mihăilescu Suntem Hathorii. Lumea voastră intră acum într-o perioadă de imensă destabilizare.  În mesajele din trecut ne-am referit la schimbările aduse de Nodurile de Haos catalitice și de haos neașteptat. În comunicările anterioare am făcut atenționarea că în prezent și în […]

Message from archangel Gabriel

CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL GABRIEL It was channeled by Christine Preston and published on Feb 22, 2016 Per James Gilliland this message is in alignment with much of what he has been hearing from Winston Shrout and many others. When I asked James to tip on if we should send it out to the community […]

COBRA INTERVIEW February 18 2016

  Rob – Cobra, welcome to the show. Thank you, again, for coming on the show and I appreciate you taking the time every month to work with me here on the Victory of Light radio show. It’s an honor to have you once again. COBRA – It’s a pleasure for me and I enjoy those […]

Elite Plans for 2016: Take Immediate Action ~~ Lindsey Williams

The name of the game of the elite is CONTROL. In the June-August timeframe, the U.S. will be facing ISIS attacks. Regarding the financial collapse, it did not happen as the elite expected. Lindsey believes it did not happen because of Divine action. This delay will result in a more severe financial reset when it […]

24 ian 2016 – Indemn catre români

24 ian 2016                                  Indemn catre români   Traim vremuri deosebite. Viitorul ne apartine. Suntem in Acum, in prezent, in tovarasia minunatelor fiinte de lumina ce asista fenomenul ascensiunii planetare.  Suntem.  In acest asfintit al dualitatii, se intersecteaza o multime de realitati, o infinitate. Fiecare va patrunde in realitatea sa personala in functie de deschiderea sa. […]

REPOST – THE EVENT – Peter Konstantinov Deunov – 70 Year Old Prophecy – The Earth Will Soon Be Swept By Extraordinary Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity – 7-13-14

  7-13-14 leave a comment » Peter Konstantinov Deunov The prophecy was written 70 years ago.. and it’s absolutely mind-blowing! Peter Konstantinov Deunov, also known as Beinsa Douno, born in 1886 and who later passed away in 1944, left a prophecy that he had obtained through a trance based state. The prophecy was therefore dated as 1944, […]

The Portal: Short Planetary Situation Report and Event Meditation

The Portal: Short Planetary Situation Report and Event Meditat…:   Recent false flag attacks in Paris were orchestrated by Black Nobility families behind the Jesuits as part of the occult war, to disru…

URGENT! TIME SENSITIVE! MAKE THIS VIRAL! Meditation for Europe October 25th, 2015

There has been a recent development in Europe that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe has escalated again: Stable Europe is crucial for geopolitical stability on the planet and one of key factors to more or less stable transition towards the Event. Therefore it has been requested by the […]


ECETI News It has been a while since the last news letter due to extreme demands in other areas of the awakening and healing process. I have had my own personal challenges which include attacks by reptilian and grey factions on their way off the planet. They seem to have 4D pulse weapons which have […]

Valul X

Pământul se mișcă într-o regiune a galaxiei care conduce la creșterea energiilor cosmice afectând Soarele nostru și modificând ADN-ul uman. Este prezis că acest lucru va duce la mai multe schimbări în societatea umană, inclusiv la descoperiri majore de tehnologii avansate, programe spațiale secrete și de viață extraterestră. Dr. Simon Atkins, un celebru doctor în […]

The Frequency Shift into September 2015 – Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions

The Frequency Shift into September 2015 – Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions | Prophecies, Predictions and Visions | Time-Specific Material By Martin The purpose of this long article is to bring together a number of independent sources of material that together point to the next three months being a highly significant time period culminating in a […]

It’s Time to Call Your Angels; A Hathor Planetary Message

On the Nature of Angels In this message we wish to discuss our perspective regarding the nature of angels. This has nothing to do with religion. Rather it has to do with interdimensional reality. For our purposes we shall divide the topic of angels into three broad categories. Angels of the Spiritual Realms These ephemeral […]

Peter Deunov’s Last Prophecy – 1944

Peter Deunov’s Last Prophecy – 1944 During the passage of time, the consciousness of man traversed a very long period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call “Kali Yuga“, is on the verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New […]

Cobra Interview Transcript with Rob Potter

Cobra Interview Transcript with Rob Potter Date: Thursday, 23-Apr-2015 00:40:16 Cobra Interview Transcript with Rob Potter Rob – Here we are ladies and gentlemen. In earth time, it is April 16, 2015, and this will get to you sometime, hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll get at least the audio up. Welcome, again […]

Nava lenticulară

Nava lenticulară. Elementele prezentate în acest documentar sunt bulversante atât pentru gândirea oamenilor, cât și pentru cea a științei contemporane. Viața cosmică și tehnologiile foarte avansate sunt prezentate într-o manieră care depășește cu mult ideologia materialistă limitată. Construcția navei lenticulare, efort al câtorva zeci de civilizații extraterestre, este menită să producă în anii ce urmează […]

Making the choice for change, The Galactic Seed of Individuality, Divine Transmission of Photons

Making the choice for change, The Galactic Seed of Individuality, Divine Transmission of Photons.

ET First Contact Radio with ALKESH

ET First Contact Radio with ALKESH about CONFLICT IN SPACE ET First Contact Radio with ALKESH about CONFLICT IN SPACE Very insightful, uplifting and informative interview with ALKESH about the documentary: “Conflict in Space.” Listen very carefully from the beginning to the …

Interviu cu ALKESH la ET- First Contact Radio (octombrie, 2014)

În data de 5 octombrie 2014 (duminică), ALKESH va susține un interviu în cadrul emisiunii ET – First Contact, care va fi moderat de gazda emisiunii, redactorul Maarten Horst. Se pare că s-a creat deja o „tradiție” cu aceste interviuri, în care talentatul Maarten reușește să surprindă prin întrebarile sale elemente importante ale filmelor create […]

2014-September-23 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter

Originally posted on Forever Unlimited:
2014-September-23 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter On Soundcloud: Link to Youtube Version: Interview Transcript for September 23, 2014: Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another Victory of the Light Radio show special program Interview with Cobra coming up in just a moment or…

Galactis Update ~ August 2014

This update contains several key points that follow-on from the events that have unfolded and which are related to previous articles and videos from the Galactis Team. (If you have yet to watch two of their excellent videos, “Conflict in Space” and “Comet Ison. The Event. The Truth About It”, I would highly recommend them. […]

CONFLICT IN SPACE : Latest battle in the etheric plane in the vicinity of Earth

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:
. . Here are presented some startling current realities, with which humanity is confronted in the process of ascension to a superior frequency of vibration of consciousness. “Conflict in space” is a very accurate, clear summary of information received directly by Syriat and Alkesh from representatives of the…

The End of Time for the Matrix

~ written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on 25th of July 2014 The End of Time for the Matrix   We have promised to keep you informed of important developments in case of occurrence and completeness… Here we are again to inform you of recent & important developments… It is difficult to transfer events […]

GALACTIS : 2 întrebări pentru ALKESH referitoare la EVENIMENT şi CABALĂ

GALACTIS 2 întrebări pentru ALKESH referitoare la EVENIMENT şi CABALĂ (Mai 2014) ÎNTREBARE 1 (referitoare la „Interviu cu ALKESH la BBS Radio – Ianuarie 2014”): De aici reiese că Evenimentul va avea loc după luna iunie, probabil între iulie şi octombrie. Dacă am înțeles corect, resetarea financiară și arestarea Cabalei malefice se vor petrece DUPĂ […]

Cobra Interview 6-17-14, with Rob Potter of “The Promise Revealed”… AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT…

We Are Calling All Good Souls To Unite With Us Now

Originally posted on IN SERVICE TO SPIRIT:
? The Blue Star transmissions Special Edition 6-22-14 to 8-25-14 Blue Star the Pleiadian’s June transmission also contains messages from Master Kato and the collective of Masters. Master Kato is the “spokesman” for their collective; however ALL the Masters speak with him by using their collective voice, in…

A Message From The Arcturian Group ~ I AM THAT I AM. Say these words aloud and say them silently.

Originally posted on Archangels and Devas Blog:
Season beauty Mount Rainer Washington I AM THAT I AM. Say these words aloud and say them silently. Hold them sacredly and secretly in your heart and ponder their meaning. I AM THAT I AM, (The answer given Moses when he asked God’s name) is a mystical statement…

cobra interview transcript 5/20/2014

Originally posted on SweetWillowman:
(word count 11,380) babarob Cobra Interview Transcript Dear Promise Family, You may now see the Cobra interview transcript by going to this page here: If you will please note that if you want to listen to this show it is best if you wait several minutes for your computer to down…

Information regarding the current situation and what will follow for humanity in the next months from the extraterrestrial perspective

Referring to the events that will take place in the coming months (up until September), the most important aspect we wish to highlight is the FEAR which many people could allow themselves to be caught by. This negative emotion, when it dominates the human being causes much harm, both at the individual and global level […]

Informare în ceea ce priveşte situaţia actuală şi din lunile următoare a omenirii, din perspectiva extraterestră

  Raportându-ne la evenimentele care se vor petrece în următoarele luni (până în septembrie), cel mai important aspect pe care dorim să-l subliniem este FRICA de care s-ar putea lăsa cuprinşi cei mai mulţi oameni. Această emoţie negativă, atunci când domină fiinţa umană, provoacă mult rău atât la nivel individual, cât şi global (în ceea […]

Time For Us To Lead Ourselves ~ James Gilliland ~ 1 May 2014

Great update from James, here are some highlights: The Anunnaki’s original symbiotic relationship with Earth’s Humanity (gold mining for spiritual growth), and how this changed when the original ones left, leaving behind a group to oversee the planet. This plan went awry when the ones left behind became corrupted, the “fallen ones” Enki vs Enlil […]

Message by the Council of the Elohim ~ by Jose Sanchez

Council of the Elohim speaks: It is in the light of who we are and who you are our divine family that we come to you. This time in your evolutionary history it is the most auspicious and extremely crucial in your developmental evolution. There is so much light and DNA activations descending upon your […]

Karen Downing – Eclipse Revelations – 4-16-14

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:
Eclipse Revelations > Karen Downing. April 16, 2014 Iconoclast The recent eclipse is the harbinger of great and profound change on Earth. But, that change begins within each and every soul first. Collectively, change will not be facilitated without first looking within and creating change in one’s own life.…

Father God / Zorra – Big Changes For Your Earth, Galaxy and Beyond – Your recovery from control of invading colonizers ( Reptilians, Greys, Draconians ) – Codes of your DNA strands Now Being Activated by Cosmic Plasma Waves and Prime Creator – Channeler, Dr. Kathryn E May

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:
? ? Part 200, Father God Tells of Earth, Galaxy and Beyond I would like to offer one more message to complete the book which is “When God Pinched My Toe” – the collaboration between Kathryn/Lady Portia and the Company of Heaven. We ask that it then be…

Courtney Brown ~ Implications Postings #18 – #22

Prime Creator – 10 Commandments For Ascension – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May

Courtney Brown Implications Posting No.15 ~ 3 March 2014

Implications Posting #15: The significance of the Ides of March is not that Julius Caesar died, for Caesar was but a man, and all men die. Rather, the date marks the end of an era of belief that the corruption and tyranny of the existing system of governance was unchangeable. That is still what the […]

No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes ~ Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin

A Message from Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 28, 2014 Greetings! This is Ashtar. You do not understand what you do not understand. This leads to impatience, anger, frustration and depressed feelings. You must avail yourself to knowledge and work to help others to qualify to receive wisdom conferred by your Guides. Contemplate this […]

ET’s Are Helping With Dimensional Shift ~ James Gilliland

In a recent interview, James Gilliland stated the Anunnaki, along with other benevolent higher dimensional beings and the Council of 12, are working in unison to bring our civilization and planet into higher states of consciousness. In an interview withAlfred Lambremont Webre III, Gilliland confirmed this writer’s belief that the ones who are running the […]

Mother Earth’s Ascension Shift by the Water Spirits

    Channelled through Natalie Glasson- Beautiful Beings upon the Earth, remarkable shifts are occurring upon the Earth now; so many shifts are taking place it is impossible to share all with you or for you to notice all in your realities. There is an important shift taking place upon the Earth at this […]

“Prepare For Change” – Informare despre închiderea sistemului bancar

Echipa “Prepare For Change” – Informare despre închiderea sistemului bancar text preluat de la De ceva vreme am scris in articolele mele frecvent si constant despre Resetarea Financiara Globala. Atat pentru informarea de fond, cat si ca pe o avertizare pozitiva referitor la ce trebuie sa facem, cum sa informam rudele, cunoscutii, etc. Cred ca […]

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