despre Ego

Learn to understand your own Ego, what messages does it say to you over-and-over again in your head?

– Does it put specific expectations on you or what you can do in life?
– Does it bring emotions into your communications and interactions?
– Does it keep you trapped in fear?
– Does it worry about the day-to-day process of life?
Because the Ego is attached to the Earth plane (and yes it will continue to be here after Ascension), it is best to learn to about all of its tactics and messages.

The Ego comes from a place of meaning well, but it is basing its conclusions on not repeating the hurts from your past lives. By learning how to keep your own Ego in check, you can arrive at a place where you have mastered how to neutralize its force. This is an ongoing task, because as long as you are living on Earth, the Ego will be present. It will change and evolve, but it will be present as long as you are experiencing the incarnation process. The Ego is a part of the Earthly existence, no different to your physical body. It is the reason why you have chosen to learn in the Earth School versus another plane of learning elsewhere.

The Ego dwells in the extremes: extreme reactions, extreme emotions, extreme highs and lows. It is the Ego that will use terms like “Always” and “Never.” Saying things such as, “I never get help,” or “You always do this to me.” The Ego is not only prideful and self-important, but also fearful and self-defeating. The Ego takes a piece of information, event, occurrence, or situation and gives it an emotional context. The Ego has to convince others of its viewpoint, and sometimes even will try to convince you. Whenever you have to qualify your answer to someone else or to yourself, it is the Ego that is compelled to do so. You neutralize the Ego by learning about the tactics your individual Ego displays.

The more that you learn about your own Ego, the more control you have to keep it from interfering in your life, and the easier it is to move into your Higher Self. That is the ultimate goal of the incarnation process, to overcome the strength of the Ego in such a way that you are able to transform the energy from all previous lifetimes, able to gain completion of what you came to Earth to learn.

Every time there is an eclipse, it is there to reveal something that the Ego had tried to keep hidden. There is always something new to learn about yourself, always a new piece of information to discover. The moment you decide you are finished with your learning, is the moment the Ego can exert its influence over you even more. Use these big Astrological events to dive deeper into the recesses of your Ego. When you are honest with this Ego exploration process, you can propel yourself forward on your life path with greater momentum than you could have ever anticipated.


Cu totii ajungem la un moment dat sa dorim sa cunoastem mai mult. Incepem sa citim, ne minuneaza si ne incanta povesti despre Sfinti, maestri iluminati, civilizatii evoluate spiritual, misterul fragmentarii spiritului si cum s-a creat multiversul.

Incet dar sigur micul ego capata cunoastere, este avid de cunoastere si vrea mai mult, intotdeauna mai mult si dupa ceva studiu incepe sa faca proiectii mentale asupra propriei sale vieti si nu numai. Se intampla ca anumite proiectii mentale sa reuseasca si micul ego deja pare ca gusta din fructul puterii, numai ca legea echilibrului aduce treptat (la inceput nu) contrabalansari si uite asa micul ego este pus cu botul pe labe.

Egoul incepe sa lupte, realizeaza ca ceva ii scapa de sub control si incepe sa studieze autocontrolul, autoincorsetarea. Incepe sa isi controleze alimentatia abtinandu-se pentru ca asa trebuie, incepe sa isi infraneze gandirea (numai anumite ganduri imi aduc succesul), incepe sa isi renege emotiile devenind rece (crezandu-se detasat) si pentru ca e la moda sa vorbim despre inima incepe sa caute mantre ale altora pentru iubire, incepe sa isi impuna sa actioneze aparent numai din iubire, iar in gand ii injura pe cei care il pun in postura de a-si pierde pretiosul autocontrol. In mici scantei de iluminare intelectuala apar cateva revelatii autentice si micul ego se umple de incantare, numai ca in momentul in care intentioneaza sa controleze aceste revelatii divine, ca prin farmec rodul dispare. Dragutul nu poate functiona decat prin impresia de control, are dorinta de a deveni un salvator, un vindecator, de a ghida viata acolo unde crede el ca e bine (orice alta varianta fiind considerata esec). Doar dovedindu-si maestria (dominatia asupra trupului, a gandurilor, emotiilor, asupra materiei prin mentalism) si manevrand elementalii, materializand la comanda si executand miracole la comanda se poate aprecia pe sine micul print, numai ca atunci cand constientizezi ca ceva trebuie infrant, doborat se creeaza automat un ceva mai puternic ce TREBUIE depasit. Micul print nu poate accepta nimic altceva decat ce crede el ca inseamna succes, el nu cunoaste cu adevarat predarea, acceptarea vietii si a tot ce vine odata cu ea in mod neconditionat.

Metoda este foarte cunoscuta : ”goleste-te pe tine si Brahman te va umple“, ”Faca-se Voia Ta” (deci nu voia mea), goleste-te de dorinte si vei fi liber.

Micul print bineinteles ca a citit si astfel de informatii, poseda o stralucita iluminare intelectuala, dar uneori se preface ca se preda pana cand vin mici initieri ale Tatalui/Mamei si ceva aparent neplacut iese in cale si MINUNATA aparenta gratie scapa si Micul print iese la atac si bineinteles ca ceva trebuie controlat ca alta data sa nu mai scape GRATIA.
Aproape de fiecare data cand spui Eu sunt, te vizualizezi pe tine ca si Maestru Ascensionat, numai ca TU nu mai existi in Unitate. Tu inseamna constientizarea unei entitati separate, cum Papaji i-a spus lui Mooji:
”pentru ca tu sa te realizezi e necesar ca TU sa dispara din ecuatie”.

Magia sta in predare, cand Eu nu mai exista si Sursa se exprima liber prin noi liberul arbitru redevine o iluzie.

Liberul arbitru este o Minciuna hipnotica menita sa-i dea spatiu de bataie Micului ego. Micul print nu ar putea exista daca nu s-ar considera autonom. Totul este deja programat de catre Sursa, iar pentru ca experienta sa fie cat mai reala exista diverse constructii mentale pentru fiecare nivel in parte. Orice experienta este programata exact, constiinta nu evita nicio oportunitate de a se experimenta pe sine.

Eu, tu reprezinta iluzia.

Sunt doar Eu care ma joc cu mine in toate modurile posibile astfel incat sa castig cat mai multa diversitate in traire!

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