As I had pre-informed energy peak (critical mass) was achieved with meditation, where precisely 432 000 people have been connected in meditation and anchoring this Galactic Light.

The powerful wave plasma coming from the Central Sun Galactic, through the star system of the Pleiades, Venus and ultimately the Earth came extremely enhanced with the purest intentions of our Galactic Family. The thousands of people across the planet who have been connected functioned as large and powerful telescopes receptors, relaying this enhanced power to the rest of the Earth’s inhabitants.

We saw an apparent golden thread of energy reaching the Earth in full, like a needle golden light. Immediately, the energy was involving all the earth, leaving it completely golden and radiant, made that caused major changes, especially in the Earth’s astral field, where there are several cities astral low vibration. They host newly disembodied and ancient beings from these points, still keeping itself certain mental patterns and negative energy, try to influence negatively on the surface. There was scan these regions and many of these beings disagreed when the light beam hit the Earth. About 59% of these beings still prone to negative forces were removed from these areas and taken to special areas of treatment. Another important point is that with this light bath, the Galactic Forces were able to bring a little more their fleets. During meditation and after, many camouflaged ships (or not) appeared in mass in the world, as witness to the presence and support of our family throughout the planet. This meditation will also trigger more boundaries will be cut when some leaders Earth – the major governments of the world – finally begin to understand the need to unify people in love. Although their particular agendas exert great influence on their decisions, this plasmon wave will help in the process of “Unified Vision”, leaving them bombed, all the time, with Love waves, compassion and generosity. In this meditation, it will also result in greater ease of contact with your Higher Self and your Galactic Family. There will be on the planet increase in concentration and the sensitivity with non-physical realities because the central Positive Plasma destroyed completely (100%), the main cobweb the group ashoris3 / chimera around the planet. The subteias fed from the original are in process of dissolution, leaving only some percentage of them. These subteias were energetically supported by most web located below the Low Earth Orbit, and subteias further below. Many visionaries around the world have arrived to observe these webs. Now, what is left of them is a small percentage that certainly will be completely dissolved in linear soon. It was drastic for ashoris3 / chimera. One of the main functions of these webs was to keep active military instincts and hinder the process of human connection with their higher selves. With the dissolution of the same, people will be able to feel more sublimated with shorter meditation and anchoring, managing to more easily access the information of the enlightened mentors who, at all times, try to send messages and inspirations for the inhabitants of Earth. This anchoring and the participation of so many showed what we can do when we hold hands aside individual differences, and focusing on what really matters. There is a great energy in the air and it will drive many to solve their problems, such as internal and with other human personal situations. With this, they feel great boost to dispose old enmities considering that even they do not agree with some things, everyone can coexist in harmony diplomatically, and aware that together we are stronger, even with the particular differences. Finally, done that meditation and anchoring will assist in the harmony of the feminine and masculine energies around the planet, enabling the male presences are more open to feel the God Mother of waves and women of God the Father, in order to integrate these forces harmoniously in their fields and thus begin to realize that these two are integrated forces, completely on us. We are not only male or only female: are the two things unified. And that in this reality, due to the specific project, we express ourselves in masculine and feminine polarities, but that deep within each of us there are two energies that, for ages, been desarmonizadas. This can take to turn the eyes of the men who are still extremely resistant to any feminine energy in themselves and certainly some may already say “I’m too is male,” but the point is not it. No one will lose their masculinity or femininity necessarily, but the harmony of these two energies will become clearer and there will be a lot of effort for this, since all this energy anchored give greater clarity and inner understanding of it. My Love and Blessings, Gabriel RL

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