In the process of Ascension (raising one’s vibration), there is a moment where each individual comes face-to-face with the aspects that have been hiding within their deep subconscious memories.

It is not easy to confront these aspects and to look at them honestly, for they originate in past life experiences, and those can be challenging to assess in an impartial manner. When you are living your life now, you have blinders on when it comes to how you view yourself from a past life perspective. Humanity tends to judge things in an all-or-nothing classification, without taking the time to genuinely look at all pieces of one’s emotions and behaviors.

What can I do to progress spiritually?

-“Work at understanding yourself on a deeper and deeper level.” For, the answer to that question is ongoing, because as you identify and release one past life, another one is there to examine and release, layer upon layer. And, even when you get to the very core of the energy, there is still the Ego (Self) part of you to contend with. This is the part connected to every living being, a part that while once was an asset, now has become like a friend who keeps giving you bad (although well-intended) advice.

Learn to understand your own Ego, what messages does it say to you over-and-over again in your head?

– Does it put specific expectations on you or what you can do in life?
– Does it bring emotions into your communications and interactions?
– Does it keep you trapped in fear?
– Does it worry about the day-to-day process of life?
Because the Ego is attached to the Earth plane (and yes it will continue to be here after Ascension), it is best to learn to about all of its tactics and messages.

The Ego comes from a place of meaning well, but it is basing its conclusions on not repeating the hurts from your past lives. By learning how to keep your own Ego in check, you can arrive at a place where you have mastered how to neutralize its force. This is an ongoing task, because as long as you are living on Earth, the Ego will be present. It will change and evolve, but it will be present as long as you are experiencing the incarnation process. The Ego is a part of the Earthly existence, no different to your physical body. It is the reason why you have chosen to learn in the Earth School versus another plane of learning elsewhere.

The Ego dwells in the extremes; extreme reactions, extreme emotions, extreme highs and lows. It is the Ego that will use terms like “Always” and “Never.” Saying things such as, “I never get help,” or “You always do this to me.” The Ego is not only prideful and self-important, but also fearful and self-defeating. The Ego takes a piece of information, event, occurrence, or situation and gives it an emotional context. The Ego has to convince others of its viewpoint, and sometimes even will try to convince you. Whenever you have to qualify your answer to someone else or to yourself, it is the Ego that is compelled to do so. You neutralize the Ego by learning about the tactics your individual Ego displays.

The more that you learn about your own Ego, the more control you have to keep it from interfering in your life, and the easier it is to move into your Higher Self. That is the ultimate goal of the incarnation process, to overcome the strength of the Ego in such a way that you are able to transform the energy from all previous lifetimes, able to gain completion of what you came to Earth to learn. Every time there is an eclipse, it is there to reveal something that the Ego had tried to keep hidden. There is always something new to learn about yourself, always a new piece of information to discover. The moment you decide you are finished with your learning, is the moment the Ego can exert its influence over you even more. Use these big Astrological events to dive deeper into the recesses of your Ego. When you are honest with this Ego exploration process, you can propel yourself forward on your life path with greater momentum than you could have ever anticipated.

Love, Aurora

Please share this material as you feel guided. It is requested that copyright information and the URL are always included. Thank you. Copyright 2009 – 2012 Karen Downing



While the new energies of light are arriving, carrying a further expanded consciousness of cosmic proportions, it is important, to open up to their magnificence.

Because without us receiving and utilizing them, they cannot propel forward the planetary evolution and our own ascension.

As we receive them, they are intoxicating our physical and our light body.

In fact, they are of a powerful substance of clearest light and energy, and pristine Purity, which instills the information of transforming our carbon based body into a crystalline structure.

They require us to let go of the old three-dimensional experience in the total system of our body-mind and replace it with the Power and Presence of this intense light. It is coming through our Beloved Sun from our Galactic Center; and through our Galactic Center from the Great-Great Sun around which our Galactic Center is revolving.

The increasing solar activity, whether earth-directed or not, rises constantly our frequency, if we allow it. Because we are not our earth-bound body. But we are in a Single Consciousness One with Gaia, the Spirit of our planet, One with the Spirit of the Sun and the Spirit of the Great Central Sun, and ultimately One with All-That-Is.

We are indeed blessed in a way we never have  been blessed before.

How do we open up and receive these Great Cosmic Forces?

We do not need any technique. We do not need any guided meditation. We do not need any limiting mediator between us and what is pouring down on us.

It is the pure and one-pointed, spontaneous impulse of the heart, that reaches through the feeling top of the head to above, to locate what is already present directly above us. It is to allow this powerful Presence of Pure Light to enter our body-mind and to let It pervade us from the top to toe.

It activates and saturates the currents of energy in the body-mind and overrides three-dimensional energy and awareness.  In fact, it is quite naturally transporting us into the consciousness of the higher dimensions, the dimensions,  where it is coming from.

Ultimately, if we allow the process fully, there is no movement but rather a state of altered consciousness, and a silent, powerful expansion, in which no-thing is noticed, but Pure Being-ness.

There is no Light without Information. Information determines  the level of consciousness  that we experience. And it is our choice what we focus on: the moving worlds or the pure being-ness, the fullness of I Am.

So far almost none of us has managed to recognize the totality of worlds as a modification of Divine Consciousness, in which every trace of duality is transcended, including our seeming separation from the universes. And all worlds are directly Known to be Undivided Divine Consciousness.

In this State we have already left to exist beyond and prior to dimensions. Such is the vastness of our Divine Consciousness.

Now the Universe has opened up to introduce us to all our Divine Possibilities and to our Ultimate Divine Nature.

The Real Great Adventure has begun for All Humanity.

And So It Is.

With love and many blessings, Ute

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright 2013


Light Infusions Awaken us to Aspects that Hold the Answers

We are able to consciously raise our vibration by healing our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. We heal as we allow greater infusions of light to illuminate and expand our consciousness, therefore transforming our existence. Infusions of light awaken us to the location in consciousness where answers to our present-moment issues reside. We already have within us the answers to any questions or issues that might arise. When we view a situation, question or issue from an expanded perspective, we are directed to the aspect of our being that holds the highest and best answer. This is how we navigate and explore reality in the new time.


There is actually light everywhere.

While right now things feel bleak to you, you need to know that it will pass.  The transitions you are in the middle of are not always pleasant.  And for what it’s worth, We wish We could make it easier; but the transformation of your body and mind cannot happen without some discomfort. Just as you cannot realistically hope to increase the strength of your body without enduring some, fairly regular, discomfort; so too the ascension energies that are flowing through your system now are uncomfortable.  It really is just a part of the process.

Ascension is not like a band-aid that can be ripped off.  There is no hurry up and get it over with.

You tend to think that the strain you feel would dissipate if you were to have a breakthrough.  It would not.  Ascension is an ongoing process and even were you to wake up tomorrow with the ability to levitate you would still feel uncomfortable.  You would still have some of the lingering feelings that trouble you.

Love is the key here.  Love is what will bring the energies in your system into balance.  Love is the key.  Love brings peace and harmony.

Love the moment and let go.

Let go of desire.

Let go of everything and love the now.  Love the moment that you are in.  Love your life.  Love your self.  Love the universe.  Return your focus to love and let your desire go.  It is your own desire that brings much of your suffering.  It’s your unhappiness with being in a state of transition.  It is your thoughts and feelings about the situation more than the situation itself.

The peace you seek can only come by letting go.

You think you suffer because they are elusive and not under your control.  But, you suffer because of how you think about the situation.  You suffer because you assign importance to having and to doing, more than to being.

It is your choice.  It is about where you place your focus.

Ascension is happening.  Your psychic abilities are awakening; but, if you don’t learn to let go of your desires you will suffer regardless.  So long as you assign such importance to getting what you want it will block you from feeling happiness.

Even desires for good things, such as the desire for ascension, can and will pull you away from peace and happiness.  The joy of Oneness with the Creator is where you need to look for fulfillment.  Focus on God.  Focus on love.  Stop focusing on the lack that you perceive in your life.  Stop imagining that you must be psychic to be happy.  You don’t need anything to be happy.  You just need to get out of your own way.  Allow happiness.  Allow love.  Allow joy.

Stop choosing to focus on desire instead of appreciation and your journey will go smoother.

* Heart Song Meditation


It becomes much easier to surrender the mental need to control your existence when understanding the bitterness that attempting to hold onto what you perceive as “right and wrong” can cause.

You’re expanding and embracing new ways of Living and being as you rediscover the higher dimensions, and your ascension process can entail giving up some things that worked for you in the lower dimensions but that no longer resonate or assist you in the ways they have for so long.

We can only recommend embracing this and understanding that every change being made is for your evolution and growth into a greater state of awareness and perception.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that rivers of energy are pouring into your opening and expanding chakras at this time.

Feel the whooshing and rushing of this energy as it comes through your chakras and helps you adjust to purer states of consciousness, and remember that we’re always and forever with you, offering guidance, advice or a shoulder to cry on when you require it.

We’re here to serve you, dearest souls, and upon evolving you’ll find your desire to serve increase dramatically.

—————————————————Universal Family ~ Wes Annac

This period of time between the ending of the old karmic patterns and the full actualization into the new way, where one works with their Dharma and from a Dharmic state will take some time. Many come onto this planet with the soul purpose of dealing with the soul’s karma, and the individual will have experiences of the karma throughout their life, moving towards the elimination of karma and the introduction of Dharma……. Dharma is that state of a blank slate upon which anything can be written, whereas a karmic state is a state where the slate is written upon already and one must go through the checklist of karma and deal with the karma, eliminating the karma so that the blank slate of Dharma can be created……..what will become quickly apparent is that events and circumstances will actualize themselves far more quickly than ever before.


Surrender is the energetic antidote for resistance. Resistance is what causes discomfort. Therefore, surrender is the means of finding the comfort you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

Everything comes in its own time.
Everything comes when you are ripe.
Everything comes when you deserve it — this is my experience.

“Daca vrei sa fii real, uita de tine, si poate vei avea sansa de a simti suflarea lui Dumnezeu vie in tine.”

Vechiul Om rata permanent, era mizerabil, trist. Şi fiindcă era trist, era împotriva lumii, el condamna lumea, el condamna samsara. El spunea: „Din cauza lumii sunt în mizerie”. Nu este aşa. Lumea este imens de frumoasă – este toată frumuseţe, fericire şi binecuvântare. Nu este nimic greşit cu lumea. Ceva era greşit cu mintea veche. Vechea minte era fie orientată către trecut, fie orientată către viitor – care de fapt nu sunt orientări într-adevăr diferite. Vechea minte era preocupată cu ceea ce nu este.
Noul Om va fi complet armonizat cu ceea ce este, fiindcă aceasta este Dumnezeu, aceasta este realitatea;. Acest moment trebuie trăit în totalitatea lui. Acest moment trebuie trăit în spontanietatea lui, fără nici o idee apriori. Vechiul Om căra răspunsuri de-a gata. El era împănat cu filozofie, religie şi tot felul de nonsensuri.
Noul Om va trăi viaţa fără nici o concluzie apriori despre ea. Fără nici o concluzie, cineva trebuie să facă faţă existenţei şi apoi ştie ce este aceasta. Dacă ai tras deja concluzia, concluzia ta va deveni o legătură pentru ochi, nu îţi va permite să vezi adevărul. Investiţia ta va fi în concluzie. Vei distorsiona realitatea pentru ca aceasta să se potrivească concluziei.
Asta este ceea ce a fost făcut până acum.
Noul Om nu va fi hindus, nu va fi mahomedan, nu va fi creştin, nu va fi comunist. Noul Om nu va cunoaşte toate aceste „-isme”. Noul Om va fi doar o deschidere, o fereastră către realitate. El va permite realitatea aşa cum este. El nu va proiecta mintea lui asupra acesteia, el nu va utiliza realitatea ca un ecran. Ochii săi vor fi disponibili, ei nu vor fi plini de idei.
Noul Om nu va trăi din convingere, el doar va trăi. Şi aminteşte-ţi, cei care pot trăi doar, fără convingere, doar ei pot ajunge să cunoască ce este adevărul. Credinciosul sau necredinciosul nu ajung niciodată să cunoască ce este adevărul – convingerile lor apasă prea greu pe minţile lor, ei sunt înconjuraţi prea mult de sistemele de credinţă. Noul Om nu va cunoaşte nici un sistem de credinţă. El va veghea, va observa, va vedea, va trăi şi va permite tot felul de experienţe. El va fi disponibil, el va fi multidimensional. El nu va căra scripturi în cap, el va căra doar alertă, conştientizare. El va fi meditativ.
(Osho -Secretul secretelor)


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