Telepathic Communication – Starting a wonderful Journey


Following article has been elaborated with the great assistance of my Higher Self and what the latter really is you will be explained in the following passages.

I am quite young in this realm with regard to being a channeler and subsequent experience of it and it is my great pleasure of being able to channel messages of some light-beings (like the Creator, Archangels, Ascended Masters etc.). All these messages I publish on my blog which I have built up particularly on request of Spirit.

It is since end of March 2013 that I receive weekly messages from the Light which are meant and destined for all humans here on earth. Besides all these public messages there are also many personal ones giving me ever again wonderful and loving impulses and support for my very own daily life. I simply cannot imagine any more to be without  these so beloved friends or better said “family of light” !

If you belong to the sceptical range of humans I’d like to recommend you to go on reading since I was such one as well.

In all those years when dealing with spiritual matters I often wondered how such contact of the telepathic may functioning. And I also admired especially those channelers as being particularly talented and gifted people with some important task.

Today I know that I was quite wrong and I’d like to encourage everybody to have a try on it as well. Like many others I have perused many books about telepathic communication, meditated a lot about it and tried everything possible within reach of myself. Still there was not anything like some success of it and I had resigned on it already. Then there came some impulses from my spiritual surroundings and made me trust again to try freshly again and there it was: Success !

Step for step, letter for letter, word for word, sentence for sentence a.s.o.

Mount Everest has not been climbed on one sole day. And thus do go ahead with tiny steps first as I did it as well. Try to find your trust since this is very important. Reaching the peak of the mountain you will enjoy some entirely different outlook. A very new outlook on your own life now, your past lives, and everything that is most interesting in this great spiritual Life.

I’m wishing you much fun with my subsequent description and some sort of escort into telepathic communication as it is the start into some wonderful journey back to yourselves. Are you coming with me ?

As from now it is my Higher Self having accumulated these scripts for you in cooperation with me.

1. Introduction

How do I channel and what might be done with it anyhow ?

These are questions many have posed already and I shall here collect the most important matters for you without claiming this will be complete. There is not anything else with channeling than submitting information from one side to another one. This may be done in various ways. And considering us here we shall focus on telepathic communication and deepen it in the following.

Keep in mind please: with everything that you do and that you want it is always you yourselves limiting yourselves and nobody else!

I’d like to explain to you some most important matters about channeling in the following passages in order to give you some survey of it. This has been known already  for quite a long time but never has been acknowledged by science so far.

Science limitates itself solely on matters being measurable and provable. Since channeling does not belong to the further nor latter this possibility has not been regarded at all by Science and therefore Channeling does not have been accrued any status of value in society.

2. Whomever may be channeled telepathically?

This is really a secret and will stay so ever more!

No, it is not a secret and will be disclosed now! To channel someone or something means that some piece of information is being received via some large distance and to be transmitted into for humans some comprehensible language and understanding.

This is a quite a complex process if all details are being explained. But for a simplified explanation it is the transfer of light by some particular channel. It is that light received by inner heart and being transformed by pituitary gland for its human brain. The latter again interprets this transformed piece of information and represents it in some suitable mode and language.

This transformation resp. interpretation is being done according to the prevailing level of knowledge of the respective receiver of the message – meaning – that it is quite impossible for some uneducated or ignorant people to receive complex and complicated information since this cannot be comprehended nor interpreted by their brain. As all information received must be understood and interpreted by the respective human brain of the recipient. Without this possibility human brains will be overwhelmed and neither will it produce some useful information.

Whomever may be anyhow channeled?

Basical fact is that you may channel anybody being capable of submitting telepathically information. With human people however this is limited to communication with higher developed particular beings; since humans are not that far evolved in order to communicate telepathically with one another. Basically this sort of communication is made available  still – for the time being – only possible with a few human people. For such way of communication much training and discipline are needed.

Communication with entities of higher evolved state of being is possible for everybody human. Still this will work only with those human beings which will have opened their hearts to such a sort of communication. It is not possible for those which have closed their hearts anyway – these humans are not able to receive messages from some higher evolved human or being. When citing here an “open heart” I’m meaning somebody must have reached in his/her evolution a particular level and being capable to control his/her very own ego.

Still better it is if one may win his/her own ego over for some way of mutual cooperation


3. About Differences when Channeling

According to which beings you wish to channel there are some pre-requisites to be fulfilled beforehand. It is not the way – if you are able to channel your Higher Self – that likewise you may channel automatically also some higher evolved being like an Angel, Archangel, or some Ascended Master.

Subsequently we ‘d like to refer a little to the various differences of channeling and show you what all will be needed in order to make use of the various possibilities thereof.

There is always needed one ability first i.e. patience, trust and confidence, and some ample portion of a composed mind. These are the basics ingredients and without these the beginning as such will turn out quite difficult. There are people having attended courses, trained themselves with meditation, perused through many books dealing with this very topic and still they are not prepared at all for any channeling.

There is only one response to it and this is essentially to be understood. All responses regarding any possible channeling never – ever are based on any outside but always on the human inside. Whoever has comprehended this fact has done already his/her first step to successful channeling.

3.1.    Lower Self / Higher Self (LS/HS)

In order to understand what is meant with the so-named Lower Self (LS) or Higher Self (HS) I want to give here some short introduction since not everybody may be familiar with that terminology. The LS describes that part being incarnated here on earth and also is named your “Soul”. The latter has also to undergo various pre-requites before its reincarnation here on earth. This also will mean that it will forget everything known generally known before. This is being done in order to achieve the greatest possible effect of learning here! If alternatively souls would have known everything the effect of learning here would not turn out so efficiently.

The HS is that special part having not incarnated here on earth but belonging to the entire soul. Both, the LS and the HS together form the presence of the “I Am” and together they are the eternal part of every being. Compared to the LS it is the HS which will never forget anything. It is capable to recall everything and disposes of the entire knowledge of the “I-Am-Presence”.

Nevertheless the HS will never disclose all of its knowledge and information in case there will be some communication with it. It always focuses on the evolution of the entire “I-Am-Presence” and will offer only the very support which is needed at that point when asking one’s question. And thus it is safeguarded that the very particular soul in its entirety may undergo the best possible evolution.

Shall we deal now with the LS and HS and their individual part of communication.

You will always reach the HS first and still after a while you will be able to reach the LS as this is linked some special evolution on part of the human channel. Human souls are steering human people here with some possible varieties e.g., pain, diseases, ideas, sentiments or feelings, or even more little signals which may influence someone’s life in a delicate and fine way. Human souls or the LS have some limited sorts of selected possibilities and these are what human souls try in their very best way to make use of.

As mentioned before, communication with the HS will be first achieved and thus with the appropriate precondition – as prescribed in the beginning. Still I do not want to neglect this again and to mention the most essential issues once again.

Most essential is your belief that everything will work well. Without believing – without the acknowledgement of some communication the latter will be impossible.

The 2nd issue is the already mentioned “open heart”. Without the rightful intention, the true sight on all matters, and the control resp. the mutual co-operation with your ego, there will be no communication ever. It is the ego always wanting to butt in and interfere – telling you that is complete and absolutely imbecility what you are about to do!  It will attempt everything to convince you that this your undertaking will not be possible. All this has been consciously been interwoven or programmed into your mind if we may express it in such ways. Still this is some complete other story and we just want to demonstrate that this has been intentionally done so.

When you have overcome the hurdle –  being able to control your ego and convinced that it is possible – then you will be successful !

Having done your first steps and you are becoming more confident from day to day you will obtain more and more information. And these will always be constructive and positive and never will attempt to do anything negative which will not to the best wellbeing of yours. As soon as you sense anything like influencing or convincing you then you will have established some communication with some entity of lower energy and you should separate yourself from it at once or asking it in the “Name of God or Jesus” to leave you right away.

Shall we deal now with the communication of your soul resp. LS. As already introductorily mentioned this will be possible after a certain time. This is dependent on your personal evolution and will be also announced to you by your HS or through your personal spiritual guide. When you are prepared to channel your own soul or LS you may be informed in some other way. There are various possibilities of it and these surpass any means of enlisting them here.

3.2.    God / Angels / ArchAngels / Ascended Masters

In order to communicate or to telepathic exchange with God, Angel/Archangel, or with some Ascended Master is a bit more complex than with your HS or our own soul. Also here are to fulfil some pre-conditions which I’d like to enlist subsequently:

  • Some inner preparedness to establish some communication with some higher being (regarding its level of evolution) has been achieved by you.
  • You have brought your ego under control or it has been won over for some mutual co-operation.
  • Being mentally and spiritually prepared to dispose oneself as channel – irrespectively whether it is the matter of public or private messages.
  • You may be able now to calm down your mind that far so that no disturbing thoughts may interfere with your communication.
  • A fair portion of tranquillity, confidence and some firm belief that this process will turn and work out well.
  • And concluding here the most important pre-conditions is” to subordinate oneself to everything else”, meaning that one may surrender wholly to the process in being and confiding in it too.

Hereby it is not meant to surrender oneself in all entirety so that one is might be manipulated or influenced while being in the process of channeling.

3.3.    Beings of Higher Evolutionary Levels

For channeling from beings of higher evolutionary realms as extraterrestical peoples, inhabitants of Hollow Inner Earth are same conditions valid as mentioned further above for God, Angels, Archangels, etc. Do not think you may communicate with any extraterrestical being at your discretion since there must be someone on the other side willing and prepared to communicate with you. It is not only your will which will suffice but it is likewise necessary to have a particular partner on the other side.

3.4.    Negative Entities

Basically you may channel also negative energies or entities. However, this is not all advisable since according to each entity its influence may create some serious problem turning out to surpass your power of control. This is why I do recommend here seriously not to establish at all such connection in the first place.

In case being confronted with some negative energy or entity in some communication always the invocation of Jesus or God is being recommended. And this as an given example may be like this one:

” In the Name of God/Jesus I command you to go away and never return again!”

Such invocation may safeguard that this negative energy or entity is being compelled to go away. There is no other alternative for it.

4. Possible Dangers on Channeling

There are certain matters always to be taken into consideration when channeling. If all issues enlisted by me hereunder are taken into consideration there is nothing what may derail your channeling:

  • Before you may establish any connection for channeling please make sure that your ego stays always in “Time-Out” of your channeling. And I herewith mean that your ego does not have any influence in your subsequent channeling.
  • Always ground yourself before starting any channeling. This alone will give you some little protection since Mother Earth always protects us in our doings. This may also be further detailed which we shall subsequently deepen too.
  • Once the connection has been established please sense and feel into your inner heart for it. Does it feel well – go ahead furthermore – and feeling contrary to it – please break off this connection as soon as possible.

Generally possible dangers

What I mean is that the negative energy or entity may influence you in some way. This, however is limited if one interferes early enough preventing it from any increase. If you go too far or does not recognize it or inviting a negative entity out of mere interest it may eventually end up that this entity might take possession of you.

However, this will not be possible in most cases now since in the meantime there has come so much light to earth and human mankind that such happening is rendered very difficult.

Still this should be recalled anyhow so that it might be possible in some extraordinary cases. In this regard I will not quote any more details as this would go beyond this article.

5. Preparing oneself for channeling

To prepare oneself in the optimum way before some start of channeling I’d like to recommend following topics. These may be adapted in order of sequence or according to necessity and they always depend on how experienced the channel already is. It is to be regarded solely as some sort of recommendation and not more.

Now to the listing of those topics resp. the procedure of channeling:

  • Link yourself with your own heart – with your thoughts go deep into your heart and stay there for some minutes if you are newcomers in this field of activities. Does it feel well in your heart you may proceed to the next.
  • Now call upon Archangel Michael and ask him also for his protection. You may visualize him and then ask him to envelope you into his blue light. Then you give him your order to safeguard you while being in the process of channeling against all negative energies and entities. This will suffice and you may proceed onward.
  • And now you may go to the invocation. This may be your Higher Self, your soul, God, someone of the Archangels or whoever. As for an example with Archangel Gabriel this would be some right invocation: “I am calling you Archangel Gabriel since I want to communicate with you !” Generally upon your call the respective Archangel is to be heard or whomever has been called up and communication may proceed forward.

6. While Channeling

As soon you have been connected and communication is established light starts flowing into either direction. Yes, it is right : Light of yours and your other part of communication will flow to and from.

It is essential to upheld this pure state of flow. As soon as you start doubting or questioning what you are receiving your inner blockade will intercept this streaming flow of light. You may dissolve this interception simply by calming down your inner self – focusing oneself again and believing all will work in fine order.

In case there are still some difficulties a break or some fresh grounding might be wonderfully helpful.

As soon as the flow restarts again or if there was not interception at all I do recommend you from time to time to go very consciously again into your inner heart. Set your focus into your heart and not into your mindset.

This process will also take place in your head in some way but the foremost important matter is your heart. There will nothing be achieved without your heart as receiver. Focusing and tuning into your heart will bundle and concentrate the connection.

Thus you will enjoy always a constant and continuously flowing stream of light for your communication in both direction. This should be sufficient to establish some good and reliable communication.

Now we arrive at the last item and the most important aspect of the entire matter at hand. As soon as the connection will grow weaker and has interceptions – as soon as you will get tired and lack more concentration – this is the signal for you to finish the whole procedure now and start it again at some later time. Not to overestimate these items here – please allow me to express this my view: Many channelers are not conscious of the fact that this is not any sort of high-efficiency-sport and accordingly should not be over exercised in any way.

Channeling may be quite fatiguing and may also cause lack of concentration and distraction in daily life. If this is being overextended channeling as such may have negative results too since it may then overburden and leach the channeler.

Try to keep the balance between divine light and your daily life and you will hold the best of both parts in your hands. It is only this balance which will enable you to live the sort of life for which you have come to Earth anyway. If you take this into your consideration nothing may fail anyhow.

7. After Channeling

When you decide to finish with your communication I recommend you to bid your farewell from the energy or entitiy which you are channeling. Express your gratitude and extend some good wishes to either side.

For those sensitives ones energy flow will be reduced and it is sensed that communication has been closed now. Take a deep breath and do some stretching exercises – now leaving the well-feeling and pleasant sensation of floating in that energy – returning now to Earth again.

Now I recommend to ground and connect yourself again with Gaia. You gave away much energy while being in this process of channeling and also absorbing much as well. This will result into some small disharmony in your body which however is not so bad. There also are no other consequences and everything will be normal again after some short period.

Still you may speed up and support this process of harmonizing. After grounding yourself again you will sense that you have arrived once more on planet Earth and you are able to continue with your daily life with some very newly gained knowledge.

Keep a record of this communication and write down what you received –  either simultaneously during your channeling or by keywords afterwards. This measure will assist you to recall single contents when needed. It is the matter that you thus will be able to profit something by your channeling and having done it out of pure boredom.

Naturally, you may also conduct one talk only without recording it in writing afterwards. This – of course – is entirely up to you.

8. Summary

All the precedent chapters haven given you some survey and partly by repeatings also deepening of most essential topics. Since it may be somewhat difficult to recall all precedent topics in detail I hereunder shall enlist the most important steps regarding preparation, persecution, and conclusion of the telepathic communication i.e. the process of channeling :

  • Find yourself some quiet and still location where you may be undisturbed and acquire some comfortable position
  • Become wholly conscious within all your body, spirit, and soul that you are going to establish the process of channeling
  • Meditate some minutes or let go consciously off all thoughts pervading your mind
  • Ground yourselves and beg Gaia for her support
  • Link yourselves to your heart and consciously become aware of that special inner space of your heart
  • Call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to protect you while being in the process of channeling
  • Call upon your Higher Self, Lower Self – your Guide, or that respective Light Entity which you want to channel
  • Go ahead with your talk, take notes thereof or have it recorded on some tape
  • While channeling – be always conscious of your hearts inner space and repeatedly focus on it.
  • Bidding farewell and expressing your thanks for this communication
  • Link yourselves again to Gaia and ask her to harmonize all energies in your body
  • Do some stretching exercises – perceive yourselves as some wholly entity and eventually arrive here on Earth again

Do not insist on this sequence of order given her but follow your very own intuition and after some while you will have acquired it in your mind entirely. This will enable you to adjust it accordingly to your individual needs.

9. Final and Notes of Conclusion

Now you have come to the end of this article. I do hope you have found something valuable for you which might be helpful in order to improve or support the process of channeling. Always go to it in a relaxed way and completely without any expectation and you will enjoy it immensely when being able to do so.

Always keep in mind that never there was some master having fallen from sky. Everything will need its very own time since all is deemed to come to you as it is prescribed for you. It is up to you alone and to your decision how this experience with Spirit will take its form. Never let yourself influence too much by all recommendations, books, courses and videos on Youtube. Every pre-requisite is in your Inner Self and this is what counts only and the most essential one.

I am wishing you many wonderful hours when channeling the Light.

A big “Thank You” to Eva Maria (Contramary) for the huge editorial increase of quality to this article.

Badeem (my Higher Self) and Marc

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