Mother Earth is in a dire situation with the unbalancing of her atmosphere, the oceans and the prevailing currents, and the unrelenting wars, and the constant digging of the minerals from her surface that are the “death” minerals. She can’t handle much more abuse. I do not know the timing of her transition into the Higher Realms, but I can tell you that it is close. You already have the signs by the extreme weather conditions occurring all over your once most beautiful orb.

Many of the people upon Mother Earth are either cloned or mind controlled. The clones are kept busy obeying their own little world of work or fighting a war in some country. Your US government has done a great job of mind control over its populace, and with the lying newspapers, TV, and radio, there is little Truth given to the masses. That is why they wish to censor the Internet, for that is the only avenue of Truth coming out. Most of the Truthful books have been either burned, banned, or rewritten to suit the controllers.

Yes, the Lighted Realms, including Sananda, Germain, and the Hosts of Heaven are anticipating great change very soon. It is hard to “watch” the evil ones as they desperately continue their horrendous plans for complete control. However, the more they push their agenda, the more they see their end coming, and it isn’t pretty. I told you in the Journals that their “placement” is far worse than the hell they are trying to perpetrate on We The People.

Anne: Thank you. Please continue.

Hatonn: We cannot interfere with the freewill of the evil ones, and those that will not listen to our calls for communication. The clones (about 80 percent of the U.S. population), have no God connection, and those that are the “string pullers”, the controllers, do, but they have chosen the Dark Path, and are far worse than Satan/Lucifer ever thought evil could go. It is quite appalling.

We can help when called upon, and Mother Earth is at the top of the list. There are a number of occasions lately that have occurred when we helped Mother Earth from being totally annihilated from existence, and one is the chemical warfare going on with the atmosphere. Believe it or not, we have kept the air around you ones safe for breathing. You have no idea how hard your Guardian Angels have worked to help you, as you have asked. For many, however, the pollutants in the air are so thick, that many people have succumbed and died because of the air pollution, the food pollution and the water pollution. Yes, we have protected our Ground Crew far more than they realize, and you are among that group!

This civilization is winding down with the rush of the evil Cabal for control of the Earth and the elimination of its populace. They want control of the minerals, but more so they would eliminate the entire surface of this planet and go to their underground tunnels for safety. The problem they face is that the frequencies of Mother Earth are rising rapidly, and that means underground as well, not just the surface. Low frequency evil beings cannot cope with these higher frequencies, just as Lucifer could not cope with the high frequencies of the Lighted Realms. He chose to leave, and not just “kicked out”, as told in your twisted Truth not so holy Bible.

In conclusion, the lessons needed for those souled ones on this planet has come to and end. I have stated what Creator has said, and that is the evil ones shall NOT destroy Mother Earth. It is time for evacuation, so that is why we are on Red Alert. The signs of the times say it is very close, so we are watching Mother Earth carefully, reading the signs, and telling you her tipping on her axis is eminent.

The Lighted Realms are very pleased with your website and your trusted keeping of the Journals for all to read. They shine like a Beacon of Truth into the Cosmos.

You are under protection, and we love you dearly. Keep on keeping on, for no one knows the exact timing for lift-off.

I am but a thought away, and Chela, you hear me speaking through your God Spirit much of the day.

Anne: Yes, I know that. Thank you.

Hatonn: I leave you now with the Hope and Joy that awaits you as you board my Command Ship, as you do every night. We await your final arrival, and that is soon!




HATONN: A second “sun” lies out in your atmosphere–that which is labeled the Ball of Redemption, even now in transit to your planet.

It is guided by that which is outside your planet and those who have cast aside the knowledge of that higher world of God shall not be given the grace to observe the coming events. When it enters upon your atmosphere, hearts shall be gripped with fear! Many shall run to hide themselves, recognizing the wrath of their Lord. And I apologize to those who disclaim me as not being the “real” Hatonn–nay, I am that which I claim to be–the “REAL” thing and my Higher experience holds the strings through the Christos’ hands. Make no errors as to my identification lest you blunder remarkably.

These events shall be gauged, measured and held in abeyance for the proper moment in the knowledge of Heaven, the moment deemed by the Eternal Father for the cleansing of mankind–and it shall come in the twinkling of thine eyelid. The Creator has proclaimed that the Earth shall not end in annihilation for Creator has given His promise to mankind that the world shall never be made extinct again, as in the past with the time of floods. However, your world shall be cleansed with a baptism of fire. And the old shall rise from the seas and unto the new, and again shall grow that which is intended and the cycles shall again begin, and the old shall pass away into the newness of her earned placement and those who walk the path with the Great Spirit shall have peace.

You ones will decide which path ye shall tread–will it be the path of the Christ Circle of Infinity or the Serpent’s road of darkness? ‘Tis your very own choice.

HATONN: Where ARE you on the scale of human evolvement? Let me remind you through teachings of your Pleiadian elders and YOU see where you might be on the scale of 1-7 in the seven segments of realization.

Jan. 14, 2013

6/8/92 #1 HATONN

I do not speak of you ones as anything other than “little brothers” for “ignorance” is not the same as stupidity–but primitive? Perhaps! You have learned enough to destroy and not enough to restore. Where ARE you on the scale of human evolvement? Let me remind you through teachings of your Pleiadian elders and YOU see where you might be on the scale of 1-7 in the seven segments of realization.


1) Primary development of intellect and spirit.

2) Primary thinking of intellect and spirit.

3) Primary thinking of reason.

4) Primary exercise of intellect and spirit force.

5) Primary reasonable actions.

6) Primary will-thinking and will-activity.

7) Reason-conditioned guiding of the life.

Creatures of these levels are considered insane, idiots, etc., by already thinking, reasoning beings. But in truth their spirit and intellect are not yet spiritually developed. (They are new spirits who have to first form themselves by learning and experience.) [Nervous yet???]


1) Primary development of reason.

2) Effective realization of reason and its use.

3) Primary acknowledgement and cognition of higher influences.

4) Belief in higher influences without having the knowledge.

5) Belief in higher forces, superstition, fear of evil, veneration of God, etc. (Germinating time for religions, etc.)

6) [Here is where the elder brothers place the average Earth human being on the scale.] Primary cognition of the true reality. Research, knowledgeable development. First spiritual cognitions and their exercise. Spiritual healing, telepathy, etc.

7) Primary development of knowledge and wisdom.


[This is where you will find the present Earth beings who are “educated” as scientists, etc. There are a few borderline and spiritual scholars in the section about level 2 and 3. Except for the “wisdom”, as expressed. Knowledge without wisdom is the remarkable status of your society.]

1) Advanced development of the intellect. High technology. Second utilization of spiritual forces. Primary creation of living form.

2) Realization and exercise of knowledge, truth and wisdom. Slow breakdown of accepted beliefs.

3) First utilization of knowledge and wisdom.

4) Acknowledgement and utilization of nature’s laws. Generation of super-technologies. Second creation of living forms. [Your government Elite are at this level through technological superiority and control of the masses of you-the-people.]

5) Natural exercise of wisdom and knowledge in the cognition of spiritual forces. Further breakdown of accepted beliefs. [Certainly aren’t “here” yet, are you?]

6) Life in knowing, about wisdom, truth and logic.

7) Primary cognition of the reality as absolutely real.


1) Clear knowledge about reality as absolutely real.

2) Cognition of spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

3) Utilization of spirit knowledge and wisdom.

4) Cognition of the reality of the CREATION and its laws.

5) Living according to the CREATION law. Purification of Spirit and intellect. Cognition of the obligation and force of Spirit. Breakdown of blind acceptances in belief.

6) Guided and controlled utilization of spiritual forces.

7) Creation of first living creatives. [Your Elite made it to this point half a century ago and now you have ability to “create” (manufacture from DNA) replication of life-forms, including human–however, you have no ability to introduce or “create” soul energy in ANY form.]


1) Creating and controlling of living forms.

2) Construction of mechanical/organic living things.

3) Spiritual development of forces for control of material and organic forms of life.

4) Will-conditioned mastery of life in all its forms and sorts.

5) Position of recognitions. Reminiscences of earlier lifetimes, etc.

6) Kings of Wisdom. (Accepts “wisdom” before their higher power “knowledge”.)

7) Cognition of Spiritual Peace, of universal love and creational harmony.


1) Acknowledgement and realization of Spiritual Peace, universal love and creational harmony.

2) Living according to pure Spiritual knowledge.

3) Spiritual creating and creations.

4) Disembodying of Spirit from organic matter.

5) First pure Spiritual existence.

6) Final Spiritual existence.

7) Passing-over into the CREATION consciousness.


1) Twilight sleeping during seven periods of rest.

2) Awakening and beginning of creating in the Creation as CREATION, during seven periods.

3) Creating of living forms.

4) Creating of new Spirit in improvement of the CREATION.

5) Creating the great Spirit in the CREATION.

6) Recreating CREATION.

7) Last reach of highest improvement during the 7th period.


This is a period of “sleep” of the CREATION and lasts seven periods/great-times. One period/great-time lasts some 311, 040, 000, 000,000 years as calculated in your counting systems. We have to offer you that to which YOU can relate for we utilize only “sequence” of growth and experience. In the twilight state of the CREATION all life and the whole universe ceases in consciousness. Just after its awakening it begins to create all things anew. During the twilight sleeping neither time nor space exist. There is only the “nothing” or voidance. While no creating thought exists there is no force, no time, and no space. There is only duration in a nameless nothing.

Do not confuse this with the “null”-time on either rim of the Photon Belt of Light. The “Photon” null-time simply expresses as neutralization of all electric particles as they become “lighted” and frequencies pick up to match the evolution of such change.

Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, June 9, 1992, Volume 19, Number 8, Pages 14-15.



Now, since you are a Spiritual being having YOUR human experience—is it not YOUR capability of changing things if you don’t like the way things ARE? The facts are that you ‘THINK’ you like things the way they are so you don’t have to assume any responsibility for change. When there is no reward for that inaction—i.e., welfare, unemployment pay, disability pay and the belly is empty and your children starving—you might well WISH YOU HAD “THOUGHT” OTHERWISE. Invariably when people OBJECT TO ME AND MY TEACHINGS, they are living in a DARK WORLD of ignorance and SELF-CENTERED FOCUS WHILE HEARING ONLY THAT WHICH ENABLES THEM TO REMAIN “TRAPPED” IN THAT INTERNAL FOCUS AND PERCEPTION OF WRONG BEING DONE UNTO “ONLY THEM” AND THEIR “PATHETIC ATTACHMENTS”. When you look to the WHOLE of the experience and accept the responsibility of your ignorance—and LEARN TRUTH—you will cease to have those self-focused attitudes. When you ONLY ask and listen to the ones who are against the TRUTH and serve only themselves—how CAN you learn anything in wisdom? I remind you of something important: If you love to hug trees, for example—pick one you can get your arms all the way around! In addition, if it be sickly and spindly—see how healthy you can make it from hugging it. Then go try some healing solutions, some water enhanced with minerals and vitamins and that which kills the parasites—and then lovingly TREAT that sapling. Love may be all there IS for SOUL—but LOVE AND ACTION WITHIN THAT LOVE will heal the manifest body, whatever it might be. YOU ARE HUMAN SUBSTANCE AND SPIRITUAL BEING. YOU ARE YOUR OWN PRISON WARDEN! When you get out of your own way and take away the trash over which your children must stumble, take responsibility and LEAD YOUR CHILDREN—you will become greater than you ever imagined self to achieve.




While the rest of the world sleeps on, you who have awakened to the call are being asked at this time to reaffirm your connections and to go within for your personal instructions ~Jan. 11, 2013

10/1/97 HATONN

Good morning. Hatonn here in the Light of Creator and Creation. Be at peace, my son.

I thank you, our team, for your preparation, for the greater part of the mission is at hand. I must ask that you continue to carry the load a bit longer while adjustments are made in the casting of the play. Remember to hold the Larger Picture foremost in your mind as the unfolding events of planetary evolution present themselves to your conscious awareness.

All shall unfold in proper perfection according to God’s Divine Plan. Be open to “new” ideas and sudden change in focus, for if and when the need arises, we will play our “trump” cards. Even many of our more aware Ground Crew members are limited by their own personal perceptions and beliefs that erroneously limit both God and selves. Many believe that God or His Messengers must be or act in a specific manner to somehow qualify for the part. This is a limiting challenge that you as Ground Crew must face and overcome.

These “End Times” will not be as you imagine them. They will resemble, to some extent, the messages of the prophets and seers. However, the emotional impact will cause many a great man to weep with horror and disbelief. We honor those of you who effort day-to-day to connect selves with Source, for when the walls about your dwelling-place crumble and you are stripped of all of your physical possessions, this connection may be all that you have that will pull you out of the shock of the impact that is coming.

While the rest of the world sleeps on, you who have awakened to the call are being asked at this time to reaffirm your connections and to go within for your personal instructions.

If you find yourself relying upon others for your guidance and focus, then you have surely missed the lessons here. Go forth and make do with what you have, and quit worrying about what you do not have. When your heart and head are in harmony with your God-self, you will manifest what you need. Note: I said need, NOT want! You will almost always have what you need, regardless of what you want.

If you are reading this source for your insights and clues, then it is because you are connected by way of purpose to Command. This is to say that you are Ground Crew. Your general purpose is to ensure that a remnant get through (survive) the upcoming planetary changes; part of carrying out that objective is to aid in fulfilling God’s promise to the world that all lies will be exposed and that The Word will go forth, AGAIN, to the four corners of the globe.

This is not a single-handed task, and there are many all around the planet who are fulfilling this promise at this time. Know that you of Ground Crew have brothers and sisters scattered far and wide. Learn to spot them and assist where you feel drawn, from Inner Guidance and request. Too many erroneously “feel” that their role is to be played out closet to this information source. That makes about as much sense as the idea that most all the grocery stores of your planet should be located in any one particular town!

These are times of learning to hold the Larger Picture in your minds. And certainly from where we look upon your globe, there is need for the assistance of Beings of LIght EVERYWHERE.

In that capacity, you act as our most appreciated hands and feet. And you do that most effectively through efforting to sustain a constant conscious openness to the Inner Nudges which “come through” most clearly from the high-frequency condition resulting from efforting to connect to Higher Source in a balanced way. (Yes, that was a mouthful. But we often place much of our communication “between the lines” for the benefit of those truly efforting to understand, and call in The Light for help with same.)

On the other side of the coin, learn to respect the choices and decisions of those who turn away from this information source, for it is not for them, and causes them great discomfort. Allow each unique individual the freedom to find their own way back to Source, as they see fit. You may offer to help your brothers, especially where you have been asked to do so, but never insist or argue over who is right or wrong concerning PERSONAL beliefs, for it is futile and your time can be better spent.

Let your actions show the world who you are. Teach by example through actions taken, for the words will only fall on deaf ears.

Many of you who read these messages have loved ones who disagree with what you believe. As a result, you find yourselves in a difficult situation wherein you must try to find a balance point so as to not offend the ones you love, yet try to convince them that they need to prepare, or at best allow you to spend the family’s resources on preparation. These challenges are the challenges that will naturally cause ones to weed themselves from the play at hand.

You must each be responsible for your choices and decisions. YOU have chosen your family, and the pressures of going against them are inner pressures that come from fears (of rejection) which, in turn, come from personal insecurities that ultimately reach back to a state of disconnectedness from Creator Source.

Fear is not of God, and as your planet goes through her transition, the lower frequencies of fear, anger, and hatred will not be tolerated. Much like the moth that flies into the flame (high frequency relative to the physical body of the moth), so too shall those of you who hold on to old, low-frequency habits of thought and emotion not be able to withstand the higher relative frequencies that are coming.

Find those fears, rooted deeply within and examine them for what they are–low frequency vibrational emanations that only exist to the extent that you are disconnected within from Creator Source. We find that many of you would rather “go down with the ship” than offend or go against your family or loved ones. If this be your choice, then so be it!

However, you will be less than satisfied when you make your transition back into the non-physical domain, for your plans for this experience were to face and OVERCOME your limitations and fears–NOT succumb to them! Now would be a good time to consider well the consequences of any decisions your have made which may not be “sitting” too well with the nudges from your Higher Self.

The casting of the play is ALWAYS flexible and there is ALWAYS enough room to include any and all who wish to participate. As ones come and go through choices and decisions made each moment, adjustments are made so as to maximize opportunities for individual and collective growth, while also utilizing the available talent pool to the fullest extent.

For those of you who walk this particular path of active, dedicated Ground Crew at this time, it is quite challenging, for the pace is rapid and there is little time to appreciate subtleties along the way.

Let us end and here for now, for my scribe needs to take a break from sitting in front of the computer screen. Hatonn to stand by.

10/2/97 HATONN

Hatonn here to continue. I come in the Light of Holy God of Light! Be at peace.

There are great pressures for you ones in the physical at this time. There come, with these pressures, increased opportunities for growth and self realization. Many are, at this time, having difficulty with all the variables impacting their experience (both man-made and natural).

Perhaps the greatest distraction at present is the element of “time” as you ones perceive of it. Time is a plastic, yet relative, quantity that only exists in the physical reality. Plastic means that it is easily deformed and shaped; relative means that it is directly connected to your current environment and is a by-product of each person’s perception and agreement in relation to your planetary alignment.

When you ones move away from the surface of your planet, there is the observable “phenomenon” of variable “time”. This is best illustrated by your astronauts who have taken their atomic clocks up in orbit around the Earth. While these clocks should not lose or vary in accuracy more then a second over several thousands of years, they have been observed being several seconds “off” from their reference clock, after only a couple of weeks in orbit around your planet.

There is much your “scientists” do not understand about your “physical” universe. The frequency shift as ones move away from your planet’s presently-darkened energy field will cause a speed-up in the “relative” surroundings of these ones, and thus the “time” shifts. The decay rate of nuclear material also is affected by the frequency of its relative environment. The trapped darkness (low-frequency energy), in conjunction with the intensifying high-frequency energies infusing your planet currently, cause localized temporal distortions which can be quite disconcerting and even disorienting to those of you who are wondering where all of your “time” has gone.

Moreover, there are major external factors affecting your current environment (relative surroundings). Your planetary orb (starship) is entering into a relatively high-frequency energy field in space. This is the so-called “Photon Belt” area that we have talked about prior (and which CONTACT will re-run from my 1992 lecture as soon as room permits). This is a natural course of evolvement of your planet as she traverses space. This is a time for renewal and cleansing of the old–a rebirthing and new beginning. Like the catapillar that is ready to come out of its cocoon and be reborn into the next phase of existence, so too is your planet readying herself for transformation into her next phase of existence.

You each know that there are great rewards in the way of growth and realizations to be gained from going through this process with your planet. You ones are being caused to confront the low-frequency emotional pains. You will have need to let go of these things that cause you to be held in the lower vibrations. It is time to face your fears and look closely at that upon which you focus your energy. The lower frequencies of fear, hate, apathy, greed, and such will cause you ever-increasing discomfort in the times to come.

This should serve as a guidance system for you (a “bio-feedback mechanism”) so that you can learn to recognize the habits of thoughts that you ones are fond of holding onto that cause your vibrational frequency to lower. These are like computer programs that at one time perhaps helped you to deal with a difficult situation. Or, for some of you, you hold onto past pains that assaulted your perception of “reality”. Physical loss of a loved one that you were not prepared to accept, is perhaps the most common type of thought that will cause your frequency to be lowered.

There is no death, and there is no time in the Larger Picture, and there is no separation–meaning that ones for whom you grieve are still “there though they may not be presently focused in the physical. You each create your own worst hell.

The lonely hearts of ones who perceive of themselves as somehow being alone or without a mate, is perhaps the next greatest affliction that we find many of you of Ground Crew focused upon that lowers your frequency. Your relationships are not working out for most of you because it was not your intent at this time to focus in that direction. Yet, the “social” pressures of society, coupled with the natural biological urges, make this a difficult challenge to deal with. We find many of our Ground Crew members embroiled in very difficult personal situations that will, again, cause ones to weed themselves from any great level of participation due to the pressures of family situations.

It is time to look within and find your inner convictions concerning who you “really” are and what it is you are wanting to accomplish in this life’s experience. YOU are responsible for whether or not YOU will evolve with your planet, or be cleansed from the physical experience. There shall be far more cleansed than not, and your choices, thoughts, and actions will determine your next environment of focused existence.

Go within for your guidance. Search the depths of your inner being. Find first a point of balance within the Light, and from there see that which is pulling on you, trying to shift your focus elsewhere. Almost without exceptions this will be a fear or doubt that causes you worry or consideration. This is where you must find the cause of your fear or doubt and overcome the challenge if you are to keep up with the frequency shifts that are coming.

Fear and doubt are by-products of being disconnected from Source. Effort to strengthen your connection, and the fears will show themselves to you, for the adversary does not wish to lose his foothold within you, and there will be a flare-up within. Regain your point of balance within the Light and see the fear for what it is! Reconnect and know that this is a challenge for you to face.

Fear of being rejected by loved ones who “just don’t understand” or fear of the embarrassment that you may have to face for making a “paranoid” decision like wanting to store up six months of food for the family in preparation for hard times ahead, are common challenges that you ones are being forced with. Many will simply succumb to these fears.

The job of the wayshower is seldom a popular one, yet it is quite rewarding after the fact, in retrospect, looking back. Many a wealthy person will wish they had been awake enough to see the clues staring them in the face. The regret is a heavy one for the person of means who only later sees how they could have made a difference.

Let go of the fears! You did not come into this experience to win a popularity contest; you knew that there would be these challenges to face and that you would have to make unpopular decisions and choices. The way of your “modern” world is the way of insanity–where black is called white, up is called down, and wrong is right. Confusion reigns supreme and ones are programmed about what to think and how to act, talk, dress, and respond, so as to “fit-in” and be “normal”.

As always, the choices are yours to make and we shall honor your choices. Our promise to you ones reading this is that we would send forth the necessary guidance and instructions so that you would have the tools to overcome your challenges. We never said we would force you to recognize or use these gifts! We shall assist you each when the petition is sincere–made with the heart and not with the tongue.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander of this mission. I come with the Hosts of God by way of Pleiades. I come in and of the Light of Creator Source. Salu!


Hatonn present to commune on this wondrous summer morning. No matter what is your circumstance, brethren, do not fail to experience the wonders present for your journey for you cannot know until you “jump in” exactly what the glorious situation might be as given unto you. And, moreover, may you be given eyes of understanding to see beyond that which appears to be. There is so much of evil intent going on behind the shroud and trappings of distractions–please, chelas, pay attention for you are about to lose your nations into the clutches of the Beast and have your very plan of national life dissolved.

Since we have taken all weekend in the writing of Express urgent material, I will turn over this discourse into the hands and wisdom of Sananda, Esu, who will continue on his own journey’s explanation unto your place. You are greatly blessed, precious ones and I am honored as a teacher, that you are chosen. I salute you for lessons well learned.


In a blazing glory of “moment” shall you be given into understanding and it shall come as the Creator reveals unto you the keys unto His Kingdom! Esu present in the brotherhood of Man among the Hosts who come to show the way and bring you home. Where is “HOME”? Anywhere that you find perfect balance within that which is Creator/Creation. It is a journey of the Soul/Spirit–not of the flesh. “Son of God” and “Son of Man”? I, like you, am both–in the image of God as fragment thereof and image of Man who utilizes housing to give physical experience. That which is of God gives unto the housing of the Spirit, honor, joy, revelation and care in as nearly balanced experience as Man can attain. That of civil brings pain, chaos, sorrow and emptiness unto the being for the lesson is in the learning of the difference and moving beyond that which is physical perception into the sublime. Each being must learn of “both” to move through his lessons into KNOWING.

Some of us have learned most slowly–moving from experience unto experience, always reaching and groping. Then we find a flash of Truth and bend unto the task of perfecting it; only to realize that each fragment of God has right of passage and experience–so we move on in allowing. We feel great sorrow at the erroneous choices and desire to push another into the way that we have found into balance–but in the ending we must simply realize that it is ONLY ONE and we cannot do of what another must do for self to perfect the fragment and reclaim it unto God.

How smug Man becomes as he journeys through the physical for he is blinded by that which is called “ego”. God’s gift unto human to set him apart is “reason” and “thought” with choices of his own conjuring”. Ego is that which is of the physical process which “believes” itself to be “all”. Just as a serpent must shed of its outgrown skin that it might grow, so must the being shed of its ego restraints in order to grow. Is it so very difficult to see that you come from the heavens? Would it not be wondrous to KNOW that there are higher knowings unto which you can turn from your limitations and ignorance? Is it not wonder beyond wonder that there is a wholeness to the plan and a Oneness with that which is capable of filling the void within which always reaches out and seeks endlessly? Is it not joy to KNOW that there is that which is beyond the tinkering and arguments of voted-in rules of behavior–that the body of God KNOWS its guidelines and does not argue and fall to the ones who would have MORE congregation and collections in the plates on Sunday? It is not to the “homosexual” being that respect needs to be given–but to the being which is manifest in that wondrous form. It is the physical “behavior” which must be confronted–not the LOVE IN THE HEART BEING OF INDIVIDUALS–FOR THERE IS NO GREATER GLORY THAN THE LOVE OF ONE BEING FOR ANOTHER AND THERE IS NO SEX DELINEATION.

All of those elements of which the demands and marches are brought forth are OF THE PHYSICAL FLESH PASSING EXPERIENCE–BUT, WHAT THE SPIRIT DOES WITH THAT EXPRESSION IS THAT WHICH SHALL BE CONFRONTED AT WHAT YOU CALL, JUDGMENT! At that moment of passage will you stand in appraisal of self-knowing that you used discipline and found that which was greater than physical self or will you have only grappled with the “physical” manifestation of the ego claim upon the expression of God? These are the reasons the Hosts have come forth and then, again, the Creator, that the “creation” might be reminded of that which IS in order to move away from that which is the passing illusion. For I assure you that in EVERY INSTANCE–THE THINGS OF PHYSICAL ARE CAST AWAY–YOU DO NOT TAKE THAT OF THE PHYSICAL WITH YOU! What mean you, “to ascend”? It seems YOU mean to take that which is PHYSICAL with you. Let me assure you that what you mean by RAPTURE is to take that which is physical–with you. Would you not cast off the shanty in favor of the marble mansion? Where is your REASON? How is it easier to believe that you will somehow sit atop clouds than that God would prepare carefully and with REASON for your needs–both for “placement” and “journey unto that placement”? ‘Tis the ego fed by the negative aspects of self which causes lack of reason–for it fears the unknown and efforts to always keep the innocent child of wonder and infinite Creation bounded. It keeps you bound in fear that YOU cannot do it so you must always cling to another in hopes that somehow “his ticket” will bear the both of you! Especially if he lies unto you and pronounces that, for this or that–you can somehow “purchase” your passage.

You can “purchase” nothing of value. NOTHING! Further, the things of value of God–are only on loan unto you to see if you can tend them properly.

I witnessed Swaggart on the screen shouting and weeping and telling of stories on the yesterday; I will share his story for I could not witness more of his rantings. He said, with tears streaming down his face, that he, like you, are as the lamb who strays and falls into the ditch from off the path. Supposedly I, Esu Jesus, take of my staff and hook and lift the lamb back–over and over and over again–(fine so far), then he said: ”After many times and the lamb has not learned, the shepherd takes the lamb from the ditch again, and with his hands, breaks of its leg! Then the shepherd gently sets the fracture, binds it with loving care and bears the lamb on his shoulders until the lamb is healed–then when he again sets the lamb onto the path–it does not again stray.” That is among the biggest bunch of hogwash garbage I have ever heard. I might pick you up again and again but I would never break of thine body and render pain unto the foolish lamb. I would carry you, yes, after you stray and if you ask to return unto the flock. If you do not ask, after your lessons are shown–then you may stay where ye will until you have learned from that which is manifest for your lessons–the shepherd would never break of thine leg!

So what means the lesson as given? A man who has strayed completely away from God is efforting to convince himself that he shall be forgiven of his own transgressions and this is that which he perceives SHOULD happen as punishment! With this attitude and concept–he will never find his way for he still perceives God as a mean and punishing shepherd of that which he KNOWS he has committed in transgression against the people he leads and the laws of God and Creation.

Have you fallen so far that you cannot forgive self and find worthiness in the Love God bestows upon you? My Truth has never changed–only the Men who change my words to suit their own needs, be they humble or with intent to mislead.


I was given into the KNOWING of myself in relationship to Creator. I was illuminated by the Godhead–I was taken and taught by the Hosts that I might realize my journey. At every moment I was with God, and nothing had meaning for me other than God and God’s will as we refer to that Being. The IDEA of ALL in Source is subject to no condition, but the norms it imposes subject everything else to their condition. It gives knowledge of the simple ground of all things.

The essence of this faith, chelas, is FREEDOM. For in this faith that speaks of God, the soul expands in the Encompassing. As it experiences gladness and woe in your world, it awakens to itself. Nothing that is merely finite, that is only worldly, can hold it captive. From devotion, from the trust that transcends understanding, it derives an infinite power; for in the sorrow of the vulnerable heart, in rending emotion, it can gain awareness that it is given to itself by God. By believing, man can become truly FREE.

You ask me to comment on and denounce one religious group or another–why? If that which is taught and exampled deviates from that which God bestows upon you as guidelines and expression–the WORD is not of God but rather, of Man–somewhere in the PHYSICAL history the doctrine is birthed of Man. So be it. You are given into reason and choices–you KNOW when a thing is improper and you scream “I don’t understand” to give excuse, for you understand very well indeed. You CHOOSE to move against the word of God and then have another to blame for your transgressions. Again, let us turn for example unto the homosexual behavior–the acts of physical practice are no more valid for the “heterosexual” intercourse than for the two or more of sameness, in desires. To defile the body which houses the soul and to defile the very spirit is that which is wrong–not thine choice of “who” to love. Further, every Man, Woman and Child KNOWS–even if the child knows not what there is that is wrong–he knows he is defiled and abused and becomes crippled for his whole experience by those acts upon his person. All the lies and excuses and “voting” will not change an iota of the TRUTH of it.

The certainty of my faith in God made possible for me, an attitude of soul which in itself is incomprehensible. I lived in the world and partook of its temporal existence, but, moved by a profound, unworldly source; I was unmoved by the world. This is not a gift only given unto ME. I was but ONE, the same as are YOU. In the world, you can transcend the world and for that is your journey given. Even while your life is given into the world, you can become independent of that world surrounding your perceptions. I can compare it to the dream which you might refer to as a “nightmare” and you are both within the dream and yet witness it in knowing that it is a dream. You CAN release the unreality and remain in the wisdom reality of infinite spirit.

This independence amid immersion in the world is the source of such a wonderful serenity as that which was allowed unto me. On the one hand, worldly things could no longer tempt me into finite absolutes; the worldly husks of knowledge could not longer beguile me into total knowledge, nor the rules of laws into calculable dogma. All these temptations shattered against the freedom of my faith in God–my KNOWING of God. On the other side, my own being was open to the world, my eye was alive to all realities, and particularly to the souls of men, the depths of their hearts, which could actually conceal nothing from insight for the story is written upon the countenance of all and within the eyes which mirror the very soul itself even if the eyes be sightless.


There is only a “germ” of that which was in the so-called Old Testament of the Hebrew teachings–note I do not say “Jew” for “Jew” no longer has meaning as relative to the God of MY forefathers. I had earnestness of the idea of God and it brought the most radical of consequences. This God who for me was not physically present–not in visions and not in voices–was able to put absolutely everything in the world into question. Everything in the world was drawn before His judgment seat. It was quite terrifying to witness this with the total absolute infinite faith I held–for Man was not, and is not, given into such knowledge in most manifestations within a physical flesh environment. But for this very reason, was I sent and did I come forth–to see that which Man can be capable of that he not be given more than that which is his capability.

I would hope that none can read of my experience and faith and yet remain easy in your mind, content with your existence and remain caught up in its routine, for it represents blindness to refuse to see. I broke free from every practical order in the world–and I further told you, that that which I could do–you could do–moreso! I saw that all orders and habits had become pharisaical; I pointed to the Source in which they melt into nothingness. All earthly reality is deprived of its foundation, absolutely and definitively. All orders whatsoever, the bonds of piety, of law, of reasonable custom, collapse. Beside the commandment to follow Source Creator into the very Kingdom of His residence, all other tasks–the earning of bread, the oath before the law, the claims of justice and property–became and become meaningless. To die at the hand of the powers of the world, in suffering, persecution abuse, degradation, that is what befits the believer if it need be–BUT, IT NEED NOT BE FOR I FAILED TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT IT NEED NOT BE SO.

It is said of me that never had words so revolutionary been spoken, for everything otherwise looked on as valid, is represented as indifferent, unworthy of consideration. What of that which I speak now? I shall be telling you that you come from the “stars” and give your heritage and placement of origins and they shall be considered as science fiction and heresy. How can this be? Because YOU have grown and the end and margin of the world is broader and you must take the next step for you cannot forever remain in the abyss of unknowing that which is your very Source.

I stood then, at the end and margin of the world, in an exceptional situation. Do you not think you are in an exceptional circumstance at the moment? I revealed the possibility and hope implicit in all those who are despised according to the standards of the world, the lowly, the sick, the deformed, in all those who are banished from the orders of the world; I reveal the potentialities of Man himself under any condition. I point to the place where a home is open to Man in every mode of failure for “failure” means nothing–NOTHING! Man cannot define “failure” except by his own experience.


I was only an example, a teacher. I made my way to your place where everything that is worldly is overshadowed. You like metaphors so metaphorically speaking, it is “light” and “fire”, exactly as I am credited with starting. Directly, it is LOVE and GOD. Conceived as a place in the world, it is not a place at all. By the standards of what is appropriate in the world, everyone is bound to misunderstand it. From the standpoint of the world it is impossible–but therein IS the secret of the passage.

In the world, I can point only indirectly to this Source. I seem to test what is madness in the world for its possible truth. Both my actions and His words seemed contradictory by the standards of reason: on the one hand, struggle, hardness, the ruthless alternative; on the other, infinite mildness, nonresistance, compassion with all the forlorn. Was I actually the challenging warriorand the silent sufferer? OR, WAS I ONLY A REFLECTION OF THAT WHICH I FOUND EXPOSED AND EXPRESSED BEFORE ME–AS THE MIRROR OF GOD? GO LOOK INTO YOUR LOOKING-GLASS AND WHAT DO YOU FIND IN ITS REFLECTION? DO YOU MIRROR GOD OR DO YOU MIRROR WORLD?

It is said that radical certainty of my faith in God derived unprecedented intensity from his expectation of the impending catastrophe. Well, I know not of how Man REALLY interpreted my journey–it was the time of experience for that presentation to be given forth, no more and no less–just as now with the coming again–Truth had to be set to right for further experience. I came not with great cosmic revelations at that time for the journey of the species lived in a limited mystical level of growth, and understanding was only present to the level of that which was allowed to be given by Man. I am represented as being in error regarding cosmic knowledge and expectations. But what is the END of a “thing”? I can promise you that with my presence upon your world–it never again was quite the same. Even with the evil tamperings–the world was never again the SAME. When God makes known His presence, that which was is no longer.

My presence, whether immediately or far in the future, at the end casts light and shadow, puts its question to each and every man, summons him to decision. Did not the Truth come into light by compelling the living in the presence of catastrophe? For though men close their eyes to the ultimate, they are faced with it none the less. The world is not the first and last; man is destined to “die”, mankind itself will not endure forever–only the spirit of Man can endure infinitely. In this situation the alternative is: with God or against God; with Creation of against Creation; good or evil. I simply remind Man of this extreme situation.

An intrinsic element in the idea of me is somehow, suffering, terrible, limitless suffering, crowned by the most cruel of deaths. Man chooses of those things in order to hide from Godliness–it is the very fear professed from the evil. If God’s chosen must suffer in such manner then “you better come over here with me and live in the ‘hope’ that some kind of ‘magic’ can happen to you.” If God’s “troops” stood strong–there would only be abundance, joy, justice and beauty within balance. The distortions are presented to terrify you into remaining within the slavery and prisons.

But use your minds. In the instance of that which I “supposedly said” on the cross–”My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”–is the very opening of the Twenty-second Psalm. Where would come these words? IN EXTREME SUFFERING THERE ARE ALWAYS THOSE THINGS WHICH COME INTO THE EXPERIENCE FROM THE DEPTHS OF AFFLICTION. It matters not as to whether or not the words were or were not spoken–it goes with the teachings as representative of a “time” in which Man was expected to be the “worm” and no “man” at all’ a reproach of men, despised of the people. And then if you stay tuned to the same channel it begins to make sense, i.e., “O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not.” And then, in the midst of my silence and despair, everything changes: “But Thou are holy–OUR FATHER’S TRUSTED IN THEE.” Now, just WHO do you think was doing a bit of conscience tampering?

There does come a good commentary of the event of “Jesus” suffering” which is historically interesting and unique according to one writer: “The pain and terror are not accepted with resignation or borne with patience; they are not veiled. He insists on the reality of suffering and expresses it. When, forlorn and forsaken, he is nearly dead with suffering, the minimum of ground he has to stand on becomes all and everything, the Godhead. Silent, invisible, unimaginable, it is after all the sole reality. The utter realism with which the uncloaked horrors of this existence are portrayed implies that help can come only from the utterly intangible.” Could this be the same mechanism by which you might find “no atheists in foxholes”? In the physical form, what can a physical being do against those multitudes in power? To avoid the experience, I too, would have had to become “invisible, silent and unimaginable”. Only the experience as Man could allow for recognition of Man.

The scenario is twisted and fitted into the picture of that which the Hebrew culture believe and mandated. The Hebrew tradition and experience of “suffering” is an element of the Old Testament religion, which is the kernel of Christian, Hebrew, Islamic religions in all their innumerable historical forms, deviations, perversions, so that none of them can claim to be in possession of the true Biblical religion, which nevertheless sustains them all. It is impossible to speak directly of the Biblical religion without making dangerous claims. Well, perhaps it can be said most emphatically that the Christ presented to you is a creation of the early Christian congregations AND ST. PAUL AND IS NOT ANYTHING MORE THAN THE “JEWISH” LAW OR THE NATIONAL CHARACTER OF THE JEWISH AND MANY PROTESTANT RELIGIONS AND NOTHING MORE–A COMMON FACTOR CONSTRUED FOR THE PURPOSE IN ALL BIBLICAL RELIGION.

The lie is told boldly by the fact of “suffering” being the ideal religious state of being. God is Love, Joy, Truth, Light and Glory–that does not even “smack” of suffering. Moreover, you will find that the self-styled and so-called Zionists (now called Jews and Mormons) are not sufferers–they only PRETEND at suffering while they make sure that their own groups glean great abundance and in this present day–at the very expense and great suffering of those whose property they usurp. It is always the intent of the SLAVEMASTER to demand suffering and pain from his SLAVES so that they can be docile and rise not up against the master. You who tolerate as much are not of Godness–you are giving worship to the evil master–YOU GIVE INTO THE VERY HANDS OF YOUR OWN ADVERSARY THAT HE MIGHT HAVE AND YOU NOT HAVE. You have been sold (for you paid mightily for it) the greatest lie within Creation. You have taken the poison and take your dose as dutiful servants every moment of every day–awaiting your death and destruction like the lambs to the slaughter–suffering mightily all along the path like good little forfeits. YOU OF GOD RAISE UP EVIL INTO THE HIGH PLACES–AND THEREFORE SHALL THE FALL BE FATAL.


I can only give unto you that which is historically written regarding the experience of that energy dubbed, most carelessly, Jesus. But since it represented the energy of the Christos, when we sit to pen again, I shall outlay that which is SAID about that one. Ye shall have to accept it as “parable” for by the very fact that the name given unto ME by Saul, so are the stories representative of me, mostly false and tampered.

What happens to those energy forms who give great projection of erroneous information? They are given into experiences wherein they can return into the Truth and share in the setting of the tale to right. For some that journey is indeed long and hard for it is difficult to separate out the intent through love and giving and the lip service usually efforted at achieving Divinity and balance. It matters not, for the journey will be eventually back into Truth in full intent into the perfection within God. From time to time ones are given into the experience of that cycle of change and the collective “conscious” (or sometimes referred to as “unconscious”) allows scenario for that transition. I find that you have an example of perfection in ones efforting to return into ONENESS at this given moment of experience–and moreover, ones are coming into realization that they have CHOSEN the passage in order to serve. So be it . Blessings are bestowed upon ye ones of the passage.


Wisdom is the light and wherever the light flashes upward, there darkness and ignorance disappear. Ignorance is the essential darkness and can only be overcome by the light of wisdom. Further, little brothers, wisdom is the mark of a human who has recognized the existence of spirit and works with and according to the Creational Laws, for wisdom and the spirit are two factors which react as one, much in the same way as the sun and light of the sun. Both give warmth and both give light. Wisdom is the mark of the existence of the spirit and disguises itself in the qualities of truth, knowledge, love, beauty, grace, harmony and peace.



HATONN: Recognizing YOUR Purpose Helps The Larger Plan

7/31/99 – Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in Service to The One Light, Creator God.

I have come as one of the Hosts of God, as a Messenger of Truth. And, I come as a representative of the Inter-Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets. I present to many under different names, depending upon the purpose of the communication as well as the level of growth and awareness of the individuals I work with and through. Monitor within yourself the energy vibrations I present and you will recognize my energy.

There are distractions galore these days upon your orb as the Dark energies struggle to remain hidden from the view of you who continue to march forward bearing the symbolic torch of Lighted Truth. Many will effort to snuff out the “flame” of those who radiate this Infinite Flame, as the vibrational emanations associated with you Lightworkers cause the Dark ones to know that their games of trickery and deceit are soon to come onto center stage of attention within the mass consciousness of even the most hardened skeptic.

The natural planetary cycle now nearing its end (only to start again new) is facilitating one of the grandest opportunities you ones can have while in the physical environment. The incoming high-frequency Light energy is causing sympathetic resonance in all matter in your sector of space. And thus the frequency of your planet, as well as of your physical bodies, is quickly moving up, higher and higher, with each passing day.

With an increased physical-domain frequency, there comes a greater ability for the Higher Self (the Soul-you) to integrate more fully within your physical consciousness. This in turn will bring about heightened perceptual abilities such as what you ones call ESP (extra-sensory perception), clairvoyance, intuition and such. Ones will no longer be able to look you in the eye and tell you an outright lie without your inner signalings (alarms of sorts) going off.

Just as many of you more advanced ones read everything with a discerning eye and monitor your inner feelings for the “ringing of Truth”, so too shall the average person come to recognize this same inner “gut” Guidance.

Ones will no longer accept that which is lacking the appropriate inner response without GREAT question. Those who thrive on trickery, manipulation, and such deceits are already seeing their illusionary worlds coming apart. These Dark ones are efforting desperately (and futilely) to shift attention away from themselves so that discerning ones might focus their high-frequency “gaze” in another, less revealing direction.

Always, dear ones, the Dark ones must wear a sign! Always the sign will be of a general low-frequency nature. These ones will rant and rave and throw tantrums if confronted. This is often an attempt to intimidate through fear those who expose them, and to manipulate those who are watching without discernment.

Our mission (to ensure that a Lighted remnant survives the current Planetary Transition cycle) has basically been accomplished. Our primary concern now is to ensure that these Dark, so-called “elite” are not allowed to destroy your planet.

And though we can intervene directly, if need be, to carry out that mission, we always prefer to work with and through you, there in the physical, so as to effect the desired outcome without direct physical intervention of our craft.

Why don’t we just come in and “save the day”? Because that would short-circuit the growth of the majority of experiencing individuals on your planet. YOUR LESSONS ARE FOR YOU TO LEARN!

We do have many capable Higher-Dimensional Ones working with and through many physically-based ones on your planet (who are often referred to as Ground Crew). Many of the Ground Crew are now awakening to the synchronicities in their lives and are beginning to realize that they are part of a much larger, more elaborate plan.

Yes indeed—you each have a role to play!

Your individual purpose is for YOU to recognize. We have given you the necessary tools (Teachings) and you should each be going within and connecting with Creator Source for yourselves. You each are quite capable of going within and hearing for yourselves!

Please note this well: When you effort to connect directly to Source, there is, more often than not, A LOT of turbulence generated within and around you. This is somewhat “natural” as the Dark, Adversarial ones struggle to keep as many of you “in the dark” as is possible. This can be likened to being handed the football on the playing field; all of a sudden you become the center of attention, ESPECIALLY BY THE OPPOSING TEAM!

You can use this “turbulence” as an indicator that you are, indeed, on the proper path. However, no entity, anywhere, can keep you from connecting within to Creator Source for yourself IF YOU DESIRE TO DO SO.

And yet, you can keep yourself from consciously connecting within—out of ignorance, fear, or simply a strong belief that it is not possible.

It is very possible! You each, as an aspect of Creator, have consciousness as a result of this direct connection to Source. This is to say that, if you have awareness of self, then you are basically connected! Your thoughts and ability to reason come directlyfrom your inner personal connection to your Higher Self, which in turn is connected directly to (and is a part of) Creator Source.

You cannot actually avoid this connection, though you may certainly deny it. Denial does NOT change the facts of the matter, and you will still be connected. The point here is to overly illustrate that you are—EACH OF YOU—quite capable of going within and recognizing your own Inner Guidance. This Guidance will prove quite fundamental as a tool for you to use in the process ofrecognizing your purpose.

A general part of EVERYONE’S purpose is to gain experience and knowledge. This can be greatly enhanced by learning to tap into Higher Consciousness directly for yourself. Even my scribe here is not fully aware of his purpose. However, with each passing day comes a natural evolution of thought that helps mold tomorrow. Many will find that, as they learn and grow along their spiritual journey, their purpose and consequent challenges will also evolve.

It is quite possible for ones to come into the physical and fulfill their intended purpose at a very early age in life. These ones are often given the opportunity to continue on in the physical (usually as teachers) if it is their desire. Meanwhile, some of you have made a career out of avoiding your personal growth challenges, and thus are almost “starving” in your hunger for seeking to find the elusive “purpose” of your life.

Another clue for you: Your purpose will always involve facing challenges, helping others, and strengthening yourself (spiritually)—for as you strengthen yourself, so too do you help all ones, everywhere. Conversely, if you effort to intentionally hurt another, you will be off purpose, and you will feel great negativity in your life. This is because your Higher Purpose will ALWAYS have God as part of the overall equation, and thus would not include intentional injury to others.

You can expect that, while searching for your purpose, you will become more than you thought you were capable of becoming, the closer you get to “finding” it. Your purpose is never “out there” somewhere, but rather, very much a “within” thing. Your physical environment comes into play because it is perfectly orchestrated, from a Higher level, so as to maximize your ability to see and fulfill your purpose at any given moment in time.

When you are on a path that is in harmony with your Higher Purpose, the resonance from within will cause you to feel wonderfully fulfilled. It will always be challenging, but never does it need to be a struggle—as long as you stay centered within the Lighted, higher-frequency ranges of God-intent.

These are general guidelines for you ones, in order for you to most effectively help yourselves. I too have my challenges, and I face each by reaffirming my connection to The One Source. From this high-frequency position I am always shown several creative and balanced solutions to any one particular challenge. Perhaps the greatest challenge comes in deciding which soul-ution will have the greatest benefit to the Collective Whole.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. I come in Service to Creator God of Light—who is labeled, for your physical convenience at this time, through this particular avenue of information flow: Aton, The One Light.

May you each find for yourselves the answers you desire. Seek first within, through your inner heart connection to Lighted Source.

Blessings and Peace to you ALL! Salu.


Oct. 10, 2011


Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn and the Mission

10/31/91 #2—Hatonn

Hatonn is: Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn-Aton. I write through a “Translator”; communications through pulsed short-wave transmission. This is not “psychic channeling nor hocus-pocus”. This is purely “physics” of frequency transmission, receiver termination of transmission and translation of the signal into the English language.

I am Commander of the “Phoenix Project”, serving the Command of that ONE whom you refer to as “The Messenger, Christos, God, etc. ” The “Command Fleet” is from the sector Pleiades from which originated your ancestral lineage. My mission is in preparation for the return of the “God” to reclaim His property. He went forth and has prepared safe passage and “a place” for each of you who would come within His shelter. The choice is individual for force is not of God and you have free-will for all choices.

Our direct commission is to set the records into Truth of content of historical facts for the planet is ending one cycle and beginning a new and wondrous cycle of experience. This gives cause for you of the human species to make changes concurrent with the greater physical changes of the planet. Yours will be a “spiritual change” and may or may not include physical translation. Each will be given choice of direction and translation.

The purpose of these writings and speakings is to allow the Truth to be put forth unto the masses who would wish to receive them. The JOURNALS also serve as historical documentation of this portion of “history” relative to that which has come before—known and unknown—for whatever life forms and generations to follow this manifested experience.

You come against the wall, so to speak, wherein you all but cross the societal point of no return. You will act to reclaim your human rights or will fall to the Adversary who, by the way—is that one touted to be the “anti-Christ”. You are in the time of, and the action of, Armageddon as recognized from prophecy. It makes no difference to me whether or not you are believing of this information, Truth will stand into infinity and God does not send us, the Hosts, to banter or kibitz with you about the facts of the matter—ours is to present the situation as it is, unto you.

Your “enemy” as to “space aliens” are now all landlocked to your orbiting system. YOU HAVE NO ENEMIES AMONG THE BROTHERHOOD IN SPACE (COSMOS). YOU DO HAVE ENEMIES IN YOUR “SPACES” BUT THEY ARE VERY EARTH-ORIENTED AND ORIGINATED. All of this is explained in depth in the writings—this message is for identification of myself and my coworkers who bring information and assistance at this time of evolution.

We bring the unfolding and uncovering of the actions upon your globe so that you can awaken unto your plight—with “reason” and “proof”. It is up to you as to what action you take for our commission is to respond to you who have asked input and assistance. We will DO nothing FOR you; we will serve and inform with “HOW TO” as we move along through the maze of incredible deceit. You have NOTHING TO FEAR from us of the Lighted Brotherhood of the Cosmos for we work and act only within the Laws of God and those of The Universal Creation (Natural). Your would-be-“Kings” (rulers of the globe) have heinous plans to injure you and place blame upon the Cosmic Brotherhood—what will be claimed is a blatant LIE. You are “People of the Lie” and unless you awaken and reclaim your heritage as nations and people—you shall fall—no more and no less.

Massive efforts are put forth to stop our presentations—so be it. We have naught to lose—YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO LOSE, INCLUDING YOUR SOULS AS WELL AS YOUR LIVES PHYSICAL. My commission is to “inform” you and I shall do so to the best of my allowed abilities for I (we) are not allowed by Cosmic Law to interfere or intervene except in specific and delineated instances which have been covered in lengthy dialogue prior to this.

I serve aboard the Command Ship, and I head the Fleet Command. I am Commander of the United Federation Fleet, Intergalactic Federation Command. I link with other Commands, i.e., the referenced “Ashtar Command”, only in time of imminent planetary destruction at which point that Command will be in charge of any evacuation of general nature. Our Command will bring all of God’s people into security. I have no responsibility to the “adversary” nor his followers and no evil shall be brought into the places of Lighted God. Evil is a manifestation of “human” and we do NOT allow evil within our orderly God-revering societies. This does not, however, mean that ones who are in deciding will not be taken into a placement which can preserve “soul” survival. I am not here to ask your permission for anything; I care not what any aspect thinks or believes. I have a mission of God and I shall see to it. You may join with me or deny me for it makes not one iota of difference. I do not “sell” anything—not this paper nor any other item. I have a commitment and obligation and I will see to it. You may do that which you will—agree or disagree. I do, however, suggest that all read with an open mind to the “possibilities” herein for you are told by all corners of your intelligence that you are in a traumatic time of change—you might well be advised to look into the possibility of the Truth of this information. I chair the Cosmic Council relative to this Universal Sector and I believe you will find that I am not overruled. He who denounces my person had best be carefully looked at through the intent of wisdom for I meet with any man and/or energy who claims my falseness. I find that no one ever, somehow, wishes to participate in that invitation for confrontation—do you not find that strange?

You will find most of the “New Age” groups and speakers fully in alignment with the “New World Order—Global Government”. This will be denied for they do not realize the subterfuge and “sucking in” of the innocent and ignorant. I suggest you pay close attention for you are on the brink of losing your world—not just your freedoms.

I shall continue to bring to your attention the cover-ups as they occurred and still occur. God has no mysticism nor hidden agenda—God is open and the only “mystery” is that which you simply do not yet understand—that too, He gives unto you openly and freely. There are no secret rituals or hidden doctrines, royal titles or elite placements. If you find any of these things in that which YOU follow—I suggest wisdom in discernment of your choice. If you give of your Power unto another according to his decrees—you have forfeited your Power forever. God asks that you accept and take your POWER in HIS name that you can become one within His Grace and reclaimer of that which is your rightful heritage.

I feel that we must begin to publish this identification and purpose for we are swamped with new readers and it is magnificently important that you KNOW who we are and that which we are about—for we are about our Father’s business. Again, you have nothing to lose by gaining TRUTH and insight—but you do have everything to lose in the physical and soul realms by remaining ignorant at the hands of the deceivers who would hide Truth from your eyes and ears. So be it. I salute you who assume responsibility. I pity you who do not and have great compassion as we pass on into the more compressing times ahead, as you perceive the journey.

I offer my hand in love and brotherhood and I give you all that I have and am. Accept or deny my person—but I suggest you look into the possibility that what we bring “might” well be Truth and you will come to understand. To deny the robber, who has just bound and gagged you, is to be a stupid fool. The better part of wisdom is to look, discern and then act. God never limits your investigation into all facets of the Truth—does your “minister”? Does your controlling hierarchy? I suggest you ponder this well.

source http://www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com/html/gch.html


HATONN: We do, however, find ourselves wanting to give caution to those of you who tend to dwell excessively on such things as television and movies. These avenues of stimulation tend to create hypnotic trance-like states wherein artificial reality is, in essence, given life.

3/11/01 – Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Good evening, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator God. Be at peace, my friend.

Let the clutter of mental concern over “time” slip away for awhile so that the message may come through. There is reason for all things that impact your experience.

The subtleness of transient thoughts and ideas is perhaps the single most missed opportunity you ones experience. This is to say that many of you are too busy with your preplanned day to notice the significance of the various thoughts that come and go throughout the day.

Often it is much like when you wake up in the middle of the night after a dream and think to yourself: “I’ll surely remember this one.” But you wake up the next morning with a vague recollection that there was something significant about a dream you had the night before, and that it was profound or important in some way.

Your waking thoughts often come in a more subtle manner simply due to the various conscious distractions of the physical senses. Your modern world is full of various avenues of outward sensory stimulation. This is neither good nor bad; it simply is.

We do, however, find ourselves wanting to give caution to those of you who tend to dwell excessively on such things as television and movies. These avenues of stimulation tend to create hypnotic trance-like states wherein artificial reality is, in essence, given life.

While many of you are quick to claim that you know the difference—and that it is “onlya TV show” or “only a movie”—we often witness you ones placing a significant amount of energy into seeking out the next “good” movie, or scheduling your lives around some Tuesday night sitcom or such. Many of you use this sort of avenue as a mechanism to “relax” or “escape” from the “pressures” or “stresses” of life and living. Our concern is that these outward avenues consume many hours of time wherein perhaps self introspection (meditation) could take place.

We understand the need you ones have, and we do not condemn anyone for seeking relief from pressures and stresses. However, we witness more and more of you ones becoming addicted to the artificial reality generated in this manner. In many ways it is QUITE similar to the hallucination state of someone who takes strong narcotic-type drugs. Often the drug users will claim that the drugs offer them relief from the inner pressures and stresses of day-to-day living.

Perhaps the only difference, from a mental perspective, is that the drug user is the author and producer of their artificial reality experience, whereas with the one who excessively indulges in television or movies, someone else dictates the experience and you have whole groups of people impacted and influenced by the same illusion.

Your outward world is mostly built on hype and illusion. Often you ones are programmed to buy into the materialism of modern society rather than realize that the entire experience of the physical schoolroom is to help facilitate your SPIRITUAL growth—not ESCAPE from same.

Dear ones, there is a time and place for everything. You each can and do benefit greatly from a few of the more inspirational programs that are available. We ask that you consider the energy you put into your weekly routines and please set a standard for yourself.

Do you REALLY need to see EVERY newly released movie? What will really change in your life if you miss for awhile your “must see” favorite television show? How much time in relative comparison do you spend in an introspective state of self analysis, say while walking outside and enjoying Nature?

For most of you, the only time you consciously spend in an introspective state is the few minutes prior to falling off to sleep. This is fine and well and is MUCH better than none at all. However, you each—who wish to quicken the growth process and develop new talents and abilities—would be wise to consciously set aside equal amounts of time both for watching movies and television (or whatever is your escape) AND for self introspection.

Perhaps this sounds absurd to you ones, especially those of you who are accustomed to spending over 2 hours a day watching television. Our desire is to help point out a method of answering the many petitions we hear from you ones who want to know either what YOU can do to help, or the more common question: “What is my purpose in this life?”

In general, your purpose is to experience and GROW, and share your knowledge with those who come your way so that they may benefit from your experience and thus expand as well. Again, let me repeat: YOU CHOSE TO COME INTO THE PHYSICAL SO THAT YOU COULD WORK ON YOUR SPIRITUALGROWTH!

How much of your precious time each week do you spend simply sitting quietly with just your own thoughts—with the television, radio, computer and such OFF?

Perhaps your response is: “Well, I just don’t have that kind of time to waste, just sitting around doing nothing.”

To those of you who don’t own a television and rarely ever watch movies and such, then please consider that this lecture is probably not for you.

For the rest of you, let me ask: what exactly are you ACCOMPLISHING when you spend an hour sitting in front of your television? How is this more important than spending time learning how to interpret the direct Guidance being offered to you through your direct connection to Creator God?

You each have intuition, psychic experiences, ability to perceive non-physical energies and such. Many of you simply do not know how to interpret what you see with the mind, and therefore view it as simple recall or such.

Sit quietly for an hour with just yourself and the quietness of nothing to distract you, and see what thoughts or ideas come. If you are struggling with a particularly challenging situation, then ask for Help, ask for Guidance.

Please also remember to surround yourself with the White Light of Creator God as a protection to filter out interference from Dark or similarly mischievous thought-form projections and to help purify or clean the energy that comes in to you. (It would be wise to do this at ALL times, not just when you are sitting quietly.)

For some, you may claim this whole proposal to be preposterous and a waste of time. To you ones I say: don’t worry about time, for you truly have all the time in the universe, and much, much more. If you do not accomplish the growth you intended in this lifetime, there will be other opportunities, in other lifetimes, to continue right where you left off.

We are not trying to coerce you ones into becoming diligent students. We are simply pointing out a way for you ones to help yourselves move forward along your journey—particularly when you continually petition us for such help.

The subtle things, such as transient thoughts that enter into your mind, are quite common and simple in nature. Remember you EACH were given all that is needed to consciously connect with Creator God WITHIN you, and in a quite direct and personal way. You do NOT need any special electronic device or chemical substance to achieve this connection. Often the only thing needed is a little bit of time (relative to the average life expectancy) of quiet self-examination and honesty with self.

What are these thoughts that bounce around in your mind?

What is the ENERGY behind YOUR thoughts?

What gives even the smallest thought the life it experiences within your mind?

Where is the ORIGIN of this energy?

Where does the energy go to once you are done with the thought?

What really causes a memory to come flashing into your mind when someone triggers it externally?

Was this an accident?

Perhaps your Guides are working behind the scenes with both you and the one who caused the triggering.

Learn to look at these subtle, yet common occurrences in your life, and knowthat we of the Higher Realms of Creation play a much larger role in your life than you ones commonly recognize.

Never underestimate the INTER-CONNECTEDNESS of all ones, everywhere. Your personal growth in THIS lifetime will greatly affect the growth of many ones in future life experiences, as well as your own future growth.

Our interactions with you ones often bring us to an inner soul-searching perspective, for we of the Lighted Brotherhood are very conscientious in our efforts to NOT usurp your free-will choice—and yet, at the same time, give you ones as much help as is possible. We often explore the outer edges of this conscientiousness as we “push the envelope” of experience while maintaining the balance for the greater good.

We could give psychic predictions in very specific detail, and this would be viewed by many as the very proof they seek. However, often the very energies who do such predicting do so with a selfish intent to gain TRUST, in order to lure a lot of people into a false zone of comfort. And then, usually after several years and a large number of followers, the rug is pulled out—after the CONFIDENCE and TRUST is used to mislead and divert a lot of well intending ones.

We of the Lighted Brotherhood find it much more productive to give you each the tools and insights you need to then learn to go within and find YOUR OWN answers. In essence, YOU each should be efforting toward becoming YOUR OWN guru, rather than relying upon others to connect on your behalf.

This is not a popular method of teaching for the masses because it requires great personal responsibility and discipline. However, you each will eventually take the next step forward and realize that YOU have to take the step for yourself.

All of the teachers you encounter along the way, who have gone before you, can talk to you, tell you how they did it, and give you insights and recommendations on how best to proceeded, but, in the final analysis, it is still YOU who are responsible for YOUR OWN spiritual growth and understanding. Much like with young children learning to walk, parents (teachers) must eventually let go and allow their children to walk for themselves—with bumps and bruises expected.

You ones are at a time on your planet wherein we wish to emphasize greatly the importance of learning to recognize and utilize your own inner connection to Source.

Be not surprised—if you choose to undertake this simple, yet effective exercise of sitting quietly and contemplating your place in the universe—when a MYRIAD of distractions attempt to keep you from accomplishing this. There are many Dark entities who do not wish for you to awaken to the spiritual potential within you, and the distractions are often in direct proportion to the fears and beliefs you hold within. This is to say that, the more you doubt yourself, the more distractions you will likely have.

THE KEY IS PERSISTENCE. In time, with persistence, you will begin to notice “coincidences” along the way. If you are one who is running into a lot of distractions and such, then simply look upon the distracting events as CONFIRMATIONS that you are on the right track!

When the scribe who is now penning this public message first started writing in this manner, many years ago, the phone would almost always ring a few minutes after the message was started. Instead of getting upset by the distraction, the phone ringing was viewed as a confirmation that what was being written was indeed important and “for real”. Eventually the distraction of the phone stopped, and though there always seem to be new ones from the ever-persistent Dark forces, there also has now been cultivated an awareness wherein various confirmations, synchronicities, and “coincidences” are consciously recognized as the Guiding Hand of Lighted Energies at work.

Be diligent in your search for greater Understanding and Knowing, and the rewards you seek WILL come. Anything TRULY worth doing will be challenging and cause you to stretch.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Light of Creator Source—The One Light. May you each find, within you, your unique personal conscious connection to the One who created us all.

Blessings and peace, Salu.

Resource: WISDOM of the RAYS: The Masters Teach, Volume 1.



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