God said

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#Trust in Me

God said:

What does trusting in Me mean? Does trust in Me mean that you have all certainty that everything will be in the world as you wish? No, it does not.

Does trust in Me, God, mean that no what you call trouble can befall you? Nope.

Does trust in Me mean that you are unerringly right? Sorry, no.

Trust in Me does not mean that I follow your perceived will no matter what.

And, yet, ultimately, that’s what I do. I do follow your will. Your will is for Me to give you what you ultimately seek, and what you seek is to come to Me. In the world, it seems all important that you come to Me when and how you wish. In the world, it seems essential that you come to Me as you see what is propitious.

Nevertheless, deep within you, you know that what matters is that We come together. Deep within you, you know that life is not how you behold it from where you are situated in the world. You know that you do not have a good survey of the land. You know there is more than what you see from your position in life. You know you see through a tiny key-hole. Truly, to trust means you desire to live in the world and die in the world according to a bigger vision than your eyes can see. That is trust in Me.

Despite your opinion or perception, all is well. All is well in the world. Seeing is not believing.

One way or another, you are going to come to Me, not body but soul, heart and soul.

Your heart is with Me now. Your soul is in My keeping now. Nothing can go wrong. Trust is knowing that regardless of what the world knows, I know better. The world is your pawn, dear ones. You are not its.

When you take a bus, you casually trust that the bus driver pays attention. You trust that the manufacturers of the bus took care for your safety. You trust that you will reach your destination and happily hop off the bus.

If you can trust a random bus driver, can you not trust Me? The fact is that by default, you trust every bus driver, every train engineer, every pilot. Otherwise, you would be immobilized. You would not even walk across the street.

Furthermore, trust is that if the bus driver is not reliable, or if he is, another driver of another bus or a car happens to not be reliable, your destiny is out of the hands of your bus driver, and there is an accident, and you are seriously injured or even your physical life is wrested from you, you give Me your trust that I am reliable and I know what I am doing.

Trust in Me is not quite the same as being fatalistic. Trust in Me is trust in My good will. Trust in Me means letting go of tension and resistance and all that can hobble you. Fearing to live life is a bigger fear than loss of life. Trust in Me means you live life and embrace it. Trust in Me is not running away from life. It is meeting life where it is.

And yet, you may desire with all your heart to trust Me, and yet you can’t quite get to that place. So I will say to you: “Trust Me anyway.” Besides, beloveds, what can you do? What are your choices? To feel hounded, chased, brutalized. To feel that way is trusting in your frailty.

And so I suggest that you trust in yourself and in Me. Accept My benevolence. Accept that death is not real. Fears are not real. Even on a practical level, you know that most of your fears are mythical. You may fear a hundred possibilities, and they don’t’ come true. As for fear of the death of the body, that will be realized with your approval or not, so why fear death so many moments in your life?

Beloveds, when you do leave your body, you will embrace its loss and know you have lost nothing but your fears.

# Your mind is your garden

God said:

Often you underestimate how much of the emotions you struggle with is biological.

There are chemicals involved.  There are hormones.  There are structures in your physical brain that have much to do with your thought and emotion, especially to habitual thoughts.

On the one hand you do have a tremendous ability to shape your thoughts.  You do have the ability to control your thinking and establish new patterns.  But, on the other hand, the moment you let go of your focus your brain tends to run on pre-established patterns.

As much as the two ideas seem to conflict it is important that you understand both your power and your limitations.  It is not reasonable to believe that you could have a mind completely free of every so-called negative thought and feeling.  On the other hand, when you notice those thoughts, you can recognize them and choose to focus on the light instead.  You don’t have to empower that kind of thinking.

When you keep your thoughts on a thing you empower that thing.  You empower it with your attention.  You empower it with your awareness.  The more you think about how much a thing frustrates you the more frustrated you become.  If you turn away from the frustration it fades away.  You have a choice.  You don’t have to allow frustration to run its course.  You don’t have to allow it to have its way with you.  You can control your thinking.

The more you allow a certain thought in the more it will return.  When you allow frustration to have its way with you it tends to come back stronger.  You train yourself to be frustrated by things.

In the physical world if you allow weeds to sprout in your garden without taking the time to remove them they will go to seed and you will have more weeds.  Those weeds don’t just look bad, they may strangle out those plants that you wish to grow.  You will likely never be able to keep all the weeds from your garden; but that’s no reason not to try.  The weeds come back from time to time and you keep removing it and the plants that you wish to nurture are able to grow stronger.

Your mind is the same way.  Your mind is your garden.  What kind of thoughts would you like to grow?  Would you like thoughts of love and light?  Would you like to be happy?  Would you like to smile more and help others to smile?  Would you rather sew seeds of joy and laughter or of depression?

You will never be able to keep the “negative” thoughts out completely.  Just like weeds they will come.  They are just a part of life.  But, that doesn’t mean you should allow them to spread.  You can remove them.  You can put your attention back on something positive.  You can choose to think good things about yourself.  You can choose to think kind thoughts, loving thoughts.  You can bless yourself and bless the world.  You can think of those things that you love.  You can wish good things to people you care about.  You can pray for blessings for the world.

And, if you need help call on Me.  I can help you with your weeding.  I can help plant bright, shining thoughts of light in your mind.  I will help you if you have to ask.  I always come when you invite Me in.  I am always here for you, Child.  I always have time for you and I always have love for you.

Let love bloom.  Let the flowers of love, of compassion, of kindness take root in your mind.  Let the seeds of light take root in your heart and soul.  Think kind thoughts about yourself and let them lead you to kind actions.  Be kind to yourself and to others.  Be gentle.  Be forgiving.  Be nurturing and loving.

The light of love is yours.  I gave it to you.  I give you a continuous stream of My Love.  Bit by bit you are learning to see it, to feel it, to recognize the light that you have within.  You are learning to see yourself in a new, more positive way.  You are thinking more of love and less of criticism and condemnation.

The light is growing in your heart.

It feels wonderful doesn’t it?



God said:

You are part of everyone and everything, yet you cannot complete others, nor can others complete you. This is another way of saying that you are not to be grasping or utterly dependent upon others. What is the matter with attachment is that it is not true. It is illusion.

In attachment, you hold on to a lifeline that cannot hold you up. It is a false image that you carry, this idea that your stability is dependent upon another, as if you are tethered to the other, suspended by the other as if another holds you up and that, without the other, you fall from grace. The world is illusion, and your position in the world is also illusion. No one, regardless of what it seems like in the world, is mightier than you, and no one is less. No one is higher, and no one is lower. This is what I say. The world says otherwise.

You have a tendency to make too much of some things and not enough of others.

Certainly you take the role of mother or father, son or daughter, husband or wife. These are positions you take. Certainly, you are friend, or seeming stranger or seeming foe. These are positions. Positions are temporary pasted-on titles that you carry like placards. The Truth is that you are Mine, and I am yours. You are not nailed somewhere or anywhere. You are a free-flying child of God. You do not hang on to others as if they were a foothold on a cliff, nor do you assume that others require you.

You do not abstain God-given independence for the sake of another. Nor does keeping independence mean that you are high and mighty.

Positioning depends upon where you look from.

Your true position is with Me. You and I are your strength. Believe Me, you are plenty strong. Holding on is not strength. Letting go is strength. You are the strongest of the strong, and this means you do not have to prove your strength anymore than you have to see yourself in a weak position. Therefore, there is no need to argue.

You are not threatened. Your strength belongs to you. Whatever you may believe you face in life, you face a mirror of yourself.

Just as you must be responsible for yourself, so must others be responsible for themselves. This is like an honor system, beloveds. You pledge to serve God and the Universe. You serve. You do not save. You are not the rescuer nor do you require rescue. You cannot be the mainstay of another. Another has to be his or her own mainstay. Wait for no man to pick you up. Pick yourself up.

Yes, you can offer your hand to another. You can help carry another across the river, yet you do not continue to carry another after shore is reached. You are not a hand-out to those who believe in need. You are essential to the world. You are not essential to another. You have to know this so you free all others to carry themselves. You are not the ladder to Heaven for any one but yourself. You can point the way. You do point. And you go on your way, knowing that no human being is essential to another’s life or heart.

The lily is not gilded.

#Whatever Occurs is Lifting You Higher

God said:

You may be shocked at discovering that you have embraced an illness. Yes, I say embraced.

You say you would never choose an illness let alone embrace it.

I say, you probably would not choose an illness consciously, yet you may well have chosen it willingly. No matter how shocked you may be, you chose it in that you embrace it. If you cannot see the truth of this at this moment, perhaps you can see, subsequent to the diagnosis, that you then embraced the illness. It has become your life now. You give it your attention, day and night. You are crestfallen, and you may be exhilarated as well, as if there were a new role for you to play.

As it is in every turn in your life, consciously preferred or not, an illness is lifting you higher.

I do not say that you have to keep illness to you in order to rise higher. Not at all. The message has already been sent.

We could call illness something like shifting gears off-center, and the gears make a terrible noise. You certainly pay attention. Illness, like noise, is there to get your attention.

I am not giving you a cure-all now, you understand. I don’t even say you have to be cured. Nor do I say you have to stay ill, take it lying down, as it were. Nor do I say to make an illness your occupation or your hobby, dear ones. Illness is not your reason for Being. Of course, it may be your path, or it may simply be a path you take.

Nor do you have to resist illness tooth and nail. You can let go of it. It did its job. It got your attention. You can be done with it. It is not an adventure that you have to accept and explore.

Nor is even a fatal illness fatal. There is no death except of the body. The body is a paltry thing, something poked, moved, touched, running or staying still. The body is something breathed, day and night.

At the same time, an illness does not have to be taken as a matter of course, taken as your due, taken as what you had coming to you.

I want to tell you something else. Illness is not any more real than death is. There are many other things to be than ill. You don’t have to be cordial or hospitable to it.

You do not need to wrack your brain: “How did I deserve this?”

Nor do you have to think: “I didn’t deserve this. This is a shot out of the blue.”

Nor need you think that an illness is your just desserts. You don’t have to take it as your cross to bear any more than you have to take it as your medal of honor.

Illness does not make you more important than you are without it. Of course, having an illness gathers you more attention.

You already gather that something is amiss when illness visits you. You look for the cause to be on diet and all those things, your digestion, staying up too late. You look for an accounting. In that sense, if there be a cause for the illness that has become the effect, it may be in your way of thinking. Your way of thinking may be in contrast to your conscious thoughts. Your surface thoughts may not be the same as your deepest thoughts. Of course, too, attention comes from the thoughts of others.

My advice to you, as it is always, is to find and give joy. Get your mind off you. You do not have to be in the spotlight. Illness is not an indication of how good you are or of how worthy or unworthy you are or of anything. Both rich and poor, the famous and the uncounted, may accumulate illness. Illness is irrespective of whether you are devoted to Me or not devoted to Me, how good you are or not.

In any case, I ask you to not be devoted to your illness. An illness is not really yours. It is an add-on. You don’t have to own it. You can dismiss it.

“But, God, how can I get my mind off my illness?” you might ask.

And I would say, “Let life be your focus, love be your focus, the well-being of others be your focus. Let Me be your focus.”

Everything that happens, no matter how it hurts your heart, has good in it for you, great good in it for you. This is impossible for you to see at the time. You may never see. The whole world may never see, and yet the gold is there.

No matter how dire circumstances may feel to you, there is a plum somewhere there for you. You don’t have to find it. What you have to do is to move forward. It is necessary for you to let go of all that you reproach. You simply have to, beloveds. Come from the place where a bumpy road is no less a road, and it leads somewhere. One beauty of being lost in the forest is that a clearing lies ahead.

I hear you say: “Well, God, if a bear eats me in the forest before I get to the glade, you’re telling me that there’s something good in that?”

Yes, I am telling you that there is something good in that.

“And I break a leg, there is something good in that?”


“And if my beloved dies, there is something good in that?”

Yes. And it’s also clear that you will go around in circles trying to figure out what can possibly be good about something that causes you great unhappiness. The purposefulness of all that occurs in life stands on its own. We are talking of something out of the range of your eyesight. On the surface of life, thinking the way the world thinks, what can be the good of anything you don’t want? Yet We are not talking about the surface. We are talking of something far deeper than the crust of life that you see and can only poke holes in.

And here’s the thing, no one says you have to like everything that occurs in life. No one says you will like everything or that you will find everything just or justifiable in the land of the consciousness in which you live.

There are many angles that life can be viewed through. What may be tragic from one view can be beautiful from another view that at present you cannot possibly imagine. Come to a state where you let go of the ideas you have kept and which, frankly, hold you back from moving forward. Like a movie reel, you are not to stay stuck. When, as you see it, life has to reward you according to your terms, you have a struggle on your hands. Life has to be nothing but what it is. Many of your ideas are possessions, and you hold them to you dearly, and these very ideas hold you back from living life with joy. When such and such has to be this way and not that, barriers get put up and it’s harder for you to get past them.

Borders keep you from getting to one place from another. When you feel suffering, it is essential that you get out of the mind frame you are in. You are the one who has to change. Only you.

When you feel suffering, it is you who is torturing yourself. You are everything. If you are aggrieved, you are the aggriever, the grief, and the process of grieving. Just as when you love, you are the one who loves, the beloved, and you are the process of loving as well.

When you hold on to suffering, who is responsible? Unless you want to continue to suffer, who has to provide another way? Who is going to do it for you? Who can do it for you? When you sit in the dark, who is responsible for your getting up and turning on the light? When the shades in the room you sit in block out the sun, who has to get up to pull up the shades?

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